February 2022 Knowledge Newsletter


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February is a month we associate with love because of Valentine’s Day but it is also a good reminder to be loving to yourself and those around you every day throughout the year.


Med Beds


As we move into 5th dimension, we will have new technologies available to us. One of these new technologies are med beds. Med beds are a Lyran (E.T.) technology that has been around for a long time, and has been used by the military off planet.


In spite of what main stream media tells us, the military have been interacting with E.T.s since the 1950’s. They have built ships using reversed engineering of downed UFO’s since the 1940’s but have keep this information secret.


The US military has a 20 and back program where you enlist in the military and they take you off planet. You have a contract for 20 years and when it is complete, they wipe your memories, like in the film Men in Black and they age regress you 20 years. They do this because they do not want you to divulge your experiences and exposure to various E.T.’s off planet.


If you question this is true, then I suggest you watch the You Tube Channel Super Soldier Talk or the show Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV (a streaming channel) where people who have had such experiences are sharing them. In spite of the fact that their minds were wiped often after 20 years or for those who are more psychic, the memories start to return. 


If you wish to know more about E.T.’s interacting with our planet, I recommend you watch Elena Danaan’s channel on You Tube or read her book A Gift From the Stars, where she has drawn pictures of various E.T.’s she has personally encountered in her travels off planet.


In my understanding, the way Med Beds work is that they are able to read your energy or frequency. Med beds read your etheric or body blue print and can reset your body back to an earlier healthier state prior to your having an illness or before a trauma occurred.


As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, the body has an energy field in and around it, often known as the aura. The aura is composed of many layers. The layer closest to the body is the etheric blue print. This acts the same way that a blueprint created by an architect provides a design so a contractor can build a structure to match. Your body is the manifestation of your etheric blueprint.


All disease is contorted frequency so by changing your frequency, you can be healed of serious and even life threatening diseases. From listening to people on the above channels, they have reported that Med Beds can regrow a severed limb like in 3D printing. They can age regress you, reconnect a severed spinal cord, removed traumas, life threatening and other serious illness.


There are different kinds of Med Beds producing different kinds of healing. Some may even work remotely. They can take a holographic photo of your body to see where damage or illness has occurred and then send energy to restore your body to its pristine condition. Within hours, your body is like new.


I know this technology sounds unbelievable, but there are a few Med Beds already in use by the military here on Earth. According to knowledgeable sources they are mass-producing them on bases on our moon and hope to have them available to the general-public in the next few years. One can only image how Med Beds would affect our health care system and the pharmaceutical industry.


Here is something to ponder. How would your life be different if you had no struggle or illness? Once you have the answer, focus on manifesting that reality now.


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May your life be filled with peace, love, abundance and blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney

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