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Dear Friends,

Hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday season. As we all know, not all families get along that well but maybe we need to be grateful that we have a family to share the holiday season with as many do not. So keep those people with less in your consciousness.


Creating a New World


In these times of uncertainty with the financial markets in decline and credit decreasing, with increased unemployment and the housing market still depressed, ocean levels rising and the predictions of more flooding and drought, we need to ask ourselves what can we do. These conditions can make us feel helpless and hopeless. The old system is breaking down as they have done before which you would know if you are a student of history. The problems we are facing are all part of the shift in consciousness in preparation for the 2012. These are just some of the areas that need change, new solutions and approaches. 


We need new ways to meet current and future challenges of food production, energy sources, clean water, and global equity. In order to bring about this change, we need radial shifts in how we do things. We need a change in our consciousness and that starts with each and every one of us. We need to go from competition to cooperation, from hated and prejudice to love and acceptance of others, from disinterest to compassion.   


Often we feel able to cope when the situation or problems do not affect us immediately but these financial downturns, earth changes, uncertainty in the work place are affecting everyone. We need to remember that to get to a better place, change must occur. Unfortunately most people only change when faced with adversity or loss.


What we loose today will be replaced by something different, perhaps a new way of doing things. We will not be left with a void. The saying nature abhors a vacuum applies here. Whenever there is an opening or a void, something new will come in to fill it. It may be different, we may see it as better or worse depending on our perspective, but something else will show up guaranteed.  


Here are some suggestions that may help you cope.


During this time of change, it is time to take stock of your life. Give blessings for what you have rather than what you have lost or may loose.  It is important to be grateful because with gratitude comes more blessings and abundance because of the law of Like Attracts Like.


Now is the time to look deep within ourselves to access all our talents and abilities. When things go well, we become creatures of habit and tend to do the same things over and over again and loose touch with our full capabilities. When we are faced with a change or loss, we are forced to go back to the drawing board and create something new.


Many of us have lost faith in the government and the financial systems to provide us with the security we want. We are now being challenged to create the reality we want, and stop depending on others to provide it. We can accomplish this by having our own personal vision, setting our intentions, and letting others know as we never know when others may hold the same vision. The internet is a great way to communicate and share our ideas and visions with one another.


By digging deep within, you may remember talents that you have not used in some time. Perhaps there were interests you enjoyed in the past and had put aside for other pursuits. Now is the time to put on your thinking cap and create new solutions on how to manage with less for a while, how to make more money differently, or be happier by trying something new.


If you want to change your job or have lost your job, we need to remember that all skills are transferable. If you are a people person you will be in any situation. If you are a good manager, then you can manage anything anywhere. The challenge is to make a living doing something you enjoy but still pays the bills.


Meditation is always a good source for ideas. When we meditate we put the conscious mind on hold and get access to the subconscious mind, our Higher Selves, our spirit guides, and other evolved spiritual masters. The meditative state can be accomplished by slow rhythmic breathing for 5 to 10 minutes until the conscious mind is quieted and no thoughts are running through your head. When this state is achieved, ask what you should do for your highest good or what aligns with your soul purpose or what would be the best way to achieve your goals.


Remember our conscious mind tends to keep us in repetitive and negative thinking. It does not like when we have access to other sources that may contradict what it is always telling us to do. But in order to have change we need to listen to a new channel.


When meditating, ask your personal guides to come close to you. You all have many of them, not one guardian angel as so many people believe. Also when you are meditating, do not question or argue with any information you are receiving as that is just your conscious mind trying to interfere. If the information you receive is not clear or making sense, ask as many clarifying questions as you would like.  When you finish meditating, write down anything you received even if it doesn’t make much sense at that moment so that you can give it some thought at a later date.


Too often when we receive ideas or suggestions that we do not believe to be possible in our reality, we tend to discount or ignore them. You should not do this. Information that comes to you during meditation does not come from the rational mind. It comes from a source of knowledge deep within where all is possible.


The reason we discount or ignore new ideas is because we don’t like change, we have no trust that things can change or new possibilities may appear in our lives. We have a “prove it to me before I will believe it” mentality or are afraid to try anything new. Remember where we invest our energy is what manifests in our lives.  If you continue with old, negative or non productive thinking, you can guarantee that not much change or good with come of it.


What is also important is to stay centered during these times of change when our fears and insecurities tend to come to the forefront. Don’t subscribe to the herd mentality of fearful thinking very much promoted by the media. Try to see beyond the media interpretation of things and realize that the media is in business to make money and apparently fear sells well. We are going through a huge change right now but this is a needed change and not the end of the world. Something good is going to come from this even if we don’t have the exact form or time table right now.


Now is the time to think about helping others more as this will bring you personal joy. For those of you who are givers by nature, you know how good it feels inside to help others even when you receive no outer reward. If you have lost your job, volunteer while you are looking for a new one as you will feel good and be helping others.


Take time to clean out your closets, garage, and attic while you are taking stock of your life. Cleaning house is a definite sign change is on the way. Letting go of old unused stuff, helps you to realize you can also let go of old thought patterns and bad habits. Cleaning house may not make you rich, unless you have valuables you to sell on Ebay, but it will make you feel lighter and better, and make you aware of where you spend your energy. The inner and outer are always in relationship with each other so when we clean up outside ourselves this brings inner change and vice versa.


Set new intentions for the New Year that are realistic. Often we make big promises to ourselves which are forgotten within a few weeks. Make only 1 or 2 intentions for things you really want to change. Make a realistic plan to accomplish your goals. I can assure you the magic fairy will not be visiting you and make your wishes happen without your participation.


Whatever your intentions are, break them down into small steps that can be accomplished in a reasonable time frame. The idea is to make a long term change, not do overwhelm yourself. Also give yourself permission to make mistakes along the way because, if you are human that is what is going to happen- might as well face it. Don’t quit if you make a mistake, just forgive yourself and keep going.


I hope these suggestions have been helpful. Remember you are in control of your life even if it doesn’t feel that way sometimes. We all have something to contribute  and every contribution changes things no matter how small it may be. Take time to decide what you want your life to really be like. The world is filled with unlimited possibilities but it takes your participation to make them happen. When you know what you want, set your intention and trust that the universe will assist you in realizing it.


I hope these suggestions have been helpful. If you need any help to recognize areas that need to be addressed or need ideas on how to bring about change in your life or what your directions should be, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal and telephone readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474 6363 or 514 312- 2451. Online classes, books, and guided meditation CD's are available by visiting to www.sharoncheney.com.


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May your future be filled with Love and Light.

Sharon Cheney

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