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Sharon Cheney is an accurate Psychic Medium, Soul Reader, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Business and Career Forecaster, Relationship Consultant, Life Coach, Healer, Hypnotherapist, Author and Artist.


Sharon is an exceptionally gifted psychic, born with special abilities, who has always been in communication with the spirit world. She is a very loving person and her heart felt sincerity comes through in her sessions. She has literally helped thousands of people over the past 28 years.Sharon can answer ANY question about any person or subject and is well known for her accurate predictions including timing of future events.You can always trust Sharon to provide the answers or the help you are seeking. To learn more about Sharon Cheney, please click About Sharon.


All Readings are Personalized You can focus your reading on any areas of concern or you can receive whatever Sharon is picking up about you. Readings can be recorded if you wish and emailed to you at no extra charge.


Sharon does intuitive readings in person, by phone or through Skype with people all over the world. Because of Sharon’s extraordinary abilityto read energy, which is not limited by where you are, there is no difference in the quality, content or accuracy of telephone or webcam readings. If you are concerned about the accuracy of her readings, please click on Testimonials to read the many testimonials she has received over the years.


For information or to book an appointment, please go to Contact Sharon.




Psychic Readings can tell you about your future, love life, relationships, business, finances, career, health, past lives and pets. Sharon can communicate with your departed loved ones, spirit guides and guardian angels. During a reading you can ask ANY question about any person or concern.


Soul Readings During a soul reading, Sharon reads your soul or akashic record and can tell you about your past lives, life purpose, soul lesson, karma, soulmates, soul age, and the wisdom and talents you have accrued in previous lives.

Animal Communication can tell you about your pet’s behaviors, emotions and health, their whereabouts (if lost), how they are doing if they have passed, and what you can do to improve their health or behavior problems. You can also discover what your pet can teach you and if your life purpose is to help animals.

Medical Intuition can predict disease or illness before it manifests in the body and provide treatment suggestions and health outcomes, if illness or disease has already manifested.

Energy Healing is the ability to send healing energy to another person or animal to improve their health, reduce pain, clear emotional and mental blockages, and reduce symptoms of chronic or terminal illnesses. Energy healing is effective whether done in person or long distance.


Business Forecasting allows you to know the future success of your business or career. It can help you make career choices and business decisions. Business forecasting can provide suggestions on marketing, information about productivity, personnel, investments and new business ideas. Five year business forecasts are available. 


Inspired Solutions Sharon is a very creative person who can provide inspired solutions to your problems. This can include new approaches to old situations and creative ideas. 

Love Help Having difficulty to find the right person or trouble with your love relationships? Sharon is an expert in understanding why relationships fail and how you can find love. Relationship problems often stem from our dependence on others to love us because we don’t love ourselves. Sharon is author of Love Is The Answer, which talks about what love is and isn’t as well as giving practical advice on how to love yourself and others.    

Relationship Consulting and Life Coaching can help you understand your personality dynamics and the behavior of others, teach you how to cope with difficult relationships and how you can improve your relationships by looking a life from a new perspective. Coaching can provide on-going support when dealing with career changes, marital or relationship problems, difficult life choices, coping with death, health, financial or other losses. It can also help you re-purpose your life.

Couple Readings are very helpful for couples having communication or intimacy difficulties and those feeling unheard or misunderstood by their partners. Sessions can provide understanding, skills to improve communication and reconcile differences and help couples find new ways to relate to one another.


Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy allows you to personally re-experience past lives or early childhood events to gain greater understanding of your current life experiences, your past life connections to others, the cause of phobias, irrational fears and chronic pain. Regressions can help you discover your life purpose, hidden talents, communicate with your spirit teachers, resolve conflicts and heal traumas. Hypnotherapy can help release emotional and mental blocks, overcome eating disorders, smoking and other addictions. Everyone can be regressed when relaxed. 

Payment for services can be made in cash, money order, with PayPal or through bank transfer in Canada. Sessions by phone or Skype require a prepayment. If paying with PayPal, Sharon will send you a PayPal request. Please note that PayPal charges a small service fee for their services. Fees for services vary so please call Sharon at 505 474 6363 or 514 312 2451 or email her at sharoncheney@gmail.com


Gift Certificates are available for any of Sharon’s services, classes, books or meditation CD’s. Gift certificates are a unique idea for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions. Often a reading, coaching session, regression, healing, book or class can change a person’s life so give someone you care about a meaningful gift 

Home Parties Sharon can do psychic readings at your home, work place or at special events providing you gather a minimum of 6 or more people. Psychic Readings are a very popular form of entertainment and Sharon has been providing her services at college and corporate events, bachelorette parties, birthdays and other occasions for many years. Readings in your home are done privately in a separate smoke free space while your guests mingle in another room. For large groups, Sharon can arrange for additional professional psychics to make your event a success. Hourly rates for large events are available.

Home Classes She can teach the class of your choice in your home or through Skype providing you can gather a group of 6 or more people. The classes available are under Class Descriptions.



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