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Dear Friends,

Well it feels like spring is in the air. Spring is nature’s time for new beginnings. Since we are all part of nature, I think it would be timely for us to think about what new beginnings we would like to make in our lives. These changes can be in any area of your life.   


Spiritual Growth


Today I thought I would share with you some questions that you can ask yourself on how you are progressing with your spiritual growth. Whenever you have time, sit down, quiet your mind, and look with to see if you have noticed any of these changes in your life. You may want to jot down your answers in a journal so you will have a record of your progress. If you like, you can also reflect on these same questions in six or twelve months from now and see if there has been any further change.


 Is there less drama in your life?

Does your life flow more smoothly now with only small bumps in the road or do you still make everything a major event or emotional drama? Are these dramas always about you? How people misunderstood or wronged you in some way? If there is less drama in your life, it is an indication that you are becoming more objective and no longer need to over react emotionally to every experience. It shows that you have made new choices in how you respond to life’s experiences and understand that whatever situations have shown up in your life is for your learning.


Do you have less “got to have’s” in you life?

Most people have a list of things they want in their life which they believe will bring them happiness. If you need a list of things or material possessions to make you happy, you are missing the point that happiness is a personal creation and comes from within. If you have learned how to derive happiness from everything you do in every moment of the day, this shows you have reached a new level of consciousness where you can not only create happiness but decide what happiness is. Being happy suggests a belief that things are okay as they are, are as they should be, even if you still desire to make your life better. 


Are you able to take a more objective or a third eye view of life’s experiences?

If you are able to be more objective about life’s experiences, be they your own or someone else’s, this indicates that you have developed more compassion. Seeing with the third eye allows us to see life’s challenges with compassion instead of pity or anger. It means understanding that each person gets what they are entitled to, that everything happens for a reason, and there are no accidents or mistakes. Having compassion allows us to admire the courage in those souls who have taken on such difficult lives rather than feel pity for them or be angry at God.


Do you still experience jealousy?

Jealousy is a sign of insecurity and has to do with your own self worth and how you value yourself rather than what is happening to others. If you still get upset when you see others getting what you want when you are not or you feel they don’t deserve it, you have failed to see your own worth for what it is  and are still measuring your personal value by the accomplishments or assets of others. When you can value in yourself even if others don’t acknowledge your traits and abilities, you are making progress.


Has your perception changed from a dualistic perception of things where you view life in terms of black and white or good or evil to viewing life through more spiritually mature eyes that recognize we are all one?

Duality is a third dimensional perspective that serves to perceive ourselves as separate or different from others. When we move away from a dualistic viewpoint of life and shift into 4th and 5th dimensional awareness, we understand that we are all one and we are all interconnected. This higher consciousness makes us aware that we have no right to consider ourselves better than or more deserving than others with whom we share this planet. Those with unity consciousness are concerned about the pollution of the Earth, the destruction of its creatures and have a desire to live in brotherhood with all peoples.


Have you reached a place where you do not take everything thing that people say or do as a personal affront?

Everyone sees life from through their own rose colored glasses and therefore may not share your views. If you still react strongly to what others say about you or do to you, you have not yet fully owned your power and are still allowing others to hurt you. Perhaps you still seek their love and approval. This does not mean you should disregard what people say or do. It means that you should consider if there is any truth in what they are saying and if so, make any changes in your behavior that you see fit. But if you see no truth in their statements or actions, then you may want to ask yourself why they might be saying or doing such things? Do their actions serve their own needs i.e. to control, be little, or have power over you? Do their actions only reflect their personal point of view?


Are you becoming more aware of how things are unfolding just perfectly in your life?

God’s plan is unfolding perfectly in your life everyday. If you still need have a need to control events or people in your life or are unwilling to surrender, then you have yet to reach a stage where you are ready to take responsibility and accept that you created the life you have, and that your life in truly in alignment with your soul’s purpose and God’s wishes.


Are you grateful for all the blessings in your life or do you still focus on what you don’t have in your life?

If your focus is still on what you don’t have rather than what has already manifested in your life, then you have yet to reach the stage where you can appreciate all the blessings that you have manifested so far. You may still be unaware that being grateful for all that you have today only multiplies our blessings because of the Law of Attraction. Be sure to be grateful for everything you have including the air you breathe, that you have a body that functions, and that you are here on Earth at this most important time of change.


Do you have a need for harmony in your life?

Is your life like a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs? Are you sensing a need for more balance? Some of us are addicted to emotional highs and lows. When you find that life can be fulfilling without those emotional highs, it indicates you are moving to a place where you are comfortable and accepting of life and can find joy in small pleasures.


Are you aware of your inner subjective dialogue?

By this I mean do you monitor your thoughts to see if they are repetitive or negative? Are you conscious of what you are thinking about? This is a very important because you will not change your life until you become aware of your thoughts and accompanying emotions. Once you become aware of your thoughts, you will be able to replace them with more positive thoughts that reflect the changes in yourself.


Do you have a decreased need to aggrandize your actions, to put in your two cents, to make your voice heard or your presence known?

If you still have a need to make your presence or opinion known, this indicates a need for attention, to show others you know more than they do, or you have a need to be right. A desire to minimize the self in our relationships with others shows that you have reached a state of self contentment and self assurance that does not require the approval or attention of others. It is trusting that other people are perspective and can see who were truly are without having to advertise.   


Have you noticed more incidences of synchronicity in your life?

Synchronicities are those times when the timing of things is just perfect and things just fall into place magically without any action on your part. Noticing the synchronicities in your life is an acknowledgement that there is a greater plan at work and we do not need to make everything happen.


Have you sensed your intuitive abilities opening?

If you have felt that there has been an increase in your intuitive abilities over the past few years, this shows that you have reached a 4th dimensional state of awareness or higher. Having psychic abilities is your natural inheritance. We all have them to some degree so there is no reason to fear what you receive or wonder if you are going crazy. The advantage to having psychic abilities, once you learn to acknowledge and trust them, is that they can provide insights, protection, and guidance in your daily life.


Do you commune with your spirit guides and angels?

We all have many spirit guides and angels guiding our lives. They are here to help us remember and fulfill our life purpose and soul lessons that we planned for prior to incarnating on Earth. If you are in communication with your guides and angels, this is a sign that you are open to the idea that there is a spirit world that exists beyond our physical reality and that you have access to it anytime you want. Guides and angels are wonderful for providing guidance on any topic.


Are you aware of the Law of Attraction at work in your life?

Have you ever noticed that what you think and do comes back to you in multiples and that you often meet people with the same issues you have? Even though it appears we attract people who are different from us, they often have the same issues but are at polar opposites of the same continuum. This law of attraction applies to everything you do so be sure to be nice to everyone. Once you become aware of this law in your life and you will come to realize that you can learn from everyone you meet because no one shows up in your life by accident.  


Are you aware of your life purpose?

We all have a life purpose. Our life purpose is to share some knowledge, abilities or gifts we have mastered in previous lifetimes with others for their benefit and ours. Knowing your life purpose helps bring joy and fulfillment to your life and to the lives of others. It indicates spiritual growth because it shows an increasing awareness of our soul needs rather than just our material needs.


I hope these questions have helped you to access where you are on your spiritual path. If you need some help to answer any of these, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal and telephone readings and other services at any time by responding to newsletter or calling either 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451. Online Classes, books, and Meditation CD’s are also available anytime by going to


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May your lives be filled with love, blessings, good health and abundance.

Sharon Cheney

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