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As people grow in consciousness, many discover they are powerful beings. For some people, this comes as a bit of revelation while others recognize their power. Even when they do recognize they are powerful souls, they often have no idea what to do with their power or realize how it impacts others. In this newsletter I wish to inform you how being powerful can impact your life and affect others.


Being Powerful      


The first thing you need to realize is that if you are powerful there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot make yourself less powerful as that is who you are on a soul level. Your power comes through accumulated learning through many lifetimes. You do not just wake up one day and say I want to be a powerful being. You are who you are. Since you cannot change the fact that you are powerful, you might as well benefit from it and use your power to help yourself, others and this planet evolve since this is the reason you are here.


Your only choice are to recognize and accept who you are or not. Once you realize who you are, you can use it to benefit others or use it to have power over others. Naturally, if you use it to have power over others you will create karma that will need to be paid at some time, either in this lifetime or a future one.        


With power comes responsibility. Once you realize you are a powerful being, you can no longer go around being unaware of how your thoughts and actions impact others. Everything you say and do impacts others more profoundly than other people. This is the reason why you need to be aware of your intentions when you speak and act, because everything you do is magnified because you are powerful.


As a powerful being, you have a very large aura or energy field that can be felt by others up to 50 to 60 feet from your body, depending on how sensitive people near you are. Your field actually goes out a lot further than that, even into the cosmos, but most people are not that sensitive and will not sense it that far. Most people do not realize they are constantly reading other people’s energy as this is a natural ability with which they are born. What this means is that anyone standing within 50 to 60 feet from you in any direction will be impacted by your thoughts and actions. This is why you must be aware and responsible for your intentions and actions ALL THE TIME. Hopefully they will always be positive.


The common concerns I hear from powerful people is that they do not understand why they experience conflict with others or find that people are afraid or jealous of them, when they did nothing to start an argument or may not have even said anything to these people. The reason this happens is just because you are powerful. You do not need to do or say anything to cause this reaction. 


Imagine you are a 10 foot tall person and the people around you are the size of a young child. Even if you mean them no harm, just the discrepancy in your sizes is frightening. The common reactions powerful people experience are others being jealous of them which stems from another’s insecurity, people picking fights because they want to take you down to their size to feel more comfortable or because they want to control you or have power over you. Their motivations may be unconscious but the results are the same. You are left asking yourself “What did you do to cause this reaction?” and the answer may be nothing.


In dealing with such situations, you must look beyond the surface dialogue and ask yourself why are they responding to you this way? Even if they do not tell you why, you can always use your intuitive abilities to discover the real reason. You always have the choice of whom you want to associate with. I suggest you find loving people who accept you and are supportive and nurturing rather than ones who are combative or fearful.


The best solution to this problem is to be heart centered, loving and accepting of everyone because I don’t know of anyone who does not want love and acceptance. This may be difficult to do especially when people are annoying or are pushing your buttons. You need to try to be the bigger person, which you actually are, if not in physical size, then in awareness. The easiest way to accomplish loving and accepting them is to love and accept yourself because if you can manage that, loving and accepting others is easy.


The way you can recognize if you are a powerful being is by the way people respond to you. They may turn to you for advice, listen to your every word or treat you differently from others, whether you request differential treatment or not. Typically they will either want to be close to you or move away from you. They will often want to give you their power and will believe what you have to say is more important or correct than their own perceptions. When this happens, do not let your ego get inflated. Their responses are just an indication to help you recognize who you are – a powerful being.


Powerful beings often have a desire to be in service to others. They can accomplish this through a variety of means as there is no one right way. Fulfilling your life purpose or having a desire to help others through healing, share your gifts or wisdom through writing, speaking or performing of doing any project that will enlighten others is all it takes. However you choose to fulfill your life purpose or decide to be in service is unimportant. What is important is the positive, ever-lasting feeling you will experience when you are in service. Of course, the decision to serve others is up to you. No one can make you do it.


Powerful souls often discover that their intuitive abilities increase as their consciousness   or awareness grows, giving them access to information that comes from beyond the tangible world. People sometimes have difficulty trusting the veracity of this information, but most discover that with time, they come to trust the information they receive no matter how they receive it.


The difficulty I notice that many powerful people experience is that they do not love themselves fully thereby limiting their ability to receive the goodies in life such as love, good health, abundance, supportive nurturing people, etc. While a failure to love yourself completely does not reduce your power, it does prevent you from fully experiencing it and receiving the rewards it can bring..    


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