Sharon Cheney has been teaching classes on spiritual development, personal growth, and healing techniques for the past 30 years. She offers instruction in an easy to understand and enjoyable format. Most classes are two and half hours long, but can be adjusted to suit your programming.


Spiritual Development Classes


Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angels    Most Popular                                     

Learn about the role spirit guides and angels play, who they are, how you can communicate with them and how they can help you. Learning to communicate with your angels and guides will help you confirm your intuitive abilities and provide answers to your personal concerns. Class includes how to interpret the impressions you receive. Discover the many ways communication can take place through sharing of personal experiences.


Angels Amongst Us                                                                                           Ever wonder who your guardian angels are, how you can contact them, and how they can help you. In this class you will discover who they are and how you can communicate with them. You will discover how your angels can work as happiness trainers, prosperity brokers, cupids, healers, miracle workers and much more. A meditation to communicate with your guardian angels is included.


Discover Your Psychic Abilities                                                                         With the shift to higher consciousness, many people’s psychic abilities are opening. During this fun class, you will have an opportunity to see auras and spirit guides, feel the aura, give psychic readings, practice telepathy and other psychic gifts. You will learn about the many kinds of psychic abilities and how receiving intuitive messages can be a source for guidance, inspiration and problem solving.


Have I Known You Before?                                                                    

Learn to understand the unexplainable connections we feel towards others, places or things. Reincarnation for soul growth explains why we return, our life purpose, and how our past lives can still influence our present life and much more. A meditation to help students discover their previous connections to people will be offered.


Past Life Regression                                                                                               The concept of reincarnation will be explored in order to understand soul evolution and the inexplicable connections we feel towards unfamiliar people and places. Reincarnation explains that we return to fulfill our life purpose, master our soul lessons and continue our learning. Through self-examination, you will understand how your past lives continue to influence your present one and much more. The class will include a group past life regression.


Life on the Other Side                                                                                             In this class you will have an opportunity to examine your beliefs about dying, learn about the death process, discover what heaven looks like and what happens during and after near death experiences. The class includes a meditation where students will have an opportunity to communicate with their departed ones.


Interpreting Your Dreams                                                                                    Dreams provide us with valuable information about ourselves, including our physical and emotional health, our life direction and future as well as solutions to our problems. In this class, you will learn how to interpret your dreams, the reason for nightmares and recurrent dreams, what dreams about the departed mean, and how much weight you should give to pre-cognitive dreams. Please bring 1-2 dreams to class for interpretation.


Spirit Communication                                                                                           Discover how spirits communicate with us, the different types of mediumship and what we can expect from spirit communication. Each person will receive a message from either a departed one or a spirit guide. Spirit guides can tell you about your life purpose, soul lesson and future.


Introduction to Healing Techniques                                                                       Learn to be a channel of healing energy to heal yourself and others. Discover the structure of the body’s energy field, how to work with healing guides, the benefits of energy healing and the do’s and don’ts of healing. Each person will give and receive a healing during the class.


Become a Medical Intuitive                                                                             Become a medical intuitive and learn how you can use your intuitive abilities to diagnosis energy imbalances and illness in the body. Learn about the energy system of the body and how the body becomes ill. A meditation to enhance your medical intuitive skills and meet your healer guide will be included. Suggestions will be given on how to remedy different imbalances. Students will practice medical intuition on one another.


Finding Your Life Purpose                                                                                     In this time of awakening of consciousness, it is important to understand why we are here. As souls, we come to fulfill our life purpose and master our soul lessons. This class will help you discover your life purpose, soul lessons and help you understand who you are and why you continue to return. You will learn how to accomplish your life purpose and master your soul lesson through examining your relationships, the roles you play and the choices you make.


Animal Communication and Health                                                                       In this informative workshop, you will learn how to communicate with your pets, both living and deceased, how to read their energy field to determine their state of health and how to give them healing energy. Students will learn the many ways that animals can communicate with us. Please bring a photo of your pet to class, if available.


The Gateway to Spiritual Evolution                                                                       As part of our spiritual growth, it is important to understand the roles we play and who we attract into our lives for our soul's learning. Everyone has their own personal approach to life and this is expressed in the games they play when interacting with others. Discover the games people play, why they play them and how you can transform and evolve spiritually through awareness of these patterns.


