July 2016 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

As we go through this transformation on the planet, we are being faced with many challenges. Some of these may be due to karma created by our past actions. While it is not necessary to learn solely through adversity, challenges can act as a tremendous motivator. 


Cause and Effect


Few people are aware of how their thoughts and actions impact others. This is most unfortunate because failing to realize how your actions affect others can cause karma, difficulties evolving and relationship problems.


Some people believe that when things do not go well in their lives it is due to karmic retribution. While it is true that some people who cross our path may do so for karmic balancing, it is incorrect to believe that all challenges we face are punishment for our past deeds.


Karma results from any negative thought or action against any living being and that includes all life forms. Karmic balancing allows us to personally experience the effects of our thoughts and actions for our soul evolution. The Law of Karma or Cause and Effect is impersonal and acts as a tool for soul growth. No one is exempt. Karma is not a punishment, but solely a means to create understanding.


All karma must be balanced before we can evolve spiritually as individuals and as a collective. Clearing your personal karma is carried out over many lifetimes. How much karma you balance in any one lifetime is decided by your soul with the aid of the Lords of Karma when your life plan for your next incarnation is being determined. Your soul keeps a record all your thoughts and actions from all lifetimes.


In addition to our personal karma, we must also balance the accumulated karma and injustices caused by any groups we aligned with in our current or previous lives that caused harm to others through wars for domination, acquisition. protection or religious beliefs. Even if you killed in the name of God because you believed you were right, you still destroyed God’s creatures and this creates karma.


When faced with life challenges or a difficult relationship, take a moment to consider if there is a lesson for you to master with this situation. Notice if a similar situation or issue has arisen before. Ask intuitively if this is a karmic rebalancing. If you determine your challenge is karmic, be grateful, rather than seeing yourself as a victim or believing you are being punished, as it is an opportunity for soul growth. Thank the people in your life who give you a hard time because as a soul you asked them to play the role they are playing for your learning.  


Karmic relationships often have a sense of familiarity to them. Karmic relationships can occur with anyone but more commonly occur with those we know. Pay attention to how you feel when interacting with these people. If you feel drawn to help them, forgive them or take any action which would not seem logical, I suggest you follow your intuition.


To prevent creating more karma, be conscious of what you are thinking, feeling and doing all the time. Be constantly aware of your intentions and make sure they are positive. Think positively and love and accept everyone. Do random acts of kindness. Don’t be misled in believing that if you think negatively and you never verbalize your thoughts that they do not create karma. Remember everything is recorded on your soul record.


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Sharon Cheney

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