December 2012 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,                                                                                                                           I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season. With December 21st just around the corner, it is time to celebrate as well as plan for the coming year. Earth will be entering a new cycle of higher energy on December 21st. The world will not be ending but changing. The only thing ending is how we will live in the world not the world itself.


According to the Mayans, Dec 21st is the last day in the grand 26,000 year cycle and December 22nd is the beginning of the new cycle and the Age of Aquarius. So get out your party hats and welcome in the new earth. Don’t expect everything to change in one day. The transformation process will continue over the next several years until November 2015 and possibly even longer, but we are on our way to realizing the Golden Age on the planet. Remember that whatever we commit to and activate between now and December 21 is what we will bring into the very first day of the Golden Age on New Earth.


Everyone has chosen to move into the 5th dimension whether they realize this or not consciously. We are all moving forward and no one will be left behind. Those that are less conscious will receive help to bring this into their awareness. 


The Earth is a living being and the earth changes we have been experiencing are a reflection of our consciousness. If we have aggression and hatred towards one another, this manifests as earthquakes, volcanos and terrible storms. As our consciousness shifts, there will be no further need for such disasters. The earth changes we have experienced to date were to help us become conscious of our thoughts and actions. Remember, we are powerful co-creators and can create the reality we want through our intentions and actions.


We are being assisted in this change by higher vibrational waves of energy that are emanating from the center of our galaxy. These waves of energy that the Mayan’s predicted when our solar system aligns with the center of the galaxy have been documented by scientists. These waves are creating a new energy field in our entire solar system that is having a transformative effect on our DNA and is helping us to shift into crystalline bodies.


A Time to Plan


December is often a time for year-end tax planning but it also a good time to look back on the year just ending and plan for the coming year. In looking back, take time to reflect on whether you met your New Year resolutions from last year. If you have then that’s great and congratulations. If not, what stood in your way? In preparation for the coming year as well as the much publicized shift on December 21, 2012 below are some suggestions to help you prepare for the coming year.


Sit in Introspection Take time to sit with yourself quietly and reflect at the year gone by. What did you accomplish? Did you meet your goals or are you disappointed in yourself? Did you take responsibility for what occurred in your life or did you find someone or something to blame for your lack of success? When we refuse to take responsibility for the part we played, we cannot create change.


Let go of the old. This includes stuff you have collected, old beliefs that no longer serve you, relationships that are toxic or no longer work, old habits and behaviors, activities you no longer enjoy and so on. Clear your life of anything that no longer feels good or is no longer needed. This may require you let go of some relationships, jobs, friends, beliefs, habits, etc.


The more you let go of what no longer serves you, the more you will be free to create the life you really want. Getting rid of the clutter and toxicity in your life will improve your outlook and your health. We are moving into a new way of being. Do you really want or need to take everything from your past with you especially when it is no longer useful and is keeping you weighted down?


Love yourself completely. This sounds simple but it is amazing to me how few people are really able to love themselves. What this requires is to put yourself first in making your choices. Honor yourself, take care of your body and its needs, speak your truth, set your boundaries, and let go of relationships that do not fill your needs. Don’t put responsibilities in front of your heart’s desires.  


Forgive and be grateful. This is a time for everyone to clean up any discord or separation with others. Practice forgiveness for it only holds you back, lowers your vibration, and can make you ill. Be grateful for the mirror reflection that relationships offer you especially the parts or behavior you don’t like or accept in yourself. Those can be changed but you can’t change anything you refuse to own. Everyone acts like a mirror for us if we are willing to look.


Be grateful for all that you have instead of focusing on what is lacking in your life. Gratitude attracts more abundance. Don’t make excuses or blame others for what has not manifested for you.


Praise others as this helps to improve relationships. It makes us focus on what we like in a person rather than what we don’t. Make sure your compliments are heart felt or they may have a detrimental rather than a positive effect.


Think positively Our thoughts create our reality at all times. So thinking negatively will attract that negative reality into your life. When things are not going well, keep saying “I trust everything will be okay” even if you don’t know what okay looks like as this will help you to relax and will manifest a reality that will be okay.


Creating the life you want rather than the one you have been living. In order to create the life you want, you must be clear on who you want to be and what you want. This requires that you pay attention to your true heart’s desires and not be influenced by others. Creating the life you want also requires commitment and practice. Remember all things are possible as our reality is created from our thoughts so please do not limit yourself.


Think BIG and don’t focus on why it won’t or can’t manifest as you desire.

Live in the moment as that is the only place where we can create anything.  When we focus on the past we create and make decisions based on our past experiences not what is happening currently. If we live in the future, that is where our dreams will remain- unfulfilled and always out of our reach. 


Be hopeful not fearful. Many people are filled with fear. Just think how fear affects the consciousness of our planet as well as your personal lives and relationships. Be excited about your life, about who you are, and about being the lucky to be alive right now at this transformational time on our planet. Ask yourself what you could contribute to this shift even if it is only a smile. Remember, we all have something to contribute or we would not be here.


Be Reverent By that I mean we must all learn to live in oneness and be reverent of all life no matter its form. In order to accomplish this, notice the intent behind your thoughts. Is your intent heart centered or is it coming from anger, judgment, fear or some other negative place? Remember you get back what you give out. Any negative thought or action creates karma and brings consequences. Even if you do not verbalize your real intentions they create the same results. 


Trust that you will be safe wherever you are. If you are a fearful person or the worrying kind, then be prepared. While we cannot predict earth disasters, we can be prepared by keeping a supply of food and water for at least one week or longer along with a first aid kit, flash lights, candles and other necessities.


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May your life always be filled with love, peace and abundance. Blessings to you all.

Sharon Cheney

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