July 2009 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

As we continue to experience the new energy shift and the changes it brings, we need a means to evaluate our progress through these difficult times. Since we are being faced with change, it is timely that we examine where were are now in our lives and what changes we would like to make. In this newsletter, I would like to offer some points to consider in measuring our success both personally and globally.


Measuring Our Success


When you look at another person or even yourself, what measures do you use to decide if they are successful or not. In our society, it is a common belief that a person is successful when they have attained a certain degree of financial success as noted by where they live, what they own, what they wear, how many vacations they take a year, etc. For others, success is measured by our appearance i.e. being fit, well dressed, wearing the latest fashion, and looking sexy or prosperous. For others, recognition in their job or business indicates success.


For others, staying in a relationship or marriage for many years is considered an achievement regardless if the years together have been good ones or not. Unfortunately, many people stay together for the wrong reasons. For those with children, having kids who are happy, go to college, get married and are able to sustain themselves is considered a success. Unfortunately, too often we hear about kids who get involved in drugs, alcohol, become sexually activity at a young age, or suffer from depression and other conditions.


So what measure do you use to determine your level of success in the world? Below I have listed some possibilities. I ask that as you read these that you pay attention to which ones resonate with you.


Our Relationships with Others

How much time do you spend arguing or in conflict with others?

Is it important to you that you get your way?

Are you accepting of people or do you usually criticize them or find fault with them whether you express these thoughts verbally or not?

Do you seek love and approval from others or do you love yourself enough to be satisfied with your own approval?  

If you offend or hurt someone in word or deed, do you make amends right away?

If someone has hurt you, do you hold a grudge or can you forgive them?

Do you refuse to take responsibility for whatever part you played in any problems that arise or do you blame others?

Do you see your interactions with others as a measure of your ability to sustain lasting positive relationships?

Do you have any real close friends or only acquaintances?

Do you have any close friends? How many do you have and how long have you been friends with them?

Would you be able to share anything with your close friends?

Could you count on them to be there for you in a time of need?

Would you be willing to be there for them in their time of need?

Are you emotionally close with family members?

Do you hold prejudices against others of a different color, race or religion?


Our Relationship to Our Self

Can you go through the day without self judgment or criticism?

How do you handle your issues? Do you make a big drama out of everything?

Do you try to sweep them under the rug and pretend they don’t exist or do you deal with them?

Do you practice “what if” or fear based thinking or do you live in the present moment?

Do you make your choices based on your past experiences or your present feelings?

Do you spend your time fantasizing about the future or dealing with the issues of the day?

Do you see everything in terms of polarities of good and evil or can you accept that the world is really a gray zone?

Do you love and accept yourself just the way you are right now even if you would like to make changes in the future?

Are you content to live with whatever you have or do you always want more or desire something different?

Do you spend more of your time thinking about what you don’t have or being grateful for what you do have? 

Do you regularly take time to do the things you really want to do or treat yourself to something special?

Do you ask for what you want and need from others?

Do you see yourself as a failure while others see you as a success?

Are you afraid to be a success because you fear you will not be able to live up to the expectations of others?


Concern for the Planet

Are you concerned about the pollution on our planet?

Do you practice eco friendly gestures like recycling and saving energy whenever you can?

Are you concerned with the dying species and the loss of the rain forests?

Do you regularly do anonymous acts of kindness for others?

Are you content with the actions of your government on various issues and if not, do you do anything about it?


I could go on and on but I think you have the idea. I would suggest you use these questions as a jumping off point to determine your success. I hope this newsletter will help you look at your ideas about your success in life. If you need any help to recognize any beliefs that need to be adjusted or need ideas on how to become more successful, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal and telephone readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.


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May your life be filled with love, light and abundance. Blessings to all,

Sharon Cheney

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