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Dear Friends,

Good news to report. I am over my hepatitis. I want to thank all of you who sent healing prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery. The doctors believe that it was caused by my taking a cleanse product called Pro Biotic EM 1 made by Embro USA Effective Microorganisms. I am still uncertain if I got hepatitis because the product was contaminated, didn’t agree with me or the product itself was no good. I know of other people who have taken this product without harmful results. So I leave it to you to decide if such products are for your highest good.


The Power of Positive Thinking


I am sure you have all heard that it is good to think positively. In this newsletter, I would like to expound on the benefits of thinking positively and how positive thoughts can affect your health and well being, as well as help you to manifest your desires.


Did you know that every thought is a wave of energy that looks similar to a sound wave? The frequency of the thought will depend on whether the thought is positive or negative. Naturally positive thoughts are higher in frequency than fearful, negative, or stressful thoughts.


You probably all know we have an aura or energy field which is made up of multiple layers or energy bodies. The aura both surrounds and is interconnected to our physical body. The etheric energy body is the one that is closest to the physical body. The etheric energy body acts like the blueprint for the physical body. It is very responsive to our thoughts. So whatever the nature of your thoughts, they are imprinted on the etheric body. Since the etheric body is the blueprint for the physical body, your physical health will be a reflection of your thoughts.


Every organ and part of your body is attuned a specific frequency or vibration. Due to the Law of Attraction, your thoughts will manifest in that part or organ of the body that has the closest matching frequency to your thoughts. For example, if you think “I have no financial support” or you always worry about money issues, you may suffer from lower back problems, as that is the area of the body that most closely matches the frequency of thoughts about lack of money or financial support.     


If you are a person who has difficulty accepting new ideas or new people, you may have stomach or digestive problems. If you often have headaches, it is because you feel like you are always under pressure. This pressure may appear to have an outside source but since we are always responsible for how we deal with stresses of life, we are in reality putting pressure on ourselves.


So in order to have optimal health and well being, we need to be conscious of what we are thinking. Pay attention to the language you use. Often our language uses body parts or their function to express how we feel. For example, when we say “A person is a pain in the neck”, “I can’t stomach them”, or “Looking at them or thinking about what they are doing makes me sick.” 


Every part and organ has a specific medical function and use but there is also a symbolic thought or emotion that is connected to every organ and disease. For example, we use our eyes to see. So people who are near or far sighted either don’t want to see what is right in front of them or what lies ahead in the future. Their body is responding to their thoughts of fear or difficulty coping with the present or future.


People who develop cancer always have some thoughts of self hatred about some aspect of themselves or their life because what is cancer but a disease that attacks and destroys the body just as hatred does. Cancer is not due to bad luck or misfortune but is caused by our thoughts. Sometimes sickness can be a way to repay karma that has accumulated in other lifetimes.


One might argue that certain diseases or illnesses are hereditary or environmental. While doctors have discovered hereditary or environmental causes underlying some conditions have you noticed that not all people who come from the same family or genetic disposition contract the hereditary disease? Also, not all people exposed to the same hazardous conditions develop environmentally related diseases. So there must be something that each person is doing or failing to do that causes one person to get the disease while other people or family members do not.  


Every disease, organ or body part has a thought form or belief associated with it. If you are interested in learning more about how your thoughts affect your health and how you can heal yourself, you can take my online class “Listening to Your Body” which is available on my website www.sharoncheney.com or you can contact me for a personal reading. This class not only includes the thought forms and beliefs associated with various body parts and diseases but also has an exercise to help you identify where you hold stress in your body, recognize how you feel about your body, and  it has a meditation to heal your body.


The universal Law of Attraction affects everyone on this planet as well as those in the spirit worlds. Due to the law of attraction, whatever our thoughts, we will attract in our lives exactly what we most often think about. So if you are a person who constantly worries about what if something bad happens to you and yours, you are 100% more likely to attract exactly those situations you fear most into your life. If you think positively, you will manifest positive situations into your life. You may believe your good fortune is only luck or a blessing sent from heaven, but the real truth is you manifested those situations because of your positive thoughts.  


The universe works just like the internet. When you want to find something, you type in what you are looking for and the computer finds all possible matches to your request. The same occurs in our reality. When you think of something you want, all possible situations that could match your request start to show up in your life because of the law of attraction. You ultimately decide which situations you will chose to let into your life.


Therefore anything that you have in your life today is the result of what you have chosen or manifested into your life. It really has nothing to do with luck or a lack thereof. You are creating your reality 100% of the time whether you realize this or not so you might as well create the life you really want instead of settling for the one you currently have. Each person is a very powerful creator of reality so make sure you manifest the reality you want by being conscious of what you are thinking all the time. If your thoughts are negative, replace them with positive affirmations.


The spiritual path is about taking responsibility for what we create in our lives, be it disease, illness, or good fortune. Our lives are created by the choices we make prior to incarnation as well as the choices we make each and every day. So if we have a choice, let’s make our lives the way we would like them to be, and stop telling ourselves we can’t have what we want because we are afraid to go for the brass ring, to ask for what we want, or believe we can never get what we want. Change your negative thoughts today and see what happens. You have nothing to loose and it doesn’t cost you anything. All it takes is a little time to become aware of what you are doing on a daily basis.


There is much more that can be said about positive thinking but the limits of this newsletter do not allow me to expound further. I only hope that you will heed these words and make your life and this world a better and happier place to live in.


By the way, due to high amount of ultra violet energy hitting the planet on October 17, 2006 everyone’s thoughts will be magnified multiple times. So be sure to be think positively on that date particularly around 5pm. Let’s hope that if enough people pray for world peace, it will cause a shift in the consciousness of many on this planet.


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Blessing to everyone,

Sharon Cheney

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