August 2019 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

We are undergoing tremendous change on this planet right now. Every day in the news, we hear about corporations and government leaders doing harm to others and the environment for their own gain. Around the world people are fighting for their rights and freedoms and to overthrow oppressors. This events are being brought to our attention to shift this planet to a higher consciousness where we understand we all one and interconnected. If we had such an understanding, we would never think of doing harm to others.




Changes are not just taking place on a global scale, they are also taking place on a smaller scale in our personal lives. Perhaps you are faced with a decision to leave your job or a relationship that is abusive or unfulfilling. Many people say they want change in their lives but would prefer that change comes through some outward event or by others changing to make life easier. Most people believe if they change their job, relationship, residence, etc., they will be happier but I do not believe this to be true as happiness is an inside job. While some outer events can bring us joy, whether we feel happy or not is based on our expectations and beliefs. Real change involves altering your inner beliefs about yourself, others and life in general. Until we are ready to change our attitudes and beliefs, it is unlikely real change will occur.


Change is not easy to accomplish because it involves continued effort. That is why so many people say they want change but don’t accomplish it. I would suggest you take a moment to consider what might be standing in your way to realizing the changes you would like to make. Do you lack the motivation? Do you believe you will never accomplish your goals because others are standing in your way or don’t support you? Do you believe others should change if they are making you unhappy?  After all, it is their fault, not yours, that you are unhappy. Do you believe everyone should be treated fairly or the same? 


I understand that having the courage to look within and be willing to change is not easy. It is not something you do for an hour and are done with. It takes time and lots of introspection to realize what needs to be changed and then make a plan and carry it out. It may mean letting go of some relationships, if you are unable to shift them. 


Aside from making personal changes in our lives, we are living in a world where events are occurring daily that are making us question our values. Accepting the status quo may no longer be an option. You need to ask yourself if you care about oppressed people around the world and what, if anything, would you be willing to do about it? Are you concerned that women are losing their right to choose what they do with their bodies or that people of color and immigrants do not receive the same treatment as white people? Do you stand behind those fighting for freedom in Hong Kong and other countries while you enjoy freedom at home? Are you disturbed by Jeffery Epstein’s procuring young women for prostitution and the slave trade?


What disturbs you the most, if anything? We can no longer bury our heads in the sand and say this has nothing to do with me because these world events do not impact your life. Your attitude and decisions will determine whether you will advance to a higher consciousness or not, as well as the future of this planet. Now is the time for each person to decide how they would like to respond to these changes, be they global or personal.

My intuition tells me that over the next few years we will see more and more corruption being revealed in corporations and at the highest levels of government around the world. Institutions and governments that we have depended on for years, who have been deceitful or corrupt, will be exposed. So now it the time to decide where you stand.


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May your life be filled with peace, love, abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.

Sharon Cheney



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