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Dear Friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that the New Year is off to a great start. With Valentine’s day coming up,  I sincerely hope that everyone’s life will be filled with love of all varieties including self love, romantic love, love of life, and love of others throughout the year. 




I thought I would speak about karma today because many people believe that the challenges they are facing today may be karmic. While it is true that many people who cross our paths do so to allow for a karmic balancing of energy, it is incorrect to say that any and all challenges we face should be seen as a punishment for deeds done in the past. I cannot tell you what percentage of your experiences are karmic because this varies for every person.


Karmic balancing allows us to experience the results of our thoughts and actions in previous lives. Karmic balancing provides an opportunity for us to learn and to personally experience both the “good” and “bad” deeds of other lifetimes. We may have been wonderful, helpful souls or we may have been selfish, cruel, and greedy. Whatever our previous thoughts and actions, we get a chance to see what it feels like when the shoe is on the other foot.


Please be aware that all karma is impersonal. Karma is not a punishment, but a way to bring ourselves into balance. In science, we know that if you push an object to the right, it must swing to the left in order to re-establish its equilibrium. The same is true with karma. What we have done to others must be experienced by our souls, whether they were good or bad deeds. This is true for everyone as the universal Law of Karma does not make exceptions for individuals.


How much karma you will experience in one lifetime is decided on by the Lords of Karma. This decision is made when the life plan for a future incarnation is being decided. In the spirit world, a record is kept of all our thoughts, feelings and actions. This is recorded on our soul or akashic record.


In addition, in order to evolve spiritually, we must clear all our karma. This does not necessarily have to happen in one lifetime, but it must be balanced eventually. In addition to our own personal karma, we must also balance the karma for any groups that we have aligned ourselves with in previous lives that have caused harm to others. We are responsible for our share of the karma that has been accumulated by the injustices done by these groups, and on our planet for the killing of plants and animals, and even for the pollution of the air, water and the Earth itself.


We must also experience the accumulated karma from war and injustice that has been a part of our history for as long as man has lived on this planet. Even if you have not killed anyone in this lifetime, it is possible that somewhere in your many lifetimes you may have done so in the name of God, to maintain your territory, out of anger, ego, or any other reason. All must be balanced before we can move forward as individuals and as a species. It is almost impossible to live on this planet without creating karma unless you have a special dispensation or are angelic in nature. So we all have karma that needs to be balanced.


We create karma by any thoughts, emotions or deeds that cause harm to any living being. Living beings include all things that have life force energy within them such as beings in the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms.


So the question is “What can we do about clearing our karma?” For starters, it is best to be conscious of what you are thinking, feeling and doing all the time so you don’t create more karma. Be aware of your intentions. Don’t believe that if you think negatively and you never verbalize what you are thinking that it has no effect and no one knows about it. Everything is recorded on your soul record.


The second thing you can do is to do lots of good deeds in this lifetime. This will not eliminate the bad deeds from your past but your good deeds and intentions will be taken into consideration and can modify the effects of bad behavior in the past. So be positive and helpful to others!


Thirdly, when you sense your experiences are karmic in nature, be thankful that they are coming up for clearing instead of thinking you are being punished. That is one more bit of karma off your soul record. Perhaps you can be thankful for the people in your life who are giving you a hard time because you asked them on a soul level to play the exact role they are playing in your life.  


How can you recognize a karmic relationship? When we meet people in our lives for karmic balancing, they often feel familiar as if we have known them before. This strong sense of familiarity can be either positive or negative. I am sure that everyone has at least a few people in their lives today who feel as if we have known them before. These people can include family members, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and even enemies.


We may feel like we want to help these people for no particular reason or have an immediate feeling of distrust upon meeting them. So pay attention to how you feel when you meet new people or look back upon your reactions with those already in your life. These strong illogical feelings are often an indication of a karmic relationship.


Another way to recognize a karmic balancing situation is to ask yourself if the type of relationship you are experiencing feels familiar to you. Perhaps you sense that you have been in a similar role or situation before. You will need to listen to your intuition on this as there is no book you can refer to. If you need help, you can always give me a call.


Well I hope this little talk on karma has provided you with some insights and gotten you thinking about your experiences. Remember there are no accidents. We are responsible for everything that happens in our lives be it good or bad. If we didn’t create it, then we allowed it.


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Blessing to everyone,

Sharon Cheney

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