April 2021 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Many of you are aware of the shift in 4th and 5th density taking place on this planet. Higher levels of consciousness enable greater understanding, and will bring many physical and mental changes that will affect all aspects of our lives including our core beliefs. Things, believed impossible before, will suddenly be revealed. Below are some of the changes you are likely to experience during the shift. Embrace them and enjoy the ride.


Signs of Higher Consciousness 


1. Your energy softens and you let go of all the aggression and anger you once clung to as there is no room for drama, as you are solely focused on your own inner workings. Your aura or energy field expands attracting or frightening some people around you. 


2. You take full responsibility for your life and where you are right now. You realize that your past is the result of your reactions to experiences, so you stop blaming others for your choices. You realize you must learn from your past experiences or they will repeat themselves.


3. You know if you want to be happy and successful, it must come from within. You realize you are capable of creating the life that you want by making positive choices to achieve your goals. You can no longer rely on others for your happinessor pr are afraid of what life may bring.


4. You practice self-love and put your needs in front of others. You know that you will only be able to care for others when your needs are taken care of. You no longer strive for perfection but embrace your imperfections and see them as opportunities for learning and growth.


5. You are kind, loving, compassionate and can forgive yourself and others. You enjoy helping others and ask what you can do for those around you. People have become attracted to your kind energy, and you notice them wanting to spend more time with you. You believe in service to others rather than service to self.


6. You have a strong desire to make significant changes in your life. Your intuition tells you it is time to take a leap of faith and make change happen. You realize that you should only spend time and energy on the things that directly fulfill your newly found purpose. Letting go of your job, home, some relationships and belongings may be necessary as you shift to higher awareness.


7. You no longer tolerate toxic people that drain your energy or create drama it in your life. You may end friendships and set new boundaries as you know you only have room in your life for those that have your best intentions at heart.


8. You may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night. This happens because your subconscious mind is hard at work, and there may be times during the nighttime hours that it needs to send a message to your conscious mind.


9. You get rid of your destructive habits such as eating unhealthy foods, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, taking recreational drugs and smoking as you realize long term success means giving up short term gratifications, thus allowing you to leave the bad habits behind.


10. You are more productive and have a laser-like focus on your goals. You are more efficient because you are more present, your priorities are clear, you don’t get distracted and your focus is on only what needs to be done to achieve your dreams. You are less stressed because you have a sense of the bigger picture and feel like you are accomplishing your goals.


11. You no longer feel the need to compete or prove yourself because you no longer compare yourself to others. You know that by helping others instead of competing with them, you are helping yourself and improving your future.


12. You have a tremendous sense of gratitude and appreciate all you have in life. You see the good in the world and in people instead of the bad. You are grateful to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.


13. You have a strong desire to be alone so that you can focus on our own needs. Time alone allows you to reflect on your life, deciding in what direction you would like to go and any changes you want to make. Relationships, while enjoyable, are energy consuming and make demands upon us. You find spending quiet time alone is more productive than watching TV, playing video games, socializing and so on.


14. You may have a change in how and what you eat and decide to become vegetarian, vegan or eat only organic foods. It is important to ask your body on an hourly basis what your body wants to eat and drink rather than eating out of habit or old patterning.


15. You will tend to be less materialistic and live a more sustainable lifestyle, buying only what you really need. You will feel a need to rid yourself of old clothes and household belongings you no longer use to create a feeling of more space around you rather than clutter.  


16. You will change how you spend your free time and watch less TV, spend more time in nature, with family, volunteering, meditating or doing creative projects. You re-examine what activities bring you pleasure and make conscious choices about how you spend your time, energy and resources.


17. You have an increased concern for the planet and all living beings upon it.  You “go green” as much as possible, recycle and use less energy.


18. Your interests will change and you will let go of activities you used to do. You may join new groups and seek out others, whose interests are compatible.


19. You will manifest your desires more quickly so be clear on what you would like to manifest.


20. Your psychic abilities will increase and you will trust your intuition more. You will have access and can communicate with your guidance at all times. 


21. You will have a tendency to go with the flow and say yes to whatever shows up in your life rather than trying to control events, because you now understand that your life is unfolding according to a divine plan. 


22. You realize your well-being is created through your thoughts and actions and that you have the power to heal yourself. You now prefer a more holistic approach in health matters and you no longer give away your power to medical personnel or other authority figures.  


23. You desire to be more creative as you experience the positive energy and pleasure creativity brings.


24. You feel a need to support causes you believe in and enjoy the pleasure you experience from giving and helping others.


25. You feel more empowered and less dependent on others to fulfill your needs bringing change to your relationships. You give your power to no one.


Embrace the changes you are experiencing as they will bring you fulfillment, joy in helping others, better relationships and inner peace. You may want to keep a journal to record your changing feelings and beliefs.


If you are having difficulty understanding or dealing with these changes and need assistance, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone or readings over Skype, relationship coaching at any time by clicking on www.sharoncheney.com or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney   

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