February 2017 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Many people have been experiencing increasing consciousness and changes in their lives over the past few years which are due to our solar system slowly moving into what some call the photon belt or an area of space that aligns with the galactic center of the Milky Way. Once this alignment is complete, our solar system will undergo a shift in consciousness to higher vibration such as we have never experienced before.  Solar systems go through these cyclic advancements in consciousness about every 25,000 years.


The Shift in Consciousness  


This shift in consciousness that we have been experiencing will reach its peak when a big solar event occurs. This solar event was predicted to take place in December 2012 but apparently we were not ready then. The new proposed date for this solar event to occur is anywhere from 2018 to 2023.


To mitigate harmful solar rays, the Blue Avians (an extraterrestrial group with sixth dimensional consciousness) have put 100 blue spheres around our solar system since 2012. They are here to help us shift into this higher consciousness where all people will live in peace. They are not here to rescue us. It is our responsibility to become more loving and forgiving. It is standard procedure that higher evolved beings assist those on less evolved planets during these transition times.


Although no one is absolutely certain what will happen exactly when this solar event occurs, it is suggested in channeled books called The Law of One that there will be a division between those moving towards love and service to others and those who are predominantly oriented towards service to self. As long as you are at least 51% in service to others you will be able to be in this positive group.


Some people like Drunvalo Melchezidik say there will be two Earths – one operating on a fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness ( a consciousness of oneness) and the other existing with a third dimensional consciousness with a “them and me” mentality. Some believe those with lower consciousness will either be transported or will die and reincarnate on another third dimensional planet like Earth.  


The question is which group do you want to align with? In order to be part of the fourth and fifth dimensional group, you need to love and forgive yourself and others and be aware of your intentions and actions at all times. You will not get away with deceiving anyone as everything you do is recorded on your soul. So it is wise to monitor your intentions and behavior to be able to transition to fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness rather than continuing to experience the strife of living in third density.  


A good example of this division is the recent election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. There is a deep divide in the way people think and unfortunately Trump’s policies only seem to increase this divide rather than bringing people together.  


Unfortunately, people in power like Trump will continue to make decisions that do not benefit this planet or its citizens until we wake up and recognize that we are powerful beings who have the ability to come together and transform our world. It was heartening to see the great numbers who participated in the woman’s march on January 21st in multiple US cities and countries worldwide and the immediate response to Trump’s travel band in airports in many cities.


The power for change lies with the people. Without people making their voices heard, things will not change. Too many people do nothing because they think what could they personally do to change things? They feel powerless so they do nothing and life goes on with politicians enacting laws that benefit their interests rather than the good of the people.


The truth is we are all powerful beings who have the power to change the world. Unfortunately many people of higher consciousness are not owning or using their power to its full extent. Here are a few suggestions that anyone can do. Take a few minutes each day to imagine how it would feel to live in a loving united world with no war and hatred and then act as if this has already occurred. This method has proved effective in healing people of cancerous tumors in China and bringing desired changes.


We can do this single handedly but when we join with others and focus on one idea, the power is magnified many times over. So speak to others of like-mind and join together to share ideas. Individually or as a group, focus your attention for 15 minutes a day on one thought or idea you would like to see manifest such as cessation of all wars. The power of group meditation has been proven to be very effective and has been used to clear pollution and reduce crime.


You can also Tweet, use Face Book and other social media to let your voice be heard. Write to your congressman and sign petitions. Sometimes it takes only one person to get the ball rolling and then others will follow.


Many people have heard of the Law of Attraction but many don’t put these principles into practice. Your thoughts have a certain vibration and will attract your desires providing you don’t hold conflicting ideas. Use the power of this law to manifest your desires. It will also help you to realize what a powerful being you actually are.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney

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