October 2013 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,                                                                                                             During this time of transition many people are experiencing an increase in their intuitive abilities. This can cause delight in some and concern in others. In this newsletter, I will describe some different psychic abilities you may experience so you will not think you are going crazy or there is something wrong with you. I can assure you that increased intuition is just indication of soul growth so there is no need for concern.


Intuitive Abilities


The most common abilities that people experience are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, Claire faction, Clairsavourance, telepathy, tele-empathy, premonition, precognition, dèjá vu, out of body experiences and channeling. In addition, many people today are able to communicate with their spirit guides, deceased loved ones and their Higher Self using these abilities. The terms for some of these abilities are in French as the French were the ones who first coined them.


Clairvoyance or “clear seeing” involves seeing people or things that are non-physical or composed of energy. This can include seeing auras (the energy field that surrounds all living things), spirits with your eyes open or with your inner sight or third eye, which is located 1” above where your eyebrows meet. It can include seeing the future or other images through your third eye. Clairvoyant experiences can occur at any time but are more frequent when you are in a relaxed state.


Spirits can be seen with your eyes open or as an image on your inner screen. When seeing spirits, they may appear as a filmy, transparent form with or without distinguishing features or as a detailed fully clothed body. Often they appear for just a second and you will think you imagined them.


Clairaudience or clear hearing is the ability to hear with the sensitized ear beyond the normal range. One may hear sounds, noises, voices or music. Clairaudience can also be experienced as vibrations, ringing, buzzing or tingling sounds in the ears when no outer noise is present. This is an indication that spirit is present and trying to get your attention.  There is no need to fear as they will not harm you. A common experience is hearing someone call your name as you are waking up or falling asleep. Even though it sounds as if the voice is coming from outside of you, it is really coming through your intuitive hearing.


Another experience of clairaudience is having thoughts pop into your head. It is common to think this is just your imagination or that you are going crazy. To verify that you are not losing your mind, ask yourself a question to which you do not know the answer and see if you get a response. If you receive a response that should convince you that you are not imagining it and that you are actually communicating with spirits.


Clairsentience or clear feeling is the ability to feel the presence of energy or spirits. It can be experienced as a vibration, tingling, twitching, pressure, warm or cool sensations, a sense that someone is present, hair standing on end, shivers or goose bumps. These sensations can occur on any part of the body and can be subtle or strong. It can also include experiencing emotional states such as sadness, euphoria, anger and so on.


Clairsentience is the ability to read energy emanating from people, places or things. We are all capable of this and do it regularly but are often not conscious of this fact. For example, have you ever “felt the vibes” emanating from a person or place? Pay attention next time you are in a new place or with a new person.


Clairolfaction is the term for clear smelling. It is the ability to perceive floral, chemical, food, perfume, smoke or other odors without anything being physically present to cause the smell. Normally smells are an indication of the presence of spirit and can serve as the means for you recognize a particular soul or spirit.


Clairsavourance or clear tasting is the perception of various flavors such as food, medicine, chemicals, salt, bitter, sweetness or other tastes on the tongue without anything physical being placed in the mouth. This can be an indication of a spirit trying to communicate with you.


Telepathy is mind-to-mind transfer of thoughts over any distance between individuals, groups and even animals. It is a nonverbal form of communication of which we are all capable.  A common experience is dreaming or thinking of someone and soon after, they call you or run into you. This occurs as they are picking up your thoughts either consciously or unconsciously and responding to them.


Another common experience of telepathy is knowing who is calling on the phone before they even say hello. The reason you are able to do this is because the person who is calling you is thinking about you as they dial your number and you are picking up their thoughts. The more time you spend thinking about a person and the stronger your emotional ties, the more likely the other person will be aware of your thoughts. Telepathy is strongest with those you love or feel close to, although it is possible to literally pick up on anyone’s thoughts. Telepathic communications are facilitated when we are in a relaxed state.


It is possible to receive telepathic messages from departed ones. When people pass over, their physical bodies die but they are still very much alive and exist in their energy bodies. In the spirit world, all communication is telepathic as they no longer have physical bodies. Departed ones are able to hear your thoughts and respond to them so be sure to send them loving thoughts.


Tele-empathy is mind-to-mind transfer of emotional states over any distance between individuals or groups. This is like telepathy but instead of thoughts, you sense other people’s emotions. For example, knowing that a family member or someone you care about, who is not physically present, has been hurt or is emotionally upset.


During astral projection or out of body experiences your consciousness leaves your physical body and visits other dimensions while your physical body remains where it is. Although this ability is called an out of body experience, it is really an experience of visiting an inner reality or other realms of consciousness. It is also called astral projection because often when we project our consciousness beyond our third dimensional reality, we often visit the astral realms. We all have out of body experiences when we dream at night. Out of body experiences can also occur during our waking hours while relaxed, in meditation, spontaneously while daydreaming, and during traumas and near death experiences.   


A premonition is a feeling that something will happen in the future. You experience a foreboding feeling or an advance warning of what will occur. Typical examples are hearing a voice in your head telling you to go somewhere, get out of wherever you are, avoid doing something, like not boarding a plane or train even if you have tickets and a sudden strong like or dislike of some person or place. Premonitions are often illogical but you feel an urgent need to listen. These messages can come from your spirit guides, who are always looking out for your welfare. In precognition, there is no guarantee that the events will come to pass as seen or felt as the future is not fixed. 


Precognition is the ability to know the future before it occurs. This information may come to you spontaneously through a thought, a vision, dreams or meditation. The difference between premonition and precognition is that premonitions as come as feelings and precognition comes as thoughts. There is no guarantee visions of the future will come to pass although often they do.


Retro-cognition or dèjá vu is having sudden spontaneous knowledge of past events, having been somewhere before and awareness of skills or people for which there is no rational explanation. This knowledge can include detailed information about your own or other peoples past lives. Another form of dèjá vu experiences is when you met someone new and they seem very familiar to you. You may immediately like or dislike them for no apparent reason.


Channeling is when spirits speak through you to relay previously unknown important information to you or others. It can be information pertaining to the present or future.  People who act as channels have agreed on a soul level in be in service to others in this manner. When the information comes from a highly evolved source, one can have a sense love and peace.

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