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Millions of people around the world have had near death experiences. Many of these go unreported but their impact is life changing not only for the experiencer, but for others they come in contact with. I am writing about this topic today, not because of a personal near death experience, but because of what we can learn from near death experiencer’s without having to experience this first hand ourselves.


Near Death Experiences


In the typical near death experience, people find themselves outside their body conscious what is going on around them. To others they appear dead but they are fully awake and able to hear and see all that is happening, including what others are saying even at a distance. People can often tell their doctor and family members what they said when they return to their body. This is possible because when we are outside our body, we can access information from all points of time and space. This increased perception is also possible when people have out of body experiences or do remote viewing.


Near death experiencers discovered that even without a body, they continue to exist. Not only do they continue to exist, but they feel more powerful, expansive and loving than they have ever felt before. They question “If this is who they really are, why they did not know or express this during in their lifetime? Why did they believe they were not powerful, loving or good enough to please others?”


When a person finds themselves floating above their body, they are always free from pain or whatever discomfort their body was experiencing. They are then typically drawn down a tunnel with a bright light at the end. Some people experience the tunnel while others just find themselves outside their body. While it is best to go to the light, not everyone does out of fear or lack of understanding.


Once on the other side, the exiting soul is met with loved ones, angels and religious figures depending on their beliefs. As a rule, most prefer to remain there but each person is given a choice to remain on the other side or return to earthly existence. Some return as they feel they have not completed their life purpose or that others still need them.


While people have different experiences, they consistently report how loving and non- judgmental it feels to be on the other side. If you want to know more about near death experiences, there are many books on the market by those who wrote about their experiences. In addition, Dr. Moody, author of Life After Death, has investigated these experiences. P. M. H. Atwater has written numerous books which are based on her own near death experiences and extensive research. She describes how these experiences tremendously impacted people's lives.


Experiencers consistently report that they are no longer afraid to die. They say their experience helped them understand why they are here, what their life purpose is and how to fulfill it. It helped them to understand that we are all energy beings and one with God. They feel connected to the whole universe and everything in it. They see themselves as one thread in the beautiful tapestry of life. They see how every action or thought they ever had affected those around them.


The common knowledge they return with is that we are all unconditional love. There is no fear unless they personally choose to hang onto their fear. Even though many religions teach us that when we meet our maker, we will be judged, that is never experienced. All they ever experience is love. Many religions also tell us that if we follow their doctrines, we will get to heaven. But heaven is not a place we go to, if we have been good boys and girls, but a state of being that we can all accomplished right here on earth every day. We do not have to wait to die to experience nirvana or realize who we are and why we are here.


Through their experiences, they are able to see how their beliefs and choices have limited them from being all they could possibly be. With this new understanding, they are able to move beyond their limiting beliefs and live their life with love, trust and no judgment. When they do this, new possibilities open for them that they never considered possible before. They learn to love and accept everyone including themselves, just the way they are. Understanding how our actions impact others is something we can all learn from without having a near death experience.


During a near death experience we are in touch with our soul. This is also possible through meditation and other means. We learn that as souls we choose to have certain experiences for our soul’s learning, even if these experiences were very difficult ones such as abuse. We make contracts with other souls with whom we have these experiences. We must realize that having such experiences does not change our essential nature as powerful, loving energy beings. We are all made of energy whether we call it ki, chi, prana, etc. It is the same energy that exists everywhere in everything and everyone. Without this life force energy we would not exist. Realizing we are all made of this loving universal energy changes us completely.


Some near death experiencers can see into the higher realms which they describe as beautiful and beyond expression in human terms. Sometimes they find it difficult to return with this knowledge intact so they can share what awaits us. If this is the case, what could we possibly be afraid of? Those who attain high states of consciousness have also accessed such knowledge.


I am reporting what near death experiencers have learnt in order to help anyone who has a fear of death or has limiting beliefs, which are causing them to be unhappy or unsatisfied with their life. If what all these people have experienced is true, then there is nothing to be afraid of. We are only love so why not live your life from love.


Many people live their life seeking love and acceptance from others. What near death experiencers teach us is that it is important to be who we are rather than go about trying to please others in order to feel loved. Our essence is love so we need not look any further for love than within ourselves. When we follow our passions, we have more to offer others and are happier within ourselves than when we try to please others or follow rules that we do not agree with.


Many people think they have to work at being loving. When we are in touch with our true nature, we realize we are love so we do not need to make any effort at all. The entire universe is composed of unconditional love and we are just a part of it as we are all connected. So if I am love then you are too. If I love myself, I love you as well.  Being love makes us realize there is no separation. Even things we consider negative are all part of the infinite spectrum of love. Being love requires nurturing ourselves, putting ourselves first and treating ourselves with total respect and kindness.


Understanding we are all love and are more than our physical body, helps us to overcome any fear we have of death. It allows us to be the powerful creators we all are. So live your life in joy. We are here to be not do, which is why we are called human beings not human doings. Being our loving selves is all that is required.


The more we are able to trust, the more we are able to let go of the outcome and go with the flow. It is best to allow rather than pursue what you desire as the tapestry of all time has already been woven. Everything that is to happen already exists in other realm. Listen within to what feels right to you rather than what others tell you is right, in order to stay in touch with the love that is within you. Allowing yourself to feel without judgment is an act of self-love.


Self-love is doing things that make you happy and that you are passionate about. Love yourself unconditionally as that is best way to be in touch with the love that you are. True love has no agenda or expectations, it just is. When we judge ourselves or others we are not suppressing who we truly are. This creates blockages and prevents us from expressing our powerful loving selves.

Love is our true nature so we do not need to have a near death experiences to realize this. We can learn from the millions of people who have had such experiences that we are all love and that love can be ours right now.


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