November 2020 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Life can be stressful but with the social restrictions, financial losses and fear of illness caused by covid along with the current political uncertainty, people’s stress levels have increased tremendously. One way to de-stress your life is by taking responsibility for your choices. Taking responsibility allows you to create the life you want and to stop feeling like a victim and blaming others.


De-Stress Your Life


There are some things we can control in life and others we can’t. It is important to recognize what those are in order to live stress-free. Trying to control things that we have no control over is a waste of energy and only leads to more stress. Only we can decide how we respond to any given situation. Below are some of the things we can control in our lives.


We are responsible for the thoughts, words and actions we take in response to any situation and the impact those actions have on our life as well as the lives of others. We determine how long we choose to worry over something. Usually the longer we focus on it, the more problematic it becomes. Being positive helps us to see problems as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles.


We each decide how we want to a handle a situation. If in doubt, talk things over with someone you trust as they may offer another point of view. They are not there to make your decisions but to help clarify your choices.


Complaining about your job or feeling stuck because you don’t have a degree, the right experience or you need the money, only denies taking responsibility for choosing that job in the first place. You can choose to stay or go but complaining about it will not make it better.


Learn to recognize and to accept your limitations as well as the limitations of others. Learn to accept what can't be changed in others such as their personalities. Say NO when others make excessive demands and don't say YES when you mean to say NO. Determine what can be changed and let go of the rest.


The friends and people we associate are our choice. You may argue that you have no control over who your family members are but you do have control over how often you see them or speak with them. If you chose you hang out with negative or toxic people to avoid being alone or allow others to make decisions for you, these are your choices.


Your health is another area under your control. You choose your diet, the amount of exercise and sleep you get, whether to seek medical help, what drugs you take, how much alcohol you consume and whether you take recreational drugs. You may be predisposed to certain conditions due to genetics but you decide how you treat your body. Keeping yourself in good shape physically helps you to cope with stressful situations.


Understanding what triggers your stress is the first step in understanding yourself. If you feel stressed when your needs are not being met or people are not responding as you would like, you need to look at your expectations instead of blaming others. Know your limits so you don’t overdo and have reliable ways to relieve your stress like meditation or relaxing activities.


Be kind to yourself as we all make mistakes. Tolerating and forgiving others and yourself will reduce your anger and stress. Avoid being competitive: you don't have to be the best at everything. Learn to accept that some things aren’t as important to others as they are to you. Learn to delegate. Confide in others so you won’t feel you have to face the world alone. Have trust in yourself and God that things will work out for you and that there is a greater plan at work.


The environment in which we live is our choice. Your finances may determine whether you live in an upscale neighborhood or not, but the condition of your home, the community where you live and with whom you live is your choice.


Our finances play a large part in the choices we make, but we are in control of how we spend our money. The same holds true for how we spend our time. We can choose to join groups, exercise, partake in sports, devote time to ourselves, our family, work, friends, and spend time online. In making our choices, we need to ask ourselves what are our priorities, how much stress these activities bring and if we want to maintain demanding schedules. 


There will always be situations that can cause us stress but the choices we make determine how we feel and go through life.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney  

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