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Dear Friends.

In the last newsletter, I explained how intuition works. Today I would like to explain how intentions, prayers and curses work as I am frequently asked questions about these matters. Many cultures, especially those with their roots in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and elsewhere, believe that when someone places a curse on you it will come true, but this is not necessarily so.


Curses, Intentions, Prayers, and Visualizations


The effectiveness of a curse is determined by how empowered you feel. An empowered person does not give their power to others and does not believe that another person can control their life or cause them harm. Of course they can try. Empowered people take responsibility and without fear when someone puts a curse on them or sends negative thoughts towards them. As an empowered person, you have the power and the choice to allow these negative thoughts to influence you or not.


For example, if you learn that someone wishes you dead or that misfortune or harm befall you, how do you respond? Do you live in fear waiting for the day that the curse or their negative wishes will come true or do you go about your life “as if” you never learned of their intent? You have a choice in how you respond.

Perhaps you are influenced by the person sending the curse. Maybe that makes the difference as to whether you believe it will come true or not.  If it is a shaman, a witch doctor or other “qualified” person who is well known for sending curses, would this influence your belief that it would come true? If this is the case, then you are giving away your power because you believe this person to be more powerful than you.

Whenever anyone wishes you harm or says negative things about you, do you ever ask yourself what their motivation for doing so is? Why would they want to do this to you? Some possibilities are jealousy, a need to manipulate and control, or a powerless person who is trying to be feel powerful. Unfortunately, people who send curses and negative intentions are unaware of the consequences of their actions. They obviously don’t know that whenever you wish or do anyone harm in anyway you create karma for yourself. What goes around comes around.


Do you ever say “I wish ____ would go to hell or drop dead?” You may not really mean that but you are responsible for your thoughts and the consequences they generate. So be conscious of what you are saying and doing at all times.



Every thought is a wave of energy that looks somewhat like a sound wave.  Since energy cannot be destroyed, it will move away from you and affect both those in your immediate environment and those at a distance. Have you ever noticed how it feels to be around someone who is negative as opposed to someone who is positive minded? I bet it feels better to be around positive people and the reason for this is that you are feeling the energetic effects of their negative thinking and verbalizing.


Sending out positive intentions is like doing a search on the internet. Let’s say you are looking for potato chips. You type in potato chips and all the companies and places that make potato chips will show up on your screen. Some may be what you are looking for while others may not. Our thoughts and intentions work exactly the same way as a search engine. You think a thought and it will attract a person or situation that is the closest match to your thought and that is what will manifest in your life. So it is very important to be conscious of what your intentions are. By the way, did you ever consider where the idea of the Internet search engines came from if not from spirit. One of the universal laws is As Above, So Below and this looks like a pretty good example of this principle at work.


Your thoughts also affect your health. Each thought has a certain energy pattern depending on the nature of the thought. Every part and organ of your body has its own particular vibration. Your thought will settle in that part of your body that is a closest matching vibration to your thought. For example, if you believe you have no financial support, it is likely you will have problems in your lower back. If you think “I can’t stomach this situation or person” you will have problems in your stomach area. If you think “I can’t stand up for myself” then you will have problems in your knees. As an exercise, write down your repetitive thoughts and think of a body part or organ that serves that function. Then notice if you have any problems in that area.


It is very important to think positively because what we send out is reflected back to us because of the law of Like Attracts Like. When we set an intention, it is like sending out a message to the universe that this is what we want to happen. If you send out negative thoughts like revenge, anger, hatred, or fear, those too will be fulfilled depending on how much energy you put behind those thoughts. The same holds true if you send out loving thoughts or healing prayers. You are influencing what happens to you and others through the energy of your thoughts.



Prayers are positive intentions asking for someone to be healed or a certain event or situation to manifest. Again you are making a request to the universe. All thoughts, prayer and intentions are heard but are not always fulfilled. The reason they are not always fulfilled because if there is a conflict in your thoughts you will not get the desired wish. You will manifest confusion or a mess in your life.


It has been proven that healing prayers really work. The more people that pray for a healing miracle or world peace, the more effective it will be because the energy of many people praying for the same outcome is magnified many times. So if you or someone you know is sick, start a healing prayer group either online or in your community.



Visualization works the same way as prayers except now you have added an additional component. You are now adding a visual element of what you want to manifest and this adds more energy to the request. Visualization can be used to heal yourself or others or to manifest whatever you wish in your life. Be sure when praying and visualizing a good outcome for others that they want the same outcome as you do as this may not always the case. For example, you may want a person to get well while they may want to pass on.


In the case of manifesting, be very clear about what you want to manifest because conflicting intentions and messages can bring conflicting results. An excellent visualization to use is to see yourself as a large magnet or horse shoe magnet attracting to you money, people, good health or whatever else you desire. It is best to do prayers and visualizations everyday for a minimum of 30 days as this indicates your sincere and long lasting intent.


If you have questions about intentions, curses, prayers or visualizing or any other concerns, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal and telephone readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474 6363 or 514 312- 2451. Online classes, books, and guided meditation CD's are available by visiting to


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