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Dear Friends,

I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. At this time of the year, many people make resolutions to lose weight or exercise more that fall by the wayside within a month or two. While I don’t discourage anyone from making or keeping their resolutions, in this newsletter I would like to focus what you learnt or what has changed for you in 2015. We the culmination of all our learning and experiences and what you learnt in 2015 will determine how you will respond to events in 2016.


Reflections on 2015


When reflecting on the past, if you notice there have been no changes, this can be both a good or bad sign, depending on your point of view. No changes might suggest your life is static, going well or you are unwilling to embrace change. Too many changes may make you feel like you have been on a merry ground and want to get off, but at least you know things are changing. Even if issues you preferred not to address have shown up in your life, think of this as a sign of progress rather than a headache.


We cannot move forward until we clear past traumas and forgive ourselves and others, get rid of old beliefs that no longer work for us and approach life with a new perspective. The truth is life is about change and if we fail to change at a pace that is comfortable for us, some major problem or issue will show up when we least expect it, overwhelming us.


This is why I strongly suggest you reflect on 2015 and decide where you want to put your energies this year. Notice what problems or issues arose last year and how and if they were resolved. If you are unsatisfied with how they were addressed then consider new approaches you could take.


Also consider whether you took responsibility for your part in creating those situations or if you put the blame outside yourself. Anytime we believe the source of the problem is outside ourselves, we fail to take responsibility for the part we played and cannot resolve anything. the truth is we create everything in our reality, either consciously or unconsciously. To prove this to yourself, you must become aware of your thoughts all the time. If they are positive, you will attract positive people and events into your life. If they are negative, you will attract negative people and difficult situations. This is based on the Law of Attraction, which is always at work. Since you are the only one controlling your thoughts, you are the one creating your reality and have no reason to blame anyone else for what happens to you. Your only choice is how you respond to what happens.


Change involves recognizing and owning old patterns of thinking and behavior and then deciding what you would like to do instead. Each time you recognize an old pattern or negative thought, pat yourself on the back as you will never change anything you don’t recognize or own. Think what you would prefer to do instead and try your best to carry it out. Even if you succeed every one out of three tries, you are still ahead of the game.


For example, if you think you need to be more patient instead of reacting instantly or wanting an immediate response from others, ask yourself if you can wait an hour, a day, or a week before you act.  Most things in life are not life and death and do not need our instant attention or reaction. Think back to different situations and access your response. Perhaps you need to make categories for different situations and decide what your reaction should be for each category, and how long it would be appropriate to wait to respond. When angry or aggravated, take a time-out to calm down as this will help you to see the situation more clearly and give yourself a chance to evaluate the part you played and what you should do.


Most people believe they treat their partners different than their bosses but the truth is you are the same person at work as you are at home as you don’t have a personality change when you leave the door. If you have difficulty to recognize your patterns of behavior or to know what they should be replaced with, ask people close to you as very often others can see in you what you fail to recognize in yourself. You can also ask them what they would prefer you do in such situations if you are unsure what the best approach should be.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and may your life be showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney


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