August 2012 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,                                                                                                                           As we move towards December 2012, we hear more and more about Unity Consciousness. This may be a concept with which many people may be unfamiliar.


Unity Consciousness


So what is Unity Consciousness?  We are all interconnected energetically whether we realize this or not as we all live in the same energy soup, so to speak. And like soup, there are no beginnings or endings. Some people like to call this energy web love while the God connection. Energy is the force that keeps us alive. It is everywhere both inside and around us no matter where we are.


Many people are unaware of these energy connections because they do not see or sense them. Being interconnected in an energy web does not mean we need to be related genetically, be or act the same, or agree with one another. It means we are always connected with one another on some level and can sense what others are feeling or experiencing either during our daily interactions or in our dream state.


The planet is part of the energy grid, as it too is a conscious being just as we are. The planet continues to shift energetically as we grow in consciousness because we are all interconnected. As we become more sensitive, we may notice changes in our personal field, other people’s energy fields, and even the planet’s field especially when solar flares, eclipses and certain astrological alignments take place.


So if we are all connected in this energy web, what does this mean in terms of our daily lives? It means we have the possibility to communicate with any living being that requires energy to sustain life, be that animals, people living or deceased, plants, crystals or even the planet itself. The way we communicate is through our intuitive abilities. The physical distance between people or objects plays no part in the quality of the communication.


We all have the innate ability to do this. All that is required is that we be willing to open ourselves to these new non-tangible forms of communication. We all know we can reach others who share our concerns and passions through the internet and social media but we have yet to realize that we can do the same thing without the use of technology.


The energy web has always been with us but we are now becoming more aware of our connections to others. This has been demonstrated by the love and generosity people have shown to those who have suffered from natural disasters worldwide. Our concern for others is expanding beyond those we know personally to include sustaining all life forms on this planet as well as the planet itself.


Along with unity consciousness, comes the realization that we are all powerful and can trust in our inner knowing. I believe we all have God within us and have more power than we realize or use. When I say power, I do not mean power over others but the ability to access and use all our gifts. When we are not fully in our full power, we lack the understanding of our true potential.


When we are fully empowered, not only do we feel good inside, it impacts every aspect of our life including all our thoughts, actions and relationships. We know intuitively what is right for us and have the confidence to act on that knowing. When we have the courage to follow our truth, the inner power we feel is its own reward, and is greater than any compliments or monetary compensation we may receive.


In unity consciousness, when we make decisions as individuals or groups, we are always mindful of how our actions will impact others. When making any decision, we need to consider what would be best for the whole community rather than only what’s in it for us personally. Perhaps we need to follow the Native American’s practice of considering how our decisions will affect the next seven generations.


Another advantage of Unity Consciousness is that we can become a leaderless society. Wouldn’t it be nice to be self-governing instead of having bosses or government officials telling us what we can and cannot do? Leaderless communities allow us to experience new ways of interacting rather than being dependent on the hierarchical structures we are so familiar with in business and government. In leaderless communities, we recognize that each person has something valuable to contribute that can benefit the whole.


Leaderless communities value all members and in doing so provide opportunities for each person’s voice to be heard rather than just the leader or the majority. When this is in practice, the issue of who is right and who is wrong no longer matters. The focus is on group consensus and what is best for everyone. It also encourages acceptance of others even if they are not as we want or expect them to be. I invite you to form leaderless cooperative groups wherever you live.


If we are leaderless, we are each responsible for making our own decisions. Naturally this requires that we are willing to take full responsibility for our actions should things not go as we wish as there would be no one to blame but ourselves.


Unity consciousness is about cooperation not competition. It is about uniting our energy to attain our goals rather than depleting our energy fighting or competing with others to get what we want. When we feel connected to others, we are less likely to wage war with others. One of the advantages of unity consciousness is the possibility of enduring world peace. We also could save a lot of money if we did not need to fund the military and instead use these funds to support education, health and other social programs.  


Another aspect of unity consciousness is the realization that every person or situation we encounter reflects a part of us. Just like in the yin-yang symbol, each half contains a bit of the other. So if you see someone doing something you dislike or don’t agree with, instead of criticizing or blaming them, ask yourself “Where is that in me?” Each person we meet has agreed to show up in our lives as part of our soul contract. This means they are not there to control, criticize, judge or annoy us but to help us recognize and accept aspects of ourselves we deny or fail to accept.


When we hear of terrible things happening in the world and we tell ourselves “It is not my problem”, then we are not in unity consciousness. We need to ask ourselves “Why we aren’t we getting involved?” If the horrific experiences experienced by others are an aspect of us, then the problem is ours as much as theirs. Where is the lack of compassion in us that we choose to distance ourselves emotionally?


If we were more compassionate and involved, perhaps it would be unnecessary for people to experience terrible tragedies as a reflection of our uncaring nature. Everything happens for a reason whether it is in our personal lives or on a global scale. Every relationship or situation provides us with learning opportunities which we can address or ignore. If we want to be in oneness consciousness and this is what December 2012 is all about, we need to concern ourselves with these issues.


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May your life always be filled with love, peace and abundance. Blessings to you all,

Sharon Cheney

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