April 2016 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

This is a continuation of what you may experience as part of the consciousness shift taking place on the planet. Please refer to the March 2016 newsletter, which is available on my website, for The Consciousness Shift (part 1) on the physical symptoms you may experience.


The Consciousness Shift (Part 2)


People with whom you have a karmic debt may show up in your life. This is a necessary step as we cannot move forward until our karma has been repaid. Rather than avoiding these people, be thankful they are in your life so you can resolve any debts you have with them. 


You may experience lucid dreams which are dreams where you get to control what is happening in the dream. These dreams will feel so real that you may wake up confused. It is wise to pay attention to your dreams as they can point out your unfulfilled desires, unresolved conflicts, emphasize what is important as well as provide glimpses into the future.


You may no longer need to sit in meditation for long periods or meditate at all because you now have immediate access to the higher dimensions because your consciousness has expanded. When meditating or praying, you may no longer have familiar sensations, be able to concentrate or contact spirit.


You will notice people are polarizing with some becoming more positive and loving while others are becoming more negative and unwilling to change. This is necessary step in separating who will be advancing to fourth and fifth density conscious and who will not. This polarization is apparent in the stances people take on various issues. You may desire to spend more time with like-minded people as you may find it difficult to tolerate the negativity of others.


You may experience life altering events such as divorce, loss of your home, employment or financial losses, illness or other catastrophes that force you to change and re-examine what is important in your life. You may have a desire to liberate yourself from living up to your own high expectations or the expectations of others. You may no longer feel the need to pursue lucrative careers, live consumptive lifestyles, endure toxic people or situations.  You may switch careers in order to fulfill your life purpose or do work you find more enjoyable and rewarding. You will want to express your creativity and spend more time alone, in nature or away from people telling you what to do.


You may experience mental or emotional confusion where your life is chaotic but you feel unable to do anything about it. You may spend more time in introspection, experience a loss of interest in your usual activities and not want to go out as much.


You will listen to your inner wisdom rather than trying to complete your list of have to’s. You may receive insights, which you should record, because spirit is providing information on how you can fulfill your purpose as well as understand that you are a powerful soul that is here to contribute to the evolution of the planet.


Time will feel like it is accelerating, which is in fact true, because as we reach a higher level of consciousness, time moves more quickly. Continually reassure yourself that you have plenty of time to do everything. Keep your focus on the present rather than the future as that is the only place you can bring about change.


You may feel as if something momentous is about to happen, which can cause you to feel anxious but worrying about it will only make it worse. You  may feel different from others and have a strange feeling that everything in your life feels new and that you left your old self behind. You may be inpatient especially if you know what you want, but feel blocked from manifesting it. You need to trust that the doors will open when you are ready. In the meantime, enjoy what you have.


You may develop an interest in communicating with spirits, want to know your life purpose, the meaning of life and desire a deeper spiritual connection. Follow your heart and the way will be shown.


Be prepared for new possibilities or teachers to show up in your life unexpectedly to help you on your spiritual path. Help can take the form of new person coming into your life; a book falling off the shelf or feeling guided to attend a lecture, film, or event. Teachers who show up can appear negative or positive but they are there to teach you what you need to learn. Remember, you will never receive more than what you can handle and that each challenge creates opportunities to expand your learning.


You may have sudden understanding about who you really are and why you are here that will change your life. You may become hungry for more knowledge and desire to share your learning with others. Your ability to learn accelerates. You have déjà vu experiences and can easily remember things from the past. You realize information will come to you when you are ready to receive it and not before.


Some people feel surrounded by beings, have the sensation of someone being present, touching them or speaking to them. If this concerns you, ask to be protected by your spirit guides and that you only be surrounded by ascended spiritual beings.


Some people see repetitive numbers like 333 or symbols appearing. They notice the synchronicity of numbers or events, hear a song on the radio when they were just thinking of the person they associate with that song, or frequently run into someone they were just thinking about. If you do not understand why these numbers, symbols or events are happening, ask your guidance. With higher consciousness, you will become more aware of synchronicities, which is spirit’s way of letting you know that you are heading in the right direction or making the right choices.


Your intuitive abilities will increase allowing you to communicate telepathically, have déjà vu and out of body experiences, see into the future, communicate with spirits and the deceased, receive channeled information from higher dimensional beings, do automatic writing or art as well as have other psychic experiences. Many people feel closer to animals and plants and discover they can communicate with them and that they respond well to love and attention.


You have a desire to be authentic, speak your truth, be honest and in integrity with yourself and others at all times because you now possess the inner strength to be who you are because you love and accept yourself completely and feel you have nothing to hide. Honesty takes priority in all your relationships. You will find the strength to say NO to people who you have tried to please in the past. You are able to do what feels right to you without guilt, even if others don’t agree. You may find it intolerable to remain in a marriage, job or with people who are no longer compatible with who you are today.


You feel more in harmony with the seasons, allowing you to be in tune with nature and this brings a greater understanding of your place in the world. It is good to walk barefoot or lie down on the earth to feel grounded and connected to Mother Nature.


Experiencing electrical or mechanical breakdowns such as street lights going out as you walk by, your computer crashing or your car mal-functioning, is an indication of your powerful aura or energy field. To prevent these problems, ask your angels to put a protective field around your car and electronic devices or you can imagine your car, home or person surrounded by white light.


Many people have increasing love and compassion for others, which is a sign of higher consciousness. They experience more joy and a sense of inner peace. As they love themselves and others more, they feel stronger and lighter emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually and more aligned with their higher self. When they fulfill their life purpose, they feel they are doing what they came to earth to do.


Manifestation of thoughts and desires are occurring more quickly but one needs to be careful what you ask for as all thoughts will manifest, even negative ones.


Many wish to find their ideal partner and feel disappointed if this does not occur. They fail to realize that they need to be the loving person they wish to attract and be able to fully love themselves in order to be open to receiving the love they desire. Ask for the right partner to come into your life but without attachment or expectation of who this person will be. Be sure your heart is open and ready to receive someone new and that you have emotionally cleared any feelings or hurts you have about past partners. In the meantime, enjoy your life as it is. 


Suppressed memories may surface of abuse, abductions, past lives and/or parallel lives so that we can integrate all our soul aspects and become whole. It is unnecessary to analyze these memories in detail when they surface because they can bog you down. Just acknowledge and integrate these feelings.


There is a desire to rid yourself of excess material belongings and spend your money on quality experiences rather than material goods.


Remember life is only a series of opportunities we are presented with to love ourselves and others. Live your life with this in mind. Try to be an expression of unconditional love all the time.


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