May 2014 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

We live in a society where we are defined by what we own, what car we drive, how we dress, what kind of house we live in and so on. Unfortunately, many people’s identity is tied to their possessions. Is this who were really are? Is this how we want to be seen in the world? We need to ask ourselves “Are we possessed by our possessions? Is the need to get the latest smart phone, a bigger house or a fancier car running our lives?”


With the shift to higher consciousness, we need to detach ourselves from our need for material possessions. While it is okay to own a car, a house and other necessary things, they are not who we are. We are spirit beings whose souls have chosen to have an experience in the physical realms. Our existence here is supported by the energy that infuses our body. That is all we really need to exist. There are some people who can even live without food or water and be perfectly healthy.


Unfortunately some of us only discover this truth when we die. What happens at death is that the energy that sustained our physical body leaves the physical body, which then dies. But we live on forever in an energy body. We don’t need our possessions on the other side and we don’t really require them here either except for the convenience and possible status they bring us. I don’t know about you but I have never seen a moving truck follow a hearse.


When I listen to people talk about what they own, what I fail to hear is them talking about how they feel, about the love they feel for one another or how they feel motivated to help others. Rather I hear people talking about what they own and what they plan to buy next, as if that is all that life is about. There is no mention about being grateful for all they have already. 


If you want to know how much your possessions mean to you, imagine your house is burning down or you must walk away from where you live with only what you can carry. What would you take with you aside from your family members and pets? We must remember that material things are replaceable. In fact, most manufactures make products in such a way that they need replacement often in order to keep us shopping.


Often I hear about families fighting about things that used to belong to someone they loved like grandma’s china teapot or piece of furniture. Surely, you will always be able to remember grandma whether you see her teapot daily or not. When we fight with family members about money or belongings, it sounds more like wanting to win a battle over another than being motivated by the remembrance of a loved one. I highly doubt your departed loved ones would want to see family members fighting over possessions or money. That is not the legacy they would want to leave.


Again if we are highly motivated to own things or have more money, what does this say about us? Is that all that makes us tick? I am not oblivious to the fact that we need money to live and pay our bills. All I am asking you to consider is what priority do material possessions play in our lives?


Also if you had to describe yourself to a stranger, what would you say?  Would you give them a list of all your possessions so that they will be impressed with your status in the world or would you describe your characteristics and what is important to you? It might be a good exercise to imagine defining yourself to a stranger.


A lot of people who don’t have a lot of money think that if they had more money their lives would be perfect. But when you speak with people who have money, they are not any happier than those who have little. They have the same relationship problems, health issues, problems with their kids and on top of that they have to worry how to hang onto their money.


I recommend that you take a good look at your life and ask yourself “What really gives you joy? Is it your or your children’s accomplishments, having good supportive friends, being in good health or is it having lots of possessions and the latest tech device? Are you happy just to have joy and a loving family in your life, which are things that don’t cost anything?” If you don’t have joy or loving people around you, do you use possessions to fill that gap?

o live in the moment and be in trust that all will be well. I know this is a big leap for many but that is what is really being asked of us as we evolve. We are being asked to love ourselves, have loving relationships with others and be in oneness with all that exists as the priority on our lives, not material possessions. If you ask me, that is much harder to accomplish but it also brings much greater rewards in this life and future lives.


To accomplish letting go of possessions, slowly go through your stuff when you are relaxed, and ask yourself if you really need those items. How long have you had them, do you still use them regularly, do you have space for them or are you just too busy, tired or lazy to throw things out? Think of someone who might benefit from those things and then you can feel good giving them away.   


I can’t tell you the joy I get from getting rid of things, especially giving them to others who can either use or appreciate them. I invite you to do the same and pay attention to how good it makes you feel. If you are concerned with how much you paid for something, you must realize that you enjoyed shopping for it and owning it and that joy more than makes up or the price you paid as joy has no price tag.


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May your life always be filled with love, peace and abundance. .

Sharon Cheney

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