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                     Love Is the Answer:

          How to Love Yourself, Improve Your

          Relationships and Find Inner Peace


This book will make you fall in love with yourself again, transforming your relationships and allowing you to live an extraordinary life.


If you've experienced trauma, addiction, or recurring destructive patterns and relationships, a new relationship with yourself and love is the key to breaking through and overcoming the chains that have been holding you back from a life you love.


Sharon Cheney came to realize that many people suffer from a lack of self-love, causing them to continually search for love and acceptance from others. Our constant search for love can leave us starved and dependent on others, and can often cause us to pursue unfulfilling goals and relationships.


The Search for Love that Never Ends


The word "love" is so overused and misused today that many of us are left wondering what it really means when someone says "I love you." But spiritual seekers and quantum physicists alike know that love is the driving force of the universe. It is the stuff that all human beings crave, and it exists in many forms and manifestations.


The book is filled with fascinating observations and practical advice on how to master self-love to attract to ourselves the love we all want. For a better life and a better world, love truly is the answer.


 Your Soul: The Roadmap to Your Life   


The photo on the cover of the book was taken by my daughter in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in old Montreal, Quebec. the woman in the wedding dress that showed up was a spirit that was married at the church. This photo definitely proves that spirits exist.      


This fascinating book looks at life from the perspective of the soul instead of the personality. The information presented will help you to understand your personal experiences and help you find answers to life's difficult questions such as "Why am I here?", "What is my purpose?", "Why do I attract the same kind of people over and over?" and "Why has my life been so difficult?" Unfortunately, these questions can never be fully understood solely from the perspective of the personality. They require access to the soul’s record which has a memory of everything that has ever happened to you in any lifetime.


The book provides a glimpse into what heaven can look like. By looking at what happens to the soul between lifetimes, you will come to understand your past life connections, your special abilities and talents, your relationships and life path. After reading this exciting book you may never be able to look at your life in the same way again.


This is a must read book if you are interested in your soul's evolution. It is available in print and as an e-book on Amazon


      Discover Your Psychic Abilities Book 


"Discover Your Psychic Abilities" is an informative, yet practical book that provides readers with a wealth of knowledge about all forms of psychic abilities and experiences. It teaches the reader how to recognize and develop their own psychic abilities through providing simple exercises they can practice. Sharon provides many examples from her own life as a psychic to help readers find understanding and meaning in their own life experiences. This is a "must read" book.


This book demystifies contact with the spirit world and departed loved ones, and provides easy meditative exercises to establish and maintain on going communication. How to connect to our past life experiences and how knowledge of these experiences can benefit readers in their present life is explained. The book also includes different meditation techniques, how to use divination tools, and numerous suggestions for psychic cleansing and protection.


Reading this book will help you to:

  • Discover the many forms of psychic abilities that everyone has
  • Recognize and develop your own psychic abilities
  • How to communicate with your personal spirit guides and angels
  • Realize how dreams can provide information about your health, solutions to problems, creativity, life direction and even glimpses into the future
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Discover your true nature
  • Find out how to protect yourself from negativity
  • Recognize past life connections and their relevance to your life today

This “must read” book is available as an e-book only on Amazon

Guided Meditations 


Many people have trouble to quiet their minds and therefore have difficulty to meditate and receive messages and answers to their questions from their spirit guides and angels. These meditations can provide insights and make you aware of hidden knowledge.


Listening to guided meditations will help you relax and open up communication with spirit world as well as bring hidden knowledge to light. Guided meditations are effective because the subconscious mind, which controls our bodies, literally believes what it hears. So when you tell the subconscious mind that you are feeling very relaxed, it feels relaxed.



Guided Meditations Available:


~ Meeting Your Guardian Angel


~ Communicating with Your Love Guide


~ Communicating with Your Healer Guide


~ Communicating with Your Joy Guide


~ Communicating with Your Teacher Guide


~ Communicating with Your Protector Guide


~ Communicating with the Deceased 


~ Changing Your Body Image


~ Creating the New You


~ Forgiving Yourself and Others


~ Healing Your Body




Past Life Regression Meditation


This Past Life Regression meditation will help you relax so that you can go back in time and re-experience a past life that would be most significant to your current life. You will be able to see or sense yourself in another body and/or sex, in a different occupation, cultural setting, location and time. You will have an opportunity to communicate with those you encounter and sense if you have known them before. You will discover the connecting links between that life and your present one. This guided meditation can confirm your deju-vu experiences and make you aware of accumulated talents, abilities and knowledge.


For those who wish to experience a Past Life Regression but do not live locally, the Past Life Regression meditation is the next best thing. 


Cost and Payment


Guided meditations cost $10.00 each except for the Past Life Regression meditation which costs $20. Guided meditations are emailed to you. .


Payment can be made through PayPal, bank transfer in Canada or money order. To order, click on Contact Sharon and let her know which meditations you want and how you prefer to pay.. 

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