Online Classes


Online Classes allow you to learn in the convenience of your home at a time that best suits your schedule. With Sharon’s online classes, you can learn to develop your psychic abilities, communicate with your spirit guides, become a medical intuitive, learn how to give energy healing, discover your life purpose, communicate with the deceased, learn to love yourself, listen to your body and improve your communication and much more. Meditations on voice files are included in many of the classes.


Online classes are both IBM and Apple compatible. Large files will be emailed to you through You have one week to download them and save them on your computer where you can keep them permanently. The advantage to this method is that there is no time limit by which you need to complete the class and you can go back to them any time you want. Online classes are for your personal enrichment so there are no exams to take. Many online classes often provide more information than what is offered during personal classes because of the time constraints of a classroom. 


Cost: Classes cost $50 each except for Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angles hich is $60. To purchase online classes, please tell Sharon which classes you are interested in and once payment is received, she will email them to you.  

Online Classes


Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angels

Learn about the role spirit guides and angels play in your life, who they are, how you can communicate with them and how they can help you. Learning to communicate with your angels and guides will help you confirm your intuitive abilities and provide answers to your personal concerns. Class includes how to interpret the messages you receive.


Angels Amongst Us

Have you ever wondered who your guardian angels are and how you can contact them? During this class, you will discover who they are, how you can speak with them and how they can help you. Discover how your angels can work as happiness trainers, prosperity brokers, cupids, healers, miracle workers and much more. Class includes a meditation to communication with your guardian angels.


Discover Your Psychic Abilities

During this fun class, you will learn how to see auras and spirit guides, give psychic readings, practice clairsentience, telepathy and other psychic gifts. You will learn about many psychic abilities as well as how receiving intuitive messages can be helpful as a source of guidance, inspiration and problem solving.


Have I Known You Before?   

Learn to understand the unusual connections that we feel towards others, places or things. The idea of reincarnation for soul growth will explain why we return, our purpose for being here, how and why our past lives still influence our present life and much more. A meditation exercise will help class participants discover if they have known the people in their present lives before and in what context.


Life on the Other Side

Here you have an opportunity to examine your beliefs about dying and learn what occurs during the death process, what heaven can look like and how near death experiences can change your life. The class includes a meditation to communicate with your departed loved ones.


Interpreting Your Dreams    

Dreams provide you with valuable information about your physical and emotional health, your life direction and future, as well as provide solutions to your problems. You will learn how to interpret the symbols and content of your dreams, the reason you have nightmares or recurrent dreams, and how to understand dreams about the departed ones and pre-cognitive events. 


Introduction to Healing Techniques

In this class you will learn how to be a channel of universal energy to heal yourself, animals and others. You will discover the structure of the body's energy field, how to work with healing guides, the benefits of energy healing as well as the do's and don'ts to being a healer. Practicing your skills with others is highly recommended. 


Become a Medical Intuitive                                                                                 

Learning how to be an intuitive will help you learn how to diagnosis energy imbalances and illness in the body. You will learn how to see, feel and scan a person's aura and suggest how they can remedy the imbalance.

Finding Your Life Purpose  

During this time of awakened consciousness, it is important to know why we are here. We all come to fulfill our life purpose and master our soul lessons. Learn how you can discover and fulfill your life purpose and master your soul lessons through examining your relationships, the roles you play and the choices you make.


Animal Communication and Healing  

In this informative workshop, you will learn how to communicate with your pets and how to read their energy field to determine their state of health. Students will learn the many ways that animals can communicate with us. Class includes several meditations to help you communicate with your pets.


Communicating Effectively

This class will definitely help you if you feel unsure of yourself, believe no one ever listens to you, are new to the dating scene, have problems expressing your true feelings or have difficulty saying what you want. If your fears of not being-liked and accepted get in the way of speaking your truth or you get angry when you only think of the right thing to say after the opportunity has passed, this is the class for you. You will learn why you have these difficulties, how you can overcome them and discover new ways to say what you want to say without compromising your integrity. Communicating effectively is an art that all can learn.


Listening to Our Bodies

Learn how your thoughts and feelings affect your health and where you hold stress in your body. The symbolic function of body structures and organs will be discussed and the associated emotional beliefs that cause dis-ease in the body. The class will include a meditation to cleanse the body of any negative beliefs and feelings with the intent to restore maximum health.


Games People Play

Everyone has their own beliefs and approach to life, and these are expressed in the roles they play when interacting with others. Learn to recognize and understand the games that controllers, victims, rescuers, do-gooders, attention seekers, etc. play, the reason for their games, why you attract these people into your life and how you can avoid getting caught up in their games.


Manifesting Your Desire

Ever wonder why you don't get what you want from life? This class will teach you how the Law of Attraction works in our lives. Through introspection, you will be able to see where you think negatively, hold self-defeating beliefs and unrealistic expectations, and have a lack of self-trust. This class focuses on recognizing the blocks we create for ourselves that prevent us from realizing our dreams, and how we can overcome these obstacles through increased awareness. Learn how to manifest your desires today.


The Road to Self-Love                                                                                        

The road of self-love and empowerment includes, putting yourself first, loving and accepting yourself completely, letting go of toxic and co-dependent relationships, knowing how you feel, speaking your truth, setting boundaries, being open to receiving and trusting it is safe to be vulnerable. This transformational class will allow you to see life through new eyes.                                


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