September 2013 Knowledge Newsletter 


Dear Friends,

Few people realize their own power. Surprisingly, most are afraid to be who they truly are or fulfill their life purpose, which is their real reason for being here. Today I would like to address what stands in our way of owning our power as well as suggest ways to fully own our power.


Owning Our Power


Often what stands in the way of owning our power is fear. Believe it or not,

owning our power is one of the biggest fears people have. This fear can include an inability to meet their expectations or those of others. They fear people will not accept them if they choose to listen to their intuition especially if it tells them to make big changes in their life like starting a new career, leaving a relationship, giving up the security of a job that pays the bills, moving to a new location and

so on. They fear making a mistake. They fear how any changes will impact their family and interfere with their current responsibilities.


They fear change because with change comes the unknown and most people prefer the devil they know to the one they don’t. Change brings uncertainty and takes courage, which some have in more abundance than others. Surprisingly many people associate change with something negative rather than looking at it as a challenge. Most prefer to wait until they have are forced to change rather than make a conscious choice to do so. Interestingly, what is happening today is that many people are getting an inner feeling to do something different and move out of their safety zone but fear often stops them.


There is no need to worry so much about changing because even if you choose to follow your inner guidance, everything is not going to manifest instantly. You can change your life at a speed that is comfortable to you. What is important is to pay attention to what opportunities show up in your life as they may be there to provide incentives, be door openers or give you a chance to prove what you can do. All you need to do is be willing to look into these opportunities. You can also ask for opportunities to come to you that can help you fulfill your life purpose and then pay attention to what shows up. 


Another difficulty people have owning their power is that they do not know who they are on a soul level as they do not communicate with their soul or Higher Self. This occurs because either they do not know how to communicate, do not believe they have a soul, or that they have lived previous lives. They fail to understand that their soul keeps a record of all accumulated learning and experiences in an energy form that is indestructible.


Communicating with your soul is essential to understanding who you are, what you are capable of and finding out your life purpose. If you knew you were capable and had done it before, like being a leader for example, perhaps it would be easier for you to be a leader today or speak out for causes that concern you.

If you do not know how to communicate with your soul, it is really quite simple.


You must get your mind into a relaxed state. This can be accomplished through deep rhythmic breathing for 4 to 5 minutes until your mind is a blank screen. If

you have trouble quieting your mind, practice this before you try to communicate with your Higher Self. If you have trouble to do this on your own, I have a guided meditation CD for sale on my website to help you with this.


Once you have quieted your mind, ask to connect with your soul or Higher Self.  When you do this, pay attention to any sensations you may experience that were not present before. Often people feel something in the heart area but this is may or may not occur. You can ask what you need to know about your soul or any other questions you like. The important thing is to trust what you receive, even if the information seems strange to you.


I caution you that you may discover that you were not always a nice guy in every lifetime as we all chose different paths to learning. Any harm you have caused others may need balancing so ask what you can do to fix it. Most importantly ask “What is your life purpose?” and “What talents and learning you have accumulated to date?” This information is essential to your growth as often we don’t believe we are capable of more that we what we can identify with presently, even when we receive intuitive insights that suggest something otherwise.


In owning our power, we need to understand how we create our reality, which is basically through our thoughts and beliefs. We are all responsible for our thoughts as no one else lives inside our heads except us. So there is no point in trying to put the blame on others for how you think. Yes, it is true parents may have influenced your thinking when you were young but as an adult you can change your thoughts at any time. So become aware of any negative thoughts you hold and change them to positive ones.


You determine your reality through your beliefs and will tend to align with others of similar beliefs in order to reinforce your own beliefs. What you believe is important because it will attract certain circumstances into your life because the law of attraction is always at work. If you do not like your life as it is, try changing your beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of and see what happens. If you continue to tell yourself you are a failure, are not capable of more, you will never be fully in touch with your power.


If we fail to speak out against war, abuse, or other concerns because we feel powerless, are lazy, don’t care about others or are not exercising our power, what results is that we let others decide the world in which we live in. In doing so, we also give away our power to others and allow them to make our decisions. We all have something to contribute no matter whether it is large or small, so do your part. Speak up!


I know from my own experience that it is often difficult to believe when someone tells us we are powerful beings. When a reader told me more than 20 years ago what a powerful soul I was, I did not believe her and thought she was nuts. Especially when she told me I create universes all over the cosmos. But the years have proved her to be correct. I know it may be difficult to believe that you are so much more that what you see but it is true. Only time and experience will prove that to you.


I encourage you to follow your intuition as your guides are there to help you follow the plan you created for yourself prior to incarnation. Unfortunately most of us do not remember this plan so listening within is very important. Another way to confirm if you are on the right track is to listen to your feelings as they are often a truer guide that what your head tells you. Pay attention to the resonant feelings you get when someone tells you something because our bodies are capable of recognizing the truth when we hear it.


Powerful souls should not go around on an ego trip. We are given powers and abilities so we can fulfill our purpose to help others that so desperately need our help right now, to move into the 5th dimension. All we need to do is go about doing what you feel guided to do quietly and effectively.  


Another thing to consider is if you could create your ideal world, what would it look like? Would it be filled with love and compassion for all or would it consist of fulfilling your ego’s desires for love, fame, money, etc. Remember your thoughts create your reality so be careful what you ask for. There is nothing wrong with having abundance in your life especially if your use your personal resources to help others and not strictly for personal comfort, power or acknowledgement.


You must understand that the universe responds to your thoughts and therefore you need to be clear about what you want. You would be amazed at how many people when asked what they really want, do not know. They only know what they don’t want which is a good start but you must really move beyond that point to creating the reality and life you really want, even if that requires change.


We have to realize we are all powerful creators and it is time for each of us to stand up and own our power. If you are on the planet at this time, you have chosen to be here to fulfill your life purpose, whatever that may be, and not just to make your life comfortable. We tend to be more motivated to change when things are not going well so use any unhappiness you are experiencing as encouragement to make changes.


Last but not least, open your heart to love. Be love and love everyone just as they are. Give up judgment and forgive everyone. Why waste time on being angry or unforgiving when you can just love yourself and everyone else. Loving yourself and others is a true sign of owning our power.


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May your life always be filled with love, peace and abundance. Blessings to you all.

Sharon Cheney

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