February 2016 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and many people will be out celebrating. They will send cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts as well as go out for romantic dinners. Everyone seems to celebrate Valentine’s Day, not just couples. Even children make cards for the family members at school. The fact that people make a big deal about Valentine’s Day, suggests to me that people must feel it is important to express their love for one another.


Expressing Love Everyday


Although the history of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery, it has been celebrated since the third century in Rome. It is celebrated in mid-February because in Europe it was the beginning of the mating season and this fact was connected to celebrating love and romance.


Valentine’s Day has been popular since the middle ages although written letters didn’t begin to appear until after 1400. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries worldwide. Exchange of printed cards are popular because they are an easy way for people to express their emotions.


While it is nice that we celebrate love on February 14, my question is why only celebrate love one day of the year? Love is so important in our lives that it needs to be celebrated every day. Love is the glue that binds us together. Love is unlimited and can be shared with any number of people. Love makes us feel good about ourselves, keeps us hanging in there when times get tough, brings couples together and motivates us to do heroic deeds, change our lives and even do thoughtful actions like bringing someone a cup of coffee in the morning.


Love can take any form of expression from risking our lives to small gestures like doing something nice for someone because we know it will please them. Since love can take any form, how can we know it is love? The answer is by how we feel inside.


Perhaps today is a good time to acknowledge the people in your life who love you and willingly to do a myriad of things for you because of their love. Maybe it would be wise to thank them for their efforts instead of taking their actions for granted. Show your love by telling them daily how much you love them or giving them a hug and a kiss.


Surprise them by doing random acts of love like bringing them flowers or preparing their favorite meal. Showing them how much you love them all year long will be more appreciated than waiting for Valentine’s Day. If you fail to demonstrate your love throughout the year, they may feel that you don’t love them or you take them for granted.


Take a moment to think what love motivates you to do for others such as helping them out when they ask or even before they ask or putting their desires or needs in front of your own. Love makes us feel good about ourselves. It gives us self-confidence and allows us to believe we are loved and needed by others. Self-love empowers us to be all that we can be, to speak our truth, to be open to receiving, to accept ourselves with all our imperfections, to forgive ourselves for our failures and shortcomings and to forgive others for any harm or hurt they have caused us.


Some of the advantages of love are that it allows us to be vulnerable and share our deepest secrets with another person who will listen and accept us for who we are without judgement. Knowing there are people who count on us to be there for them and that they have complete faith in us even when we do not have it in ourselves.


When you think about it, where would we be without love in our lives? We would feel alone, unloved, unwanted and misunderstood. Having such feelings can make one feel defective or as if there is something wrong with them. Often it only takes one person to love us and change our negative view of ourselves. Why not be the person that changes someone’s life today by telling them how much you love and appreciate them?


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Sharon Cheney

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