January 2020 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

January is typically the time of the year when many people join a gym, make resolutions and promises to themselves about how things will be different this year. Being creatures of habit, we tend to continue doing what we always did.  


Creating the New You


Instead of making resolutions I suggest a different approach. If you want to make changes in your life this year, here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:


1.What don’t you like about yourself? This can be your looks, behavior, feelings about yourself, your partner, family members or friends.


2.Who or what are you most unhappy about in life and want to change most in your life? A relationship, a job, your home, friends? Is your unhappiness due to your feelings or an external situation such as a job or family members? Notice if your behavior or thoughts are generally loving, critical, fearful, angry or even abusive because you feel they deserve it?


3.Do you blame others for your life being the way it is or do you take responsibility for your feelings, choices and actions?


It is important to identify the problem before you try to change anything. You need to accept that even if you believe the problem lies outside yourself, you are responsible for your attitude or response to any situation. You always have the choice to leave unsatisfactory relationships or jobs and to stay away from people who annoy you. Many people convince themselves they cannot leave because of financial issues, children, insecurity, emotional dependence, guilt or other factors. While such choices are difficult and come with consequences, you have to weight your happiness against the consequences.   


Taking responsibility for our attitudes and behaviors prevents us from blaming others for our unhappiness and leads to opportunities to improve our relationships. It is easy to blame others but the reality is you can only change yourself. We can hope others will behave differently but we really have no control over what they do.


Once you recognize the problem, make a plan to resolve it. Then break that plan into small steps that can be easily accomplished. Acknowledge yourself for every little success. This is important because accomplishing your goals will take time and this way you are building on a foundation of success, which will help motivate you to keep going.  


Another approach would be to be conscious of your thoughts, feelings and intentions at all times as they determine your reality. Even if you keep your negative thoughts to yourself, they still register on your soul record and affect the people you think negatively about. Most people know when someone doesn’t like them even if they never say so. So it is very important to think positively and be aware of how your thoughts affect other people. Perhaps putting yourself in their shoes for a moment would help you realize how your negative thoughts impact them.


Try thinking positively about people you dislike just to see how that feels. It takes more energy to be angry, hateful, fearful than it does to be loving towards others. In addition, the rewards are feeling good inside yourself and getting positive responses from others. Try smiling at strangers from your car window.


As I mentioned previously, most of us are creatures of habit. So another way to bring about change is to be open to new activities, people and possibilities rather than being afraid of doing anything new or different. Challenge yourself to try something new every week such as driving home a different way, exploring a new part of town you never go to, shop in different parts of the city or shop on a different day, go to a new restaurant, eat new foods you never tried before or join a new interest group. Consider how routine your life is and challenge yourself to change.   


Find a way to love yourself more. How about being less critical and more forgiving of yourself? How about giving yourself permission to be your number one priority - for an hour, a day or all the time. Let others know how you feel, set your boundaries and stick to them to get respect. Don’t settle for less in relationships or jobs as you deserve the very best. Be open to receiving even if you don’t need what is offered. Accept yourself as you are right now even if you want to make changes.


I have discovered through my own experiences that when I changed inside, not only did I feel better but my relationships with others improved tremendously. Change always starts within by changing our thinking and then we can see the results outside ourselves. Changes to our appearance like a new haircut, clothes or makeup may make us look better but do not change how we feel inside.


I invite you to examine your beliefs to see if they still hold true for you. Pay attention to what are your expectations for yourself and others and if they are attainable. When our expectations don’t get met, we get angry and blame others. Notice how often you think or say critical things about yourself or others. Be more complimentary of others, especially those you dislike and notice the difference in your relationships.


Discover and fulfill your life purpose. Your life purpose may not be your day job but you will feel better fulfilling it. Meditate to discover your life direction and purpose as those are not always apparent to your ego, who doesn’t like change.

Visualize the life you want and never think that you will not get what you want. Say positive affirmations constantly to change your thoughts such as “I trust everything will be okay or I trust I will accomplish my goals.” Set a reasonable time frame to realize your goals.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney  

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