July 2007 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Well summer is upon us and it seems like everyone is experiencing some crazy weather. With so many earth changes taking place across the globe, it certainly feels like we are really in the midst of this shift into 5th dimension. This week is Heal The Earth Week so the subject of this newsletter is timely.


The reason for the earth changes taking place now is that the Earth is a conscious being, and in order to shift into the 5th dimensional consciousness, she must clear herself of all pollution and negativity. The unusual weather and earth changes are all part of this shift.


One of the major concerns has been global warming. I don’t think anyone really believes that global warming is due to using aerosol spays. There are many active volcanoes in the ring of fire in the Pacific Ocean which is causing the ocean temperatures to rise. As the water becomes warmer, this causes evaporation and increases the amount of moisture in the air causing storms in certain areas. This also contributes to the greenhouse effect. When temperatures rise, gases are released into the atmosphere causing a greenhouse effect which traps the air and subsequently causes even more warming.


Another cause of the unusual weather has been the tremendous increase in solar flares over the past five to six years. Solar flares have increased in intensity so much, that new equipment was needed just to measure them. When the sun sends off solar flares, it hits our ionosphere or outer atmosphere and subsequently affects weather patterns world wide.


In addition, the secret government, the one we don’t hear about, has created   H.A.R.P. as part of its Star Wars project. HA.R.P. has the ability to send ultra low and ultra high frequency beams into the ionosphere. Supposedly these beams were designed to shoot down any alien craft or comets that enter our atmosphere. What they failed to tell us is that these high and low frequencies beams are also effective in causing weather changes wherever they are directed. It has caused tornados in areas where none have ever existed before.


Then there is also the pole shift to consider. Apparently, the poles regularly shift about every 12,500 years or so. They have already shifted some 15% but little has been said about this. Pole shifts can cause huge environmental and weather pattern changes. It has been discovered that in times past, the land at both poles was very fertile and green.  


Most of this information is probably not new to you. I mention it not to frighten you but to make you aware of the changes we are now experiencing as part of this shift into higher consciousness. Some of you may feel guided to move to new locations but are concerned if they will be safe because of the earth changes. If your guidance has suggested that you move to a particular location, do not worry that you will be faced with earth changes. Your guidance is sending you there because your energy is needed in that area.


You may be asking what do earth changes have to do with me and what can I do about them? The reason these earth changes are happening now has a lot to do with all of us. The Earth is conscious and responds to our thoughts and actions. The Earth responds to our negativity in the only way it knows how which is through weather changes and upheavals. 


The Earth acts like a mirror reflecting back our level of consciousness through weather and earth changes. We have been experiencing earth changes and abnormal weather for some time now and this is an indication of the negativity and low level of consciousness of most Earth inhabitants. Just as war is a reflection of aggression and hatred in the collective unconsciousness, weather and earth changes are a mirror of our current level of consciousness.


Have you ever wondered why some areas are exposed to terrible storms, earthquakes, etc while other areas remain unharmed? What do repeated hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes suggest about the consciousness of the people living in that area? I think the hurricane that hit New Orleans to be a perfect example of what I am suggesting. The general consciousness of the people living there needed to change and this was brought into alignment by the hurricane. The storm raised issues about inequality and how people of different classes were treated.


Here’s what you can personally do to help the Earth through these times of change:


Be Sure Your Thoughts and Actions are Positive At All Times.

Firstly, be conscious of your thoughts at all times and make sure your intentions and actions towards yourself, others, and all living things are positive. Since the Earth is responding to all our thoughts, we can assist in this transition by being positively minded.


Send Loving Energy to the Earth 

Secondly, you can send loving healing energy to the Earth grid. To do this, you can imagine the Earth in a circular cage with bars going both vertically and horizontally around it. If you find that difficult, imagine the Earth anyway you can such as seeing it from space or see it resting in your hands and send loving energy to it.


Just as individuals have an aura that surrounds their body, the Earth has an energy field. In addition, running through the Earth are energy ley lines, similar to the energy meridians that run through our bodies. The magnetic energy lines run north-south while the electric energy lines run east–west, forming a grid or cage. Where these lines meet you have vortex points. Some vortex points have stronger energy than others. Some major vortex  points are the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Sedona, Arizona, Ayres Rock in Australia, Machu Pichu in Peru, Tibet in China, Avebury Circle in England, just to name a few.


Give Thanks for the Earth’s Abundance

You can also thank Mother Earth everyday whenever you see a beautiful sunset, a sunrise or are enjoying the beauty of nature. Give thanks when you have food to eat and clean water to drink. Thank Mother Earth for supporting you and providing you with what you need to survive. Stop taking everything that surrounds you for granted because a day may come when this will not be the case. 


Treat Everyone with Love and Kindness

Treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself -with kindness, love, and generosity. This includes all living things, be they plants, animals, people, water, air, or minerals. Just because they don’t walk and talk is no reason not to be loving and appreciative.


These are trying times we are going through.  If there is anything I can do to be of help, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am available for personal and telephone readings, empowerment coaching, hypnotherapy, or healing at any time either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451. Online Classes, books, and Meditation CD's are also available anytime by visiting to www.sharoncheney.com.


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Do not fear the changes you are experiencing. Welcome them as this is the path to spiritual growth.


Blessings to All,

Sharon Cheney

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