May 2020 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this pandemic. There are many universal laws and the Law of Cycles is one that may help us understand the current situation we are facing. The Law of Cycles states that everything moves in cycles or elevating spirals of consciousness and advancement. With the beginning of each new cycle, there is an increase in the level of consciousness.


The Law of Cycles


The Age of Aquarius is not just the beginning of a new 2200 cycle, it is also the start of a new grand astrological cycle of 25,960 years, also known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. Each complete cycle brings changes in our values, religions, and cultures. The precession of the equinoxes is further divided into two with:eo to Capricorn representing a period of lower consciousness and Aquarius to Cancer representing a period of higher consciousness. 


The Age of Aquarius is the start of a new 12,980 year cycle of light. The Aquarian Age represents higher consciousness, global communication and brotherhood. It is a time in which man will co-exist in harmony and love with one another. 


In addition to the start of a new grand astrological cycle, a new 125,000 year cycle and a 216,000 year cycle are also beginning at this time. The 216,000 year cycle provides an opportunity for Earth to take its rightful place in the Galactic Federation, when it has raised its consciousness sufficiently. For this to occur, humans must stop warring and recognize the reality of other intelligent life in the cosmos. The combination of these four new cycles all starting at approximately the same time provides a wonderful opportunity for a shift to higher consciousness and planetary evolution.


The Mayan calendar that records the evolution of human consciousness, ended on December 12, 2012. During the five to eight years following 2012, there is a window of opportunity for Earth to come into alignment and anchor in the higher energies of fourth and fifth dimensional awareness. This time period is crucial to the evolution of Earth.


Earth has been through seven previous attempts to raise its consciousness without success, as humanity was not ready to evolve. In each instance, the great Lords of Time decided Earth would have to wait another 216,000 years. Let’s hope we will be successful this time and not have to wait another 216,000 years. When a planet moves into a higher frequency, it must clear itself of all negativity. If humanity continues to use nuclear weapons, be excessively materialistic and destructive, then the Earth’s progression will be delayed by human actions.


To assist with humanity’s evolution, the spiritual hierarchy decided to give humanity a dispensation for fifty percent of its karma in August 1987 at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, when the dimensional shift was just beginning. They gave this dispensation because it was decided if they had to wait until humanity repaid all its karma, the people of Earth would not be ready for the dimensional shift for a long time to come. This had never been done before. In the past, we had to work through all our karma in order to ascend. 


To assist Earth with this shift, vortexes or star gates have opened all over the world, to allow higher dimensional frequencies to flood the planet. These vortexes are opening on a timely basis to allow Earth inhabitants to adjust to the new frequencies and be ready for the dimensional shift.


The frequency of the planet is also being raised by the births of many high level souls. Hundreds of thousands of Indigo children are already here and many more are being born daily. These children are coming in with conscious awareness of the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions and sixth strands of DNA. They are fully conscious and are aware of their life purpose, past lives, and often display very high levels of intelligence.


The birthing of six avatars is also helping humanity advance. Avatars are highly evolved beings who have agreed to incarnate on Earth to raise the consciousness of the planet. Some of these high level souls have twelfth dimensional consciousness. While it is very difficult for them to live on such a low consciousness level planet such as Earth, they have volunteered to do so as an act of service to aid in humanity’s evolution.


They will raise the consciousness of the planet by feeding high frequency energy into the Earth grid which will affect all humanity, and will carry the imprints for the activation of twelve-strand DNA, which is our heritage. These avatars are so advanced; it is not necessary for many of them to incarnate as each has an enormous effect. If we think about the lasting impact that Jesus Christ has had in the past 2000 years, imagine what six avatars can do for our planet. 


For the past decade or so, we have felt like everything is speeding up. This in fact is true, as the Earth’s vibration or Schumann Resonance is increasing. As higher frequency energy is being downloaded into the earth grid, we will notice that our thoughts are manifesting more quickly and we feel more pressured to change. On the plus side, the increased frequency is helping us to open our intuitive abilities, increase our conscious awareness, and have more sensitivity to others and the environment.


Each of us has chosen to be here to participate in the evolution of consciousness on this planet, so welcome the changes you are experiencing as the future holds much promise. Many of us are here to share our special gifts of healing, teaching, helping and bringing joy, and in doing so will assist humanity in its evolution. Sharing your gifts fulfills your life purpose and will bring you great joy. Our personal future and that of the planet is in our hands.


We have reached a point in our evolution where we have the choice to evolve or die. In order to reach a new stage of consciousness, we must transcend our old thinking and approach life from a position of unity and not separation. We must stop thinking in terms of “them and us” whether that is because of differences in religion, color, race, financial status, societal status, political preferences or any other reason to see yourself as separate, different or better than anyone else. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if we could think of ourselves as one and create peace on this planet.


You may be wondering about the connection between covid-19 and higher consciousness. With so many people being forced to stay home, it has provided them time to think about their treatment of others, to deal with their personal issues, become more loving and forgiving of themselves and others, and think about what they would like their future to be. All these are the changes that are needed to move into higher consciousness. Moving into higher consciousness challenges us to change and become less materialistic, more concerned about the welfare of others, and more loving and accepting of the differences in others.


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Sharon Cheney  

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