September 2017 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Watching the news can be rather unnerving these days what with the threat of nuclear war, constant war in Afghanistan and the Middle East, terrorist attacks, the rise of the white supremacy movement, the earthquake in Mexico, the flooding in Houston and the after effects of hurricane Irma in Florida and the Caribbean islands. Since we can’t change the world or weather events, the question remains “How do we deal with the chaos we are experiencing?”


Dealing with Chaos


Chaos is absolutely increasing on this planet. We used to hear about one or two disasters a year but now it is almost a regular occurrence. One option is to stop watching the news to reduce your stress level. Some people may want to avoid social media sites such as Face Book, which delivers the news along with people’s dramas, anger and fear. Perhaps it is better to go to websites such as instead of listening to the frightening news most networks offer that keep us in fear.


You may be wondering why we are experiencing so many disasters at this time.

At the end of every great year of 25,920 years, our planet experiences what they call a “solar flash.” Solar systems evolve just as humans do and this solar event will increase the consciousness on Earth to fourth and fifth density. No one is sure when this solar flash will occur exactly but it is estimated that it could happen anytime from 2018 to 2024. Prior to a solar flash, it is common to have an increase in the number of hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis as the Earth, which is a conscious being, is trying to cleanse herself.


This solar flash will allow Earth and some of its inhabitants to evolve into fourth and fifth dimensional beings. Others that chose not to evolve will leave the planet and incarnate on other worlds that are more compatible with their level of consciousness. The ones who remain will bring love and stability in the midst of the chaos that will help others to survive.


The effects of these terrible storms and the threats we face are causing people to polarize and become either more fearful and negative or more loving and compassionate. We all have a choice in how we choose to respond. The challenge is to come together with love in our hearts and understand we are all one and interconnected even if we are of a different race, religion or color. Doing anything else only leads to fear and separation.


The many disasters we are experiencing are creating opportunities for people to be in service to others whether that involves helping clear out someone’s belongings if their place was flooded, giving money to help those who have lost so much or just praying for peace.


Do these disasters reflect anything about us? We need to realize that the outer events we are experiencing worldwide are a reflection of the feelings each and every one of us holds. Our collective thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are the creative energy behind everything we experience collectively. This suggests that there are a lot of people filled with hatred, prejudice and fear rather than love and compassion. So it would be wise to look within and examine your beliefs to make sure they are positive and loving.


It may not always be easy to love everyone especially when we hear of terrorists killing innocent people and children starving because donated food never reaches them because of corruption. It is difficult to understand how some people could behave this way as most people just want to live in peace. While fear is a natural response to uncertainty and change, fear often paralyses us and limits our ability to make rational decisions rather than helping us become proactive and positive.  


Chaos is challenging us to come from love since we can’t change the weather, world events or politician’s decisions. What we can change is how we respond to the negativity we are exposed to daily. We can choose to ignore what’s happening and tell ourselves “It has nothing to do with me” or we can remain calm and have compassion for those who are suffering. We can look at all these wars and disasters as a storm that will pass – terrible while it is happening but one that will come to an end.


Only we can decide how we respond to bad news. We can feel fearful or angry, feel compassion for those who are suffering, or understand that creating a new reality of oneness brings chaos first and then peace. We must remember that we create our reality through our thoughts and actions, and that we are powerful beings that have the power to change the world.


We need to develop coping skills that can serve us well. Any time you feel fearful, take a couple of deep breaths and think positively or say some positive affirmation such as “I trust everything will be okay.” It is important to stay positive and know that we are evolving to a better world even though that may be hard to believe because of the constant onslaught of upsetting news.


We each need to work to find peace within and learn to stay focused in the moment rather than imagining some horrific future. This way we can actually help to turn the tide and avert possible disaster. Most people do not realize that they are powerful creators. By visualizing the outcome you desire such as world peace, you can make peace happen. The more people focusing on the same intention makes it happen that much faster so share this information with others. As powerful beings, we emit energy and impact others we come in contact with so being positive and loving is very important to achieving a goal of world peace.


Since we are in charge of our lives, we have to make each day count. We can only create in the present moment so it is important to decide where you want to direct your energy – being fearful, angry or loving. You can say prayers for those who have suffered losses or you can get angry at those who are who are making matters whose. Make each day count and be sure your interactions with others are as loving and positive as possible. Be kind to yourself and everyone you meet. Be supportive of others even if they don’t share your point of view. Be positive and be grateful for all that you have including all the people in your life.


You always have free will as that is a universal law. So take positive steps today rather than waiting to be rescued or for the world to change. Take responsibility for your actions. Listen within and follow your heart as this is the best way for you to know the right thing to do. The more you follow what feels right rather than what others are doing or what you are being told to do, the sooner you will feel that you are on the right path and will feel at peace.      


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