March 2016 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

We are undergoing a great shift in consciousness that will continue over the next number of years and affect more people as time goes on. We are seeing so many changes in the world and experiencing numerous changes in our bodies that it is difficult at times to comprehend what is happening. It is best to accept these changes rather than hope things will return to the way they were. Below is a list of changes you may experience. They are so numerous that I will present the rest of them in the April 2016 newsletter.


The Consciousness Shift (Part 1)


As part of this shift we must be fearless and follow our own inner guidance rather than succumb to the negativity to see around us. The more fear we can let go of, the faster the shift will occur. We must realize that no one can limit our imagination or control us unless we allow it. We must be willing to love and accept ourselves completely rather than seeking love from others. The more we love ourselves, the faster love and compassion will increase worldwide.


Some of the symptoms and changes you may experience are listed below:


You may experience a change in sleep patterns such as waking up several times a night and being unable to fall back asleep for an hour or two and feeling tired during the day or after waking. The amount of sleep you require may diminish.


Some people feel enormous waves of energy going through their body, accompanied by tickling, itching, and tingling or pressure sensation on their scalp and/or spine. These waves can leave some people feeling uncomfortable, inexplicably cold or unable to sleep. If you cannot sleep, use this time to meditate, pray, recite or read poetry or write in your journal.


Changes in eating habits, having strange food cravings or finding yourself eating more or less than before are common. Some people experience intolerance or allergies to some foods because of increasing sensitivity. Your body may be releasing toxins and reject foods that no longer serve you. Tune into your body to discover what your body wants to eat rather than eating as usual.


Changes in body weight are a reflection of what’s going on within your psyche. Excess weight can be due to holding onto old fears, feeling depressed, needing to feel grounded or look unattractive to keep people away in order to feel safe. Letting go of the negative emotions and accepting our bodies as they are makes it easier to lose or gain weight.


Before eating, create a nice place setting, enjoy the look of the food and then bless the food. Ask that the food be used to nurture your body instead of feeding your emotional needs. Being grateful will reduce the amount you eat. Put your complete focus on what you are eating, eat slowly and never watch TV or read when eating for maximal nutritional value.


There can be an increase or decrease in hearing. Some people hear buzzing or ringing sounds, music, water rushing or someone talking in their head. These sounds are internal and not experienced by others. If you have such experiences, you are not going crazy, just becoming more receptive to higher frequencies.


Some people experience intensification of smell, touch and taste and can even detect chemical additives in their food, while others find their sense of taste and smell enhanced.


Changes in sensitivity are common. Disturbances in vision such as seeing geometric shapes, moving vivid colors or shimmering objects in the air can occur. Some people see auras around trees, animals and people, see spirits or deceased people, see opaque objects as transparent and even perceive light even when their eyes are closed. 

If you experience any health concerns, illnesses or fractures, you should query your guidance to learn why they are showing up in your life. Illnesses or fractures suggest you may need a time out to rethink your life or to slow down. Heart palpitations, which may only last a few moments are a sign your heart opening or balancing after an emotional release.


Temporary symptoms such as headaches, back and neck pain, constipation, digestive problems, muscle damage, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, changes in sexual desire and involuntary body movements can occur. Skin eruptions and acme may occur as a means to clear toxins from unaddressed emotional issues. Rapid growth of hair and nails means more protein is being used by your body. Vertigo can be experienced if you are unstable, clearing emotional charges or are ungrounded. There may be a desire to eat comfort foods to decrease the vertigo. This is okay if that is what your body needs.


Every health issue has a symbolic meaning as well as a physical cause, so it is important to understand why you are experiencing it now. You will notice your frequency will increase and you will feel rejuvenated as you clear emotional baggage and release limiting beliefs.


Many people experience sudden waves of emotion like their emotions are running wild or feel angry, depressed, sad or unhappy with just the slightest provocation. These emotions are often felt in the heart chakra which is expanding and allowing you to be more in touch with your feelings. Some people have episodes of intense energy followed by periods of lethargy and fatigue, which is caused by the integration of their emotions. Go with the flow of energy and nap when tired. Just acknowledge and accept these emotions as they are just reflective of the changes taking place.


You may experience some confusion as your left brain function slows down and your right brain use increases. This shift will allow your intuitive gifts to flower, to derive more meaning from visual media and to develop new approaches to problem solving such as using your intuitive knowing and seeing solutions in an instant.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and may your life be showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney

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