December 2016 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and hope it is filled with love from friends and family. It is at this time of the year when good wishes should extend to people everywhere and not just on those we know.




Interdependence is another way of saying that we feel connected to all people no matter their beliefs, color, race, sexual orientation, etc. In truth, we are all connected in a field of energy called love. Failing to recognize this fact limits our expansion of consciousness. After all what is the holiday season really about but extending love and good wishes to all. If we are really in the holiday spirit, we should include everyone worldwide.


Another way to look at interdependence is to look at its opposite which is independence. Now there may be many of you who pride yourself on being independent and needing no one. Perhaps you were taught growing up that independence is something you should strive for. Underlying a desire for independence may be a fear of being  a burden to or beholden to others, being unable to support or take care of yourself,  have  difficulty to love yourself completely so that you are open to receiving and letting love and support in. 


Interdependence does not mean we are unable to function on our own. It means we understand that it is in our best interests to interact with and care about others. The goal of ascension is oneness and unity with all. If we were in unity on this planet there would be no war, hatred, bigotry or fear of your neighbor. We would all feel loved rather than separate.   


We all come from the same source so what keeps us separate is not the color of our skin or race but the belief that we are different, don’t belong or are better than others based on our position in society, color, wealth, and so on. In order to come into unity consciousness, our beliefs need to change because underneath it all we are all the same. 


I have travelled extensively worldwide and when I went to different countries I noticed people everywhere needed love, sleep, food, work, sex and so on. Maybe what they ate was different based on what was available but they had the same basic needs that people have everywhere. I noticed that when people travel they always focus on the differences they experienced instead of noticing the similarities. I wonder if it makes us feel more comfortable to see ourselves as separate, better or different than others.


For this holiday season and hopefully for the rest of the year, I would like to suggest that you focus on what makes you like others rather than what makes you different. Notice the similarities between you and others. Don’t assume people feel or think differently ask them. Ask yourself what is standing in your way of feeling connected to every person on this planet? If you have difficulty feeling connected to people you do not know, just keep focusing on what you have in common rather than what separates you.


I have been sending love and healing to people worldwide daily for many years and discovered that the response I get from others is love and support. You may believe this is nonsense but remember the universe hears all your thoughts and responds in kind. So if you wish others bad, you get confrontative people and misfortune in your life. This is only the law of Attraction at work so if you want love and blessings in your life, be sure to be generous with your love and concern for others.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.

Sharon Cheney


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