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Seldom do we realize or pay attention to how our actions impact others. While we are quick to recognize when someone has hurt our feelings, made us feel angry, fearful or upset, we often overlook how our behavior impacts them.  


How We Impact Others


In October 2010, I had an unusual spontaneous experience. I suddenly could feel whatever others were feeling as if I was living in their body. I could sense how my words were impacting them emotionally in either a positive or negative way. This strange experience made me realize how strongly what we think, say and do impacts others. This increased sensitivity subsided over several weeks but I never forgot how my actions affect others.


This experience made me very aware of how I spoke to people making sure I was never critical or angry. I not only spoke positively to others, I also monitored my thoughts to be sure that they too were positive because negative thoughts impact others just as our words and actions do, especially people who are very sensitive.  I was also aware of my tone of voice because often people respond more to our tone than the words we are using.


To fully understand the impact you have on others, think of the times when someone has spoken to you harshly, insulted you, demeaned you, called you names, said you were no good, shamed you, hurt your feelings or caused you to feel fearful. Remember how that made you feel and how long it took you to get over those emotions, if ever. Having your own personal experience makes it much easier to fully understand how your actions impact others.


Imagine you are very angry with someone. You may feel your anger is justified because they have said or done something hurtful. Whether you feel your anger is justified or not, does not change the impact your anger has on others. Perhaps when you are very angry, you don’t care how the other person feels.  At that moment, all you want to do is discharge your anger so you can feel better.


The energetic and emotional impact of being close to someone who is angry is the equivalent of standing near a bomb that has just detonated. The best way to visualize the impact of your anger on others is imagining the ripples that form when you throw a rock into water where they will continue indefinitely. If you have been on the receiving end of someone’s rage, then you know exactly what I am speaking about. In addition, just think of what that anger is doing to you inside.     


We live in a world of energy where we are all interconnected whether or not we can see or sense this energy. This energy field is like water in that everything we do affects others. With the increasing consciousness on the planet, people’s psychic abilities are increasing making them more aware of the energy that connects us all.


We all need to monitor our intentions. Many people believe that if they don’t express how they really feel and just pretend to be nice, when those are not their true feelings, then it is okay. Our intentions color all our actions so we need to be clear about what are our real intentions. If you think you are fooling others by being nice when you really don’t mean it, you are only deceiving yourself. We all have a bull shit meter and can sense when people are not being sincere.  


Thoughts are waves of energy that impact others just as words do. People used to say their ears are red or burning, someone must be thinking or talking about me. I mention this layman’s expression to make the point that even when we think negatively, it impacts the person we are thinking negatively about.  


We need to be very aware of how powerful our words are when talking to our children because they are very impressionable and are totally dependent on us for love. Telling a child “You will never succeed” or “They did a bad job“, can have a lasting affect throughout their life leaving them feeling like a failure. So be careful what you say to your children particularly if you are having a bad day. You may not mean what you say but it is very likely they will remember your words and believe that you don’t love them.


To maintain good relationships with partners, friends and family, it is best to never tell someone they are wrong because you disagree with their behavior, or that you are being honest for their own good. Doing this is using honesty as club because you believe you know better than them, which is anything but loving. I highly doubt they feel loved by your actions. Remember that as long as we remain angry and continue to blame others for whatever has happened in our lives, we cannot become loving forgiving people. So in effect we are holding ourselves back in achieving inner peace and happiness.


Being loving and kind is not limited to dealing with other people. It is important to be loving and accepting of yourself instead of being critical of whatever you did or failed to do. Treating yourself with more love will not only make you happier and attract more loving people into your life, but the positive shift in your energy will help rid the world of war, aggression, prejudice, abuse, racism and sexism. Just imagine a world where everybody was loving towards one another. It seems inconceivable but it is possible if we all do our bit.  


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