August 2021 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Many of us are feeling it is time to make changes in our lives but are unsure where or how to start. Hopefully this newsletter will provide some helpful hints of how to go about doing that.


Making Changes     


Sometimes the changes we would like to make in our lives seem so difficult that the mere thought of them overwhelms us. We become frozen with fear and are unable to make a start. It is best to start with the easiest thing first and once you have succeeded other changes will become easier because you are building on success. Here are twelve possible places to start:


1. How You Feel About Yourself.
What do you like or dislike about yourself? Here is a hint: If you're not sure what needs to be changed, take a look at what you keep hidden from others. You can change what you dislike by first understanding why you dislike those habits or characteristics, stop judging yourself and believe you have the power to change.


2. Your Thinking
Your unconscious takes orders from the programming you give it by your thoughts and beliefs. What do you tell yourself repeatedly? Do you judge yourself, are fearful, mistrust others or hold yourself in low esteem? Do you review your beliefs yearly to make sure they reflect who you are today? Only through self-awareness can you recognize old beliefs and negative messages you constantly repeat. Once recognized, cancel all negative thoughts immediately and replace them with positive statements so you are programming your unconscious to go in a new direction.


3. Attitude
Our attitude is often an outward manifestation of our thinking and it is how others see us. Would you want to be on the receiving end of the attitude you present to others? Do you expect others to treat you in a positive manner when you do not treat them that way? Changing your attitude will get a different response from others.


4. Fear

Do you have any fears? What do your fears prevent you from doing or saying? Do you rationalize or justify the fears you have? Fears are always limit us. If you have many fears, priorize them from weak to strong and try to overcome come them starting with the least difficult one.


5. Sensitivity

Are you sensitive to the needs and wants of others or are you only concerned with your own needs? Do you miss non-verbal clues people give off and respond inappropriately? Are you concerned with how your actions impact others?  If you are not sensitive, it is best to ask others what they want and then you can decide if that is something you can or want to do.


6. Love and Acceptance

Do you love and accept yourself completely just the way you are? Do you seek love from others to prove to yourself that you are lovable?  Do you give your power away to others in order to get love you want? The best solution is to love and accept yourself so you are not dependent on others. Tell yourself daily how much you love and accept yourself and how you deserve to get everything you what because you deserve it.


7. Associates

Are you proud of the people you know and spend time with? Do you justify your choice of friends by praising how non-judgmental they are, when actually they just have no standards? Are they people you would be glad to introduce to your family or co-workers? If not, why spend time with them? What are you getting out of these relationships? Do you think it is time for a change?


8. Spare time
How do you spend it? Does it enrich you or numb you? Do you use it to contribute or consume? Do you do anything to help others? When did you last do something because it made you feel joyous, proud, excited, or just plain good?


9. Work

Do you enjoy it the work you do or do you dread going to work and spend the weekdays counting the time to the next weekend? Are you proud of what you do and if not, what would you prefer to be doing instead? Do you make excuses why you cannot change your job or advance yourself?


10. Surroundings

Do your surroundings make you smile when you enter or are you surrounded by stuff just waiting to be sorted, folded, picked up or put away? How much energy does thinking about this stuff take from you every day? Your home, car and work space is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Do you accessorize or do whatever it takes to improve your environment to lift your spirits?


11. Eating Habits
Do you eat junk food or drink alcohol to numb feelings you don’t want to address or to fill that emptiness inside, or do you eat foods that contribute to your health and wellness? We all know what foods are good for us so failure to eat those foods is like self-sabotage. Try keeping a food diary for one week or longer to become aware of what you are eating and drinking. Pay attention to whether you feel better eating a healthier diet.  


12. Exercise
Do you put more time and effort into maintaining your car or home than keeping fit? Some believe their bodies will just keep working well even if they don’t take care of them. We all know we need to do maintenance on our vehicles to keep them running well, so think of your body as your car. To be fit, you don't have to run a marathon but daily activity such as walking, talking the stairs instead of the elevator, or doing exercise of any variety would help. Our body is our temple and we need to treat it that way. 


If you are having difficulty making changes in your life and need assistance, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone or readings over Skype by appointment by clicking on or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney 

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