March 2019 Knowledge Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This being the time of year when we file our income taxes, it makes us think about our finances. How prosperous we feel is often connected to how we feel about ourselves and how we define prosperity.

Feeling Prosperous

In order to feel prosperous, we need to disconnect our happiness from what is in our bank account. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as failures if we are not rich. Often our feelings of unhappiness stem from long standing beliefs or emotions, many of which may have started in childhood, but are still affecting our beliefs about ourselves and the decisions we make about money.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to examine your beliefs about yourself and see how you connect those beliefs to your prosperity or lack thereof. Maybe you need to stop judging yourself or making yourself wrong and instead focus on what you do right. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments even if they do not add to your bank balance.

You need to realize that there is nothing wrong with you if you are not wealthy. Wealthy people have the same, if not more problems, than people who have less. But people who see themselves as having less, often believe that people with more money are happier. This is absolutely not true.

We are the source of our unhappiness or happiness regardless of what has happened to us in our lives because only we can decide how we respond to life events. So the solution to money problems can often be fixed by changing our attitudes or beliefs about ourselves.

Whenever we are faced with financial challenges, we create emotional responses. Money issues are never about the money. They are about the emotions stimulated by our financial situation. All emotions are valid whatever they may be, but unfortunately, people associate uncomfortable emotions with being negative, which causes self-judgment.

Better to ask yourself “How are your feelings, whether they are positive or negative, motivating you to change” as that would be more productive. Ask if whatever you are going through now is exactly what you need in order to become all that you can be. All challenges in life serve a purpose - to help us to become stronger, overcome difficulties and to recognize our own strengths and abilities. Looking at challenges from that perspective, while not easy, helps us to see the larger picture rather than thinking of ourselves as victims of life or losers. 

Having loving, supportive people in our lives is often a source of happiness but most people do not equate that with the idea of prosperity. But if that is true, what we need is more loving people in our lives, not more money. Money is a means of exchange between people for services and goods, so we still need good people in our lives to have more money.  

Ask yourself “What does prosperity look like for you?” Does it mean having more money to spend, being happier with yourself, being able to make the most out of every dollar, having the newest gadget, wearing the latest fashion, owning a new car or house, and so on? What are your beliefs and values about being prosperous? Consider if having more money would really change your core beliefs. True, having more money gives us more choices but it also comes with the desire and responsibility to maintain our status in society and to keep making more money.

Like most things in life, where we spend our energy is where we succeed. Money goes to people who love and take care of their finances rather than those who hope their bank balance will increase magically without any interference on their behalf.

On a more practical side, if you have been a loyal customer of any business, you can always ask if they can offer you a better deal. You can also look through your spending habits and see if any need to be revised or cut back. This will not only help your finances, but make you feel good about yourself that you are in control of your spending.

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Sharon Cheney




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