Journey of the Soul Class                                                                                       An ability to look at life from the perspective of the soul rather than the personality can give new meaning to our life's experiences. Soul knowledge explains the nature of our relationships, our soul lessons, life purpose and experiences. Becoming more aware of who you are will increase your consciousness and help you to make better choices that will bring more peace and love into your life. 


Journey of the Soul Workshop                                                                               An ability to look at life from the perspective of the soul rather than the personality can give new meaning to life's experiences as well as provide answers to life’s mysteries. Soul knowledge can explain why you chose the life you did and help you understand your motivations, relationships, life purpose and how you can create a better future for yourself. 

The more aware you are of your intentions, choices and responsibilities, the faster your soul evolves and you reap the rewards of more love and peace in your life. Knowledge of universal laws that govern the soul and how the soul evolves will help you understand your personal soul evolution and how your actions contribute to global transformation.


Personal Growth Classes


Guidelines to Great Relationships                                                                         In this class we will look at the "Why" of relationships or what really attracts us to others. Karmic connections, physical attraction, family expectations, fantasies and more will be considered. You will learn to identify your personal attraction patterns, and how this awareness can help you to have more satisfying relationships. Sharing of personal experiences is encouraged for maximum learning.


Communicating Effectively                                                                                     If you are new to the dating scene, feel unsure of yourself, feel as if no one is listening to you, have difficulty to express your true feelings or say what you really think publicly, then this class is for you. If your fear of not being liked and accepted gets in the way of speaking your truth or you get angry when you only think of the right thing to say once the opportunity has passed, then this class will help you understand why you have these difficulties, how you can overcome them as well as teach you new ways to say what you want to say without compromising your integrity. Communicating effectively is an art that all can learn. Suggestions will be given to improve your communication skills. Sharing of personal situations is encouraged for maximum learning.


Emotions That Motivate Us                                                                                     During this class, you will learn how your feelings of anger, fear, sadness, shame, guilt, love and mistrust impact the way you feel about yourself, how you respond to others and the choices you make. Discover how your emotions have limited you from reaching your goals, feeling happy and having a fulfilling life. Learn how to reduce stress by being aware and reacting differently to stressful people and situations.


Anger Management                                                                                                 This class focuses on who and what triggers your anger. By examining your patterns, you will discover the cause of your anger, how it still affects you today as well as learn effective strategies to deal with anger. Sharing of personal situations is encouraged for maximum learning.


Embracing Change                                                                                                   In these difficult times, we are continually faced with new challenges that may threaten our security and way of life. Do you have what it takes to face such challenges? This class will address what we need to do to masterfully cope with life’s difficulties. 


Exploring Your Body Image                                                                                   Our body image is important as it governs how the world sees us and how we perceive ourselves. Our self-confidence is often determined by how we feel about our bodies. During this class, we will examine our feelings about our bodies, how we tend to blame our bodies for our failures, where we hold stress in our bodies and how this affects our health. We will become aware of the attitudes we hold and what we can do to improve our body image.


Listening To Our Bodies                                                                                       Learn how your thoughts and feelings affect your health and where you hold stress in your body. The symbolic function of body structures and organs will be covered, as well as the associated emotional beliefs that cause dis-ease in the body. The class will include a meditation to cleanse the body of any negativity with the intent to restore maximum health.


Games People Play                                                                                               Everyone has their own personal approach to life and this is expressed in the roles they take on when interacting with others. Learn to recognize and understand the games that controllers, victims, rescuers, do-gooders, attention seekers, etc. play, the reason for their games, why you attract these kinds of people into your lives and how you can avoid getting caught up in their games.


Manifesting Your Desires                                                                                       Ever wonder why you don't get what you want from life? Through self- examination, you will be able to see how your negative thinking, self-defeating beliefs, unrealistic expectations and lack of trust have acted like road blocks preventing you from realizing your dreams. Learn how the Law of Attraction really works and how you can overcome obstacles through increased awareness of your thoughts and actions. Manifesting techniques will be included in the class.


The Road to Self-Love                                                                                           The road to self-love and empowerment involves putting yourself first, loving and accepting yourself completely, letting go of toxic and co-dependent relationships, knowing how you really feel, speaking your truth, setting boundaries, being open to receiving, trusting it is safe to be vulnerable and much more. This transformational class will allow you to have a new relationship with yourself and others.


Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques 

During this class you will understand what causes you to feel stressed and realize that you have the power to master stressful situations. Class will focus on why you perceive certain situations or relationships to be stressful and how you choose to react to them. Class will offer simple, easy techniques that will teach you effective ways to overcome stress.






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