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Dear Friends,

Most people would like to manifest their desires at will but believe this to be impossible. The truth is that it is getting what you want is possible but you have to trust in your powers of manifestation and follow a few basic rules. Manifesting is just one of the perks of increased consciousness and realizing what a powerful being you are.


Manifesting Your Desires


So how does manifesting really work?  A thought or a wish is a wave of electromagnetic energy. Since we live in an electromagnetic universe your thoughts are constantly trying to attract whatever you desire because the Law of Attraction is always at work. So it is not only possible to manifest your desires, it is actually quite simple and you don’t even need a fairy godmother.




There are some rules of the road you need to follow in order to manifest your wishes. You must be clear about what you want. The clearer you are, the easier it is for your desires to manifest. You must not vacillate back and forth thinking you want one thing one day and something different another day. Being consistent is very helpful. In order to be clear about what you want, sit down with yourself and decide what that is specifically.


I stress this because some people want opposing things like staying married and wanting to leave their partner at the same time. The universe is happy to manifest all your desires but if your desires are in conflict it may cause problems. Using the example above, you may find a new lover and then not know whether to stay married or get a divorce, which can cause a lot of pain to all involved. So be clear about what you really want.


Negative Beliefs


When I ask people what they want, they often say they know what they don’t want but not what they do want. Again take the time to figure out what you want. There are no limitations except the ones you place upon yourself due to restrictive beliefs, negative thinking and a lack of trust. Too many people limit themselves because they believe they cannot have or don’t deserve what they want. Did you ever hear God say you can’t have what you want? Miracles happen every day so why not let them happen to you.


For people who want to manifest more abundance, there is enough abundance in the world for everyone to have what they want. But if you have a poverty consciousness or hold negative beliefs about having a lot of money, then abundance will not come your way or you will be unable to hold onto the money have. It is wise to look through your belief closet to see if you hold any limiting beliefs about never getting what you want or feeling that you don’t deserve to have abundance in your life. You need to change your beliefs in order to manifest abundance.


Also check for any beliefs you hold that can’t manifest your desires or you don’t have the power to get what you want. The universe manifests negative beliefs as well as positive wishes. So this requires that you think positively and trust that your desires will manifest.  God is not opposed to us giving us what we want, we are usually are own worst enemies. 


Choosing What to Manifest


Don’t just say you want something as a whim or because it has caught your fancy. In choosing what you want to manifest, think big and not just what your ego wants at the moment. Sit quietly with yourself and ask what is for your highest good. You incarnated to manifest your soul’s desires so it might be a good idea to check in with your guides during meditation and ask how you could best accomplish the soul plan you made for yourself prior to incarnation.

Fulfilling your soul purpose will make you feel good and will help you achieve higher consciousness. Sometimes fulfilling our soul’s purpose is not about achieving great wealth or fame but teaching or helping people. These activities bring their own rewards and will help you get karmic bonus points.




Don’t be discouraged if not everything you ask for shows up instantly. It is better to ask that your wishes manifest at the perfect time, when you are truly ready to receive them.


Many times people ask me when they will have a new partner in their life. I always ask them if they are ready for a new partner. If they have not gotten over the hurt caused by a past lover who has betrayed them, then they are not ready no matter how much they think they are. As long as they are afraid that future partners will betray or hurt them in the same manner, not only are they not ready but their beliefs will cause them to attract new partners that will do exactly that.


When their feelings for a past partner are neutral then their heart might be open to let someone new into their lives. When they are ready to compromise, accept a person as they are , don’t expect that person to fulfill their every emotional need because they are unable to love and accept themselves,  then they are ready. So no matter how often they say they want someone new, if they are not doing the work to make themselves ready for a new partner to come into their lives, then they are not ready and their desires will not manifest.


If it is better health you want, ask what you can learn from your current condition as nothing happens by chance. What beliefs do you hold about yourself and getting better? Are there any perks to being sick such as having less responsibilities or putting others into your service? There is learning potential in everything that happens to us even the bad stuff.  If you fail to ask how contracting a disease or having a health condition serves you in maintaining your current beliefs or behavior and prefer to see yourself as unfortunate or a victim of life, you will have difficulty to manifest better health.




To manifest our desires, it is helpful to be grateful for what we currently have rather than only focusing on what is lacking in our lives as gratitude is a positive energy that helps attracts more of what you want. Be sure to be grateful for everything and everyone, even what you dislike. You have attracted those experiences for a reason and understanding and being grateful for those circumstances will help you grow and move beyond them.


The Power to Manifest


We are all powerful beings but not everyone sees themselves as such. If you could see yourself as being as powerful as God, you would not have trouble believing that you could manifest anything and everything. The problem is how you perceive yourself. I suggest acting as if you are God and all powerful and see what happens.

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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance. Blessings to you all.

Sharon Cheney  

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