October 2011 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Our bodies are wonderful machines that can help us to lead happy, healthy lives and assist us on our path of spiritual growth. Unfortunately, many of us do not listen to our bodies nor tap into the wisdom our bodies have to offer.  


Listening To Our Bodies


We have each been blessed with a wonderful body that can help us stay healthy and wise. Most people are unfamiliar with the many things are bodies are capable of. We take our bodies for granted and expect them to remain healthy and serve us throughout our lives without giving them another thought until we experience pain or they stop functioning. We never thank our bodies for all that they do for us like give us pleasure, allow us to perform athletically and carry out the many tasks we do daily.


Many people blame their bodies for their lack of success in life. They tell themselves “If only I was better looking, slimmer, stronger, smarter, sexier and so on.” If they have a body part they do not like, they blame that part for their lack of success in life. They forget beauty is in the eye of the beholder not the beholden. When someone likes you, they don’t say “I can’t be your friend because you have a big nose or you gained a few pounds.” They may notice you have a large nose or got heavier but that doesn’t stop them from liking you. So why let your beliefs affect your relationships or prevent you from being a success?


Did you know that men who are tall, good looking and well built are perceived as being more successful than those who are not?? Women who are attractive and shapely are considered more desirable, popular and successful. Of course, this is not really true but many of us believe this because we have been told by the media and other sources that we need to be look good in order to be a success in life.


Our bodies can communicate with us. While it is true they don’t send emails or texts, they do communicate through feelings, intuitions, pain and other bodily sensations. They act like our alarm system letting us know when something is not working properly or to its full potential. Unfortunately, we often do not listen when our body sends out these alarm signals.


When we feel stressed or when our body is not functioning properly, it lets us know by causing us pain or discomfort. Most of us just take a pill or a drink and hope the stress or discomfort will go away. But even when we take a pill to relieve the discomfort that really does not get rid of the problem, it only masks it. The pain and discomfort are there for a reason. Hopefully make us listen to what our body really needs.


Our thoughts create our reality. The cells of our bodies are conscious and respond immediately to our thoughts. Every thought has a particular vibration. Every organ and part of our body has a specific vibration. Because of the law of attraction, your thoughts will settle in that part of your body with the closest matching vibration. So when we think put pressure on ourselves, we may experience a headache. When we feel we are not supported, we will have back pain. The body is able to let us know how our negative thoughts are impacting us.


Louise Hay has a book called You Can Heal Your Life where she connects thoughts with the manifestation of certain diseases or conditions in the body. She is not the only one to research on this. Dr Bruce Lipton has done a lot of medical research proving that the cells of our bodies respond instantly and change expand or contract on a cellular level depending on the nature of our thoughts.


You may have noticed that your body tends to tense up when you think negatively, when you continually worry about something or have a lot of fears. Whereas when you think positively and tell yourself everything will be okay, your body relaxes. You can try this out to prove to yourself it is true.  Even though everything may not be perfect in your life, it is best to say “I trust everything will be okay” even if you don’t know what okay will look like.  


We have been taught in our society that the mind and logic is more important than feelings. Logic is very useful but it is not the only source of knowledge. Our body’s have their own intelligence. Our feelings are connected to our intuition and let us know when we should be paying attention to something providing we are willing to listen.


Our bodies have their own wisdom and know what is best for us. The body is controlled by the subconscious mind where we store all information. The brain is controlled by the ego, which acts like a filter and only allows in information that is logical or consistent with our beliefs.


To access your body’s wisdom all you need to do is quiet the mind so you can listen within. You can do this by taking a few deep breaths wherever you are and ask your body “What does it want right now? Is it hungry, tired, stressed? If it is hungry, what does it want to eat? If it is stressed, what do you need to do differently in your life?” Your body will answer you immediately because as I mentioned above, it responds instantly to your thoughts and knows what it wants and what is best for you. Of course it is up to you to decide to listen or not.


I suggest that you tune into your body on an hourly basis. I feel this is a good way to live in the moment instead of on automatic pilot. So many people go through life doing what they always did without ever questioning if that is still appropriate for them. They do it because they believe it is expected or are too lazy to change or consider other choices.


Isn’t it time to start living consciously and doing what you feel guided to do and what feels right inside rather than what you are told to do or continue to do to maintain the status quo? We all have the answers within us so why not take advantage of our body’s wisdom. It’s free and available at any time. Sounds like a good deal to me. Listening within also helps to eliminate our reliance on others and helps to empower us. I invite you to take a chance and try living from your body’s wisdom and see what happens.


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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance. Blessings to all, 
Sharon Cheney

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