January 2017 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

The holidays are over and now we need to consider what will do in the coming year. Do you want to approach life with an attitude of love and acceptance for yourself and others or do you want to continue to judge, blame and be angry? This is an important decision as each attitude will bring different results.


Listening is a form of Love


I suggest you start this year differently and really listen when you interact with people. Try to read between the lines of what they are trying to communicate as not everyone is good at expressing themselves. If you are unclear, clarify that you understood them correctly. Listening is way to be loving and compassionate. Our happiness often depends on the love we receive so share your love by listening attentively and respectfully to those around you.


When we listen when people tell us how they feel, it makes them feel heard, acknowledged and loved. It leaves an impression that we really care and are interested in what they have to say whether we agree with them or not. Remember, everyone is entitled to their feelings and point and view whether it is compatible with ours or not.


When people are speaking, do not interrupt them or talk when they are speaking as it leaves the impression that what you have to say is more important than what they are saying. It suggests that you don’t have the patience to listen or are just not interested. Don’t make facial gestures like grimaces, rolling your eyes, keeping your arms folded against your chest or looking around the room, as this suggests you are not open to hearing what they have to say or don’t believe them.


In order for others to feel heard and loved, you must give them your full attention and maintain eye contact. Do not answer phone calls, reply to texts, send emails or do other distracting activities. People often feel unloved, disappointed and angry when they had the courage to share their feelings and the other person does not listen, interrupts them or talks over them.


Listening does not mean we have to solve another person’s problems, it just requires we take the time to really pay attention to what they are saying. Unless someone asks for your suggestions, don’t offer them. Likely, they just want to be heard and not told what to do. If you are pressed for time, tell them when you will be free to listen wholeheartedly. This way they get the feeling you are still interested in what they have to say but now is not a good time.


When we fail to listen sincerely, sometimes it is because we do not want to talk about feelings because it triggers emotions in us we would rather not deal with, especially if their feelings suggest we treated them poorly or failed them in some way. Perhaps we believe feelings are unimportant in comparison to our accomplishments, or that dealing with feelings is a woman’s job (if you are male). Speaking when others are speaking can be due to wanting our voices to be heard or wanting others to agree with us to assure ourselves that our beliefs are supported.


Most people have a tendency to share their feelings with people close to them but sometimes they are the very ones who do not listen. When others don’t listen, they get angry because their expectation is that people close to them should care how they feel.  Each person has a choice who they share their feelings with. If the response you receive from those close to you is not what you want perhaps it is better to find others who are more interested in what you have to say.


Self-love is listening within to our guidance and intuitive feelings instead of ignoring them because we only want to hear what we want to hear or are afraid we won’t get what we want. The sole purpose of our guidance is to keep us on track with the soul plan we made prior to incarnation. In order to fulfill our life purpose and destiny we must listen within for direction.


Today more people are texting and tweeting than listening. Doing this is a great way to avoid intimate conversation. Sincere listening is a form of love and who does not want to be loved. If you fail to believe this, then look back through your life and notice how you felt when you were heard or not heard. What did the other person do to give you the impression that they were listening or not listening and make sure you don’t do that with others?


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.

Sharon Cheney.



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