December 2017 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

The holiday season is a time of giving regardless of your religion or beliefs. There are benefits to giving whether you are the giver or receiver. There are many ways to give and they all make you feel good. I want to wish everyone happy holidays and a prosperous New Year filled with love.


The Spirit of Giving


“Tis the season” as they say and many people are out shopping for Christmas or Chanukah gifts whether they are religious or not. It is the time of the year when we are encouraged to be generous to others. The spirit of giving is not how much you spend or if you remember everyone on your list, it is giving from the heart with no expectation of return.


Here are gifting suggestions this holiday season:

Think lovingly of others and send love to those you don’t know around the world. Say prayers for those who are suffering or who have experienced loss of any kind. Be grateful for all that you have as so many in the world are without. We are constantly bombarded with images of children dying from starvation, lack of medicine or health care, people who are refuges in war torn areas, people who have lost everything because of fires, hurricanes or earthquakes. Too often we take what we have for granted and keep wanting more. Keep these people in your prayers.  


Here are some ways to be charitable:


Instead of buying a gift for someone, make a donation to the charity of their choice in their name so they can get a tax deduction.


Call a friend or colleague who is alone this holiday season, has no family or no family that lives close to say hi or invite them to your holiday celebrations. This is a very thoughtful thing to do and will be much appreciated.


Re-gift something you have received to someone in need or to a person who did not get any gifts this year rather than returning it to the store. You don’t want the gift or you would not want to return it. This way you have an opportunity to do something good for another person.


Volunteer at a soup kitchen for the needy or be part of a church or community group that is distributing gifts and food to needy families.


Offer to babysit for friends who are a single mom or dad so they can get take care of their holiday preparations.


Visit an elderly relative. I am sure they would welcome the company and be grateful to be remembered.

Take a friend Christmas or grocery shopping who doesn’t have a car.


Be generous when you see a homeless person on the street. It doesn’t matter whether they spend the money on drugs or alcohol, it is your willingness to give that counts. Your role is not to judge, just to help.


Give generously to the charity of your choice. With so many financial cutbacks these days, many organizations are having difficulty to provide services to those they serve.


Remember every act of charity and giving is recorded on your soul and you will get karmic bonus points that come in handy when you need a miracle. Giving is something you should do all year round and not just during the holidays. Giving makes you feel good and helps others so do regularly.


The reason some people have difficulty giving is because they hold beliefs such as “What has anyone ever done for me? Why should I give anyone anything or do anything for people I don’t know? What’s in it for me?” Such beliefs reflect a poverty mentality and emotional insecurity. Obviously, such people don’t know that what you give out will come back in spades.


Also if you want more in your life, be sure to ask for what you want as the universal law “Ask and you shall receive” is always at play. Be aware of your beliefs and make sure you are not thinking “I never get what I want”, “I am always unlucky” or other such negative statements that will prevent you from receiving what you desire. Instead say “I am opening to receiving all that I desire.” Be sure you love yourself enough to let the goodies in as people who don’t love themselves often land up with less than what they want.


If you have difficulty being generous or feel down this holiday season, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone or readings over Skype, relationship coaching, regressions, and healing at any time by clicking on or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.


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Gifts for the Holidays  

A reading is a wonderful to gift to give someone for the holidays. Often a reading, coaching session, regression, healing, a class or book can change a person's life, so if you know of anyone who could use some insight or guidance, this is both a practical and unique gift idea. Gift readings can be adjusted to fit your budget.


Some $10 gift ideas would be one of my 3 e-books:


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Any of the guided meditations listed on my website.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year. Happy Holidays.


Sharon Cheney

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