May 2011 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends, 

In this time of higher awareness, we need to pay more attention to our beliefs as they create our reality and color our perceptions and responses.

Beliefs and Their Effects 

We all have a self fulfilling prophesy or a modus operandi with which we go through life. Our belief system is formed early on in life usually by the age of two. It remains with us throughout our life unless something traumatic happens to us forcing us to rethink our beliefs or we make a conscious choice to alter them.

Our self-fulfilling prophesy is formed from the sensations we receive through our sensory modalities, what our parents and other adults say about us and our family values. We combine these various sources of input to form a belief about ourselves and the world we live in.


Whatever our beliefs, they always have spin off effects. Beliefs are like wearing a pair of tinted glasses that effect how we see ourselves, the world around us and others.


For example, if you believe that people are never there for you, the result of this belief will be that you will not be open to receiving. You will not ask for help because you believe no one will help you. You may feel angry because there is never anyone there for you. You may feel you are undeserving of help so you do not ask. You usually land up doing everything for yourself, which can make you independent and strong. You may mistrust others who want to help you or believe they are unable to do as good a job as you would like. That is a lot of spin offs from just one belief. Imagine how lots of beliefs would impact your life.


Another thing to consider is that all beliefs serve us in some way. Not only do they reinforce our self-fulfilling prophesy but they prevent change and do not allow us to be open to new ways of thinking. So we need to ask ourselves are we happy with the secondary gains we get from maintaining our beliefs? 


If you believe you cannot trust people, every time you meet someone new you will be on the lookout for an opportunity to say to yourself You see I knew I could not trust them instead of looking upon them with an open mind. In this manner you will continue to be mistrustful of others.


If you have been hurt by someone and feel vulnerable, you will have a belief that a new person will hurt you in the same way. By maintaining this belief, you remain feeling vulnerable and you push them away due to your fear. You never give yourself the chance to find out if this new person will act any differently.


For example if you believe it is better not to speak up or risk saying how you feel, the result is that people will think you are willing to go along with whatever they decide. The benefit of not expressing your true feelings is that there is no risk and therefore no chance of rejection or a negative response from others. Of course keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself could lead to your feeling unheard, angry and having to put up with things you do not want It also takes a lot of energy to keep our feelings repressed and can lead to depression.


In addition, no one will respect you for your opinion and the fact that you had the courage to speak your mind. In fact they will never really get to know who you really are and how you feel. So you need to weigh whether it is better to share your thoughts and feelings or not.   


Our thoughts create our reality. This is a universal law and affects everyone just like the law of gravity. Many people do not realize this. Neither do they understand that thoughts determine who is in their lives and the nature of their relationships. Our thoughts are like waves of energy that bounce off and affect those who live with us, who are in our community, workplace or school, those in the groups we belong to, to those of our sex, nationality and so on. 


We tend to associate with those who share similar belief systems to ours. For example, we live in communities with those of similar economic status, religious beliefs or ideologies. We do this because these people do not challenge our beliefs, in fact they reinforce them.


Thoughts affect what we manifest into our lives. If you believe you are undeserving, then you will not receive what you want because you will not allow it into your life. The lack of manifestation will only serve to reinforce your belief that you are undeserving. So it works like a vicious circle. Only when you are willing to change your beliefs or try out a new ones just to see what will happen, will you get a different result.


I am not suggesting that one belief is better than another. I am only emphasizing that our beliefs affect our lives and so it is important to be aware of what they are and how great an impact they have in our lives.


You may be wondering how you can change your beliefs. You must be aware of your beliefs before you can change them so identification is the first step. Notice how often you repeat the same thoughts. You could tape record yourself for a week or write down your thoughts to just to prove to yourself how frequently you repeat certain beliefs. Once you have written your beliefs down, think about the spin offs of your beliefs. Ask yourself if you have any fears that prevent you from changing your beliefs? For example, thinking people will not like or accept you if you are different?


Next it is necessary to repeat your new beliefs 100 times a day for 4 to 6 weeks or however long it takes for there to be no resistance to the new belief. This is necessary as beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind which likes repetition so it will take some time and effort to replace your old belief with a new one.  Once the new beliefs have been accepted, you will respond to life from that perspective. We only learn through our experiences so I encourage you to try out some new beliefs and see what happens.   


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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance. Blessings to all, 
Sharon Cheney

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