June 2020 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

I hope everyone is keeping well during this pandemic. The Law of Change and Transmutation states that the only constant thing is the changing of form and the indestructible nature of energy. We are certainly going through a lot of changes but not to worry whatever is going on today will pass.


The Law of Change and Transmutation


In the universe, nothing happens by chance. The universe and all souls within it, are guided by and subject to universal laws that are eternal and operate with or without our awareness. These laws apply in all dimensions and planes of creation. They are often referred to as spiritual laws because they represent the highest principles of truth. All universal laws are impersonal and do not discriminate on the basis of status or level of evolution. Universal laws are like the law of gravity in that they affect everyone, all the time, no matter where they live.


Universal laws govern our lives and explain why we have certain experiences. They are meant to guide us to live in love, harmony, and joy, without causing harm to others. Knowledge of these laws can be used to uplift us or manipulate people for our own benefit. Only human motivation changes how these laws are used. When we cannot understand the circumstances we find ourselves in, this is usually due to a lack of understanding of universal laws and our soul choices.


The soul is made of energy and since we cannot destroy energy, we cannot destroy the soul. The soul is immortal since all souls come from God, who is an intelligent energy. The immortality of the soul is supported by the Law of Change and Transmutation. This law helps us understand how the soul can go through many incarnations in differing forms, and yet its essence will never be destroyed as energy cannot be destroyed. The soul is continually growing and changing because the experiences and learning that take place during each lifetime are added to the accumulated knowledge of the soul.


The constancy of change is what we are living through today. The incredible speed at which change is occurring is because we are quickly moving into a higher dimensional frequency, which is our birthright. If you fear change and wish everything to remain the same, you will be very disappointed. If you embrace the change and go with the flow, life will be easier as you will not be spending your energy resisting what you cannot change.  


Some people fear change as it represents the unknown. Most people like certainty in their lives. When life is good, we don’t want anything to change. We want our lives to remain just as they are forever. But having no change in our lives does not serve us well. Change brings challenges and new self-discoveries. Challenges can help us discover that we have hidden talents we were unaware of or that we have the inner strength to face difficulties we believed we could not cope with.


For those who say they embrace change, I frequently notice they only want the changes they desire like a new partner or better job. But even when those things manifest, they may still come with challenges they did not expect. For example, you get a new partner but they cheat on you or come with other problems. You find a better job but don’t like the people you work with. Remember as souls we are here to learn and in order to learn we will always be faced with some challenges.


We must remember that as souls we all agreed to incarnate here on earth at this time of change. Our souls made this decision because many of us are light workers and our energy and special talents are needed at this time. Perhaps the challenges you face will help you discover and practice your soul purpose which will help others.


The coronavirus, that has keep many at home has provided time to do those projects you always wanted to do but never found time for. For example, writing a book, starting your own business, fixing things around the house, time to be creative, improve your relationships, or even just the time to sit quietly and plan for a new career, what you really want to change in your life and how to achieve that. So while current times are difficult, change can provide opportunities for many positive things to happen.   


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney 

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