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Dear Friends,

We are quickly approaching that time of year when it is believed that the veils between the world of spirit and our current reality are thinner making contact with the deceased easier. This is why traditionally people celebrate the Day of the Dead and Halloween at this time.


Communicating with Loved Ones


With many years of experience as a medium, I know that communication with the deceased is possible at any time of the year. Few people know that while we are alive we have an energy field, called the aura that is both within and around us. This field contains information about our body blueprint, emotions, thoughts, health, past lives and more. At death, this energy field separates from the physical body which dies and the person now exists in an energy body that contains all the information about their personality and life history. Since energy cannot be destroyed, they live on in this energy body forever. This is why it is possible to communicate with the deceased at any time.


Some people who have lost a loved one may sense their presence especially in the first few years following their passing. Their presence can manifest in a variety of ways through one or more means which I will describe below. There is no one particular way for a loved one to communicate, so please don’t be concerned if you don’t see them. It is best not to have expectations of how they will communicate with you as this may result in your not being open to all forms of interaction.


Some of the ways a spirit can manifest is as a light or a shadow, which can at times take the shape of a person. This light or shadow often disappears within seconds making you question if you ever saw it in the first place. Some people are more receptive to communication with spirits so not everyone in a room may experience or see the same thing. So if you are looking for confirmation from others around you, you  may not receive it. Cats and dogs can sense the presence of spirit, so if your dog stares and barks or your cat is following a light around the room, this may provide confirmation that you are not imagining things.


Other ways you can sense spirit is by having a sensation of warmth or cold, a tingling, twitching, vibration, pressure or pulsing anywhere in your body, or a feeling of being hugged or touched. This sensation may be subtle or strong. You may also experience rapid eye blinking.


You may hear or feel a vibration in or around your head or you may have thoughts popping into your head unexpectedly. Many people think they have imagined it or going crazy. It is frequent to experience a voice calling your name, which can be scary but is only an indication that a spirit is trying to get your attention. This voice may sound as if it is coming from outside of you but when you check with others who are near, they will tell you that they never heard anything.


If you experience mal-functioning of appliances or have clocks stop at the exact moment a loved one passed, this is a signal from them that they are present. The reason your appliances and electronic gadgets malfunction is because the energy body or aura is made of electromagnetic energy and this can interfere with the electronics in appliances.


Some people experience smells of a familiar perfume, cigar, pipe or cigarette smoke used by a loved one. Other scents may include familiar cooking smells or foods, the smell of the favorite flowers of the deceased or any other smells associated with that person. On rare occasions, people may experience different tastes in their mouths of any variety without anything being placed there.


These experiences are usually short lived so you may question their veracity. In addition, the fact that you may be unable to receive confirmation from others may also cause you to doubt your experiences. I assure they are real but less tangible that what we normally expect.


Many people believe that when contact occurs it must be from a loved one but we also have many spirit guides who wish to communicate with us. Since the departed and spirit guides communicate through the same means, it is important to verify from whom you are receiving communications. The best way to do this is to ask for a sign from your loved ones or ask them to come close to you and then pay attention to what you experience.


It is important to familiarize how your loved ones wish to communicate with you as it will always remain the same. This occurs because every deceased person has their own unique vibration just like your signature is unique to you. For example, my mother is dead over 35 years and her hands used to shake. When she is present, my right hand shakes so I always know it is her. So every time you experience the same sensation, you will know your loved one is near and trying to communicate with you.


If you have difficulty in receiving messages from your loved ones, sit quietly and breathe deeply and slowly for a several minutes until your mind is clear. Having a clear mind is important because if you are busy thinking about other things you may not be receptive to their subtle communications. It is best to have an open mind to what they have to say rather than expecting them to tell you what you want to hear. Remember to ask for only for your loved ones to communicate with you as there are many beings in the spirit world that wish to communicate with us.


Once you recognize that your loved ones are present, you can ask them any questions you like out loud or in your head. If you have difficulty with receiving full sentences, then ask questions that can be answered with a yes and no response. To establish a yes or no response, ask simple questions like the day of the week and ask your loved one to confirm by some means.


In the spirit world, all communication is telepathic which means your loved ones can read your mind and hear all your thoughts whether they are positive or negative. So be sure that your thoughts are positive and loving all times. Remember you can never say “I love you” too many times and that negative thoughts directed at others, even if they are decreased, create karma.


Not all loved ones may communicate with you but most will be willing. Don’t take everything you hear from a loved one as if God has spoken. Being dead does not give you additional intelligence or make you a saint. They are the same person existing in an energy body rather than a physical one. Also loved ones are not your spirit guides as you always have guides whether you lose someone or not. Use your discernment.    


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.

Sharon Cheney

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