April 2017 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Continuing to learn is the most important thing we can do bowledge Newsletterecause without it, we stagnate and need to keep coming back. Learning keeps us evolving and helps us move towards ascension.


Continued Learning


The truth is as souls we are only here to learn. That is why we incarnate. If we fail to learn what we came here for, we just have to keep coming back and have more unpleasant experiences until we master the lessons we came to learn. So the most important thing to do rather than getting angry or upset with someone is to ask yourself “What can you learn from your experiences?” If you figure out the answer, you can count on the same issue showing up again.


While this seems like rather basic advice, you would be amazed at how many people get into one relationship after another only to realize that their partner has lied, cheated or abused them just like previous partners. This happens because we keep choosing those people who reflect back to us what we need to learn but fail to recognize. We hope each new partner will be different and will fulfill our emotional needs, which we believe we are unable to fulfill ourselves.


In order to master the lessons we came to learn, we must take responsibility for the part we play in any situation instead of just blaming the other person because when we blame others without taking any responsibility, we cannot change anything. You may think “How could you be at fault when you were just standing there when someone dumped their anger or blamed you for something you did not do?” The truth is, as souls  both parties agreed to play the roles you play for your mutual learning whether your remember that or not. Instead of being hurt or angry, you should thank the person for bringing the lesson to your attention.


You always have a choice in how you wish to respond. If you don’t believe this, it is because you are stuck in old patterns of behavior and are unwilling to do something different. You have the choice to say nothing, feel hurt, victimized or angry or believe nothing will ever change. You could also reflect their actions back to them and ask “Are they willing to take responsibility for their anger rather than dumping it on you?” You can say you refuse to be a garbage can where others can dump their anger and negativity on you with no consequences. You can ask yourself why you chose to continue to live or work with such a person. Is there a victim living inside of you who expects to be mistreated? Do you not love yourself enough to stand up for yourself? Do you expect the other person to be sensitive to your feelings that you fail to express?  


The Law of Attraction is always at work and everyone in our lives is there because they are a reflection of some positive or negative aspect we fail to recognize in ourselves. It is hard to look at ourselves and identify with characteristics we dislike in others or traits we like but believe we fail to possess. That is where asking others to honestly describe you to a stranger is helpful. Their feedback helps you understand how others perceive you.


Dr. Carl Jung said that when we face our shadow side and transform it, it can become our greatest asset. For example, if you are an angry but are unable to express your feelings, acknowledging your anger can give you the strength to say how you feel. When we speak the truth instead of acquiescing, it transforms relationships.  

What people fail to realize is that all change begins within us. Change starts within and radiates outward like a ripple in a pond causing us to attracts different people and experiences. So if you don’t want to keep repeating unpleasant situations or unfulfilling relationships, then we must change ourselves.


Another good question to ask yourself is “How does your behavior serve you?” There is a reason we continue to practice the same beliefs and behavior. This way we can live habitually and never question why we do what we do or how we think. It prevents us from living consciously in the moment and ever asking ourselves or those close to us “How our attitudes, beliefs or behavior impact others and “How they feel in response to our actions?”, as we most probably don’t want to hear the answer. It results in our justifying our beliefs and actions and permanently avoiding change.        


A desire to understand ourselves better helps to promote change. Self-reflection allows us to reflect on our choices and determine if what we are currently doing is really what we desire and if not, what changes are needed. If you are unsure of what you want, eliminate what you know you don’t want and then try new things to see if you like them. Challenge yourself to learn a new skill, sport or try a new career. Change your routine to see how you feel. Make new friends with common interests. Each new experience takes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to discover something new about yourself.      


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney

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