March 2018 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

We are all going through a tremendous process of change right now because of the increasing energy on the planet. This shift is causing some people to struggle with letting go of old attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and belongings. It is important to evaluate how important each of these are to you and if you are willing to let go of any of them as they may be acting as a deterrent to your growth. 




We are all creatures of habit no matter how much we believe we are willing to embrace change. Some people believe change will provide an escape from their current reality but that is not what change is. Change challenges us to give up what we believe is essential to our existence. It tests our strength and courage and makes us question our values or whatever we hold dear. In relinquishing old beliefs and behaviors, it teaches that we have what it takes to survive and helps us discover an inner strength that we may not have known exists.


The truth is we cannot stop change from occurring. Change is unavoidable as we are all subject to the universal Law of Change and Transmutation, which states that the only constant thing is change and our indestructible nature. If you need proof of the amount of change occurring constantly, just watch the news.

Even if you prefer things to remain the same, that is no longer possible as our values are constantly being challenged. Some days it feels like the world is spiraling out of control what with the threat of nuclear war and other catastrophes occurring almost daily. World leaders and politicians are constantly making decisions that affect our lives over which we have no control.  


Many people believe that if only other people close to them would change, their lives would improve. The problem with this belief is that we cannot change others unless they are willing to change themselves, no matter how much we believe they and we would be better off. Secondly, change always starts within and manifests outwardly so waiting for change to occur in your outer life or for others to change is unrealistic.


Many people question their life and become more willing to change when they have experienced a loss of some sort such as their health, livelihood, income, a partner or a loved one. These are the times when they are forced to re-evaluate their lives in an attempt to make sense of what has happened to them and to be able to cope. I am proposing that you do not wait until something unfortunate happens but you take a look at your attitudes and values today and decide what you would willing to change before change is forced upon you.


If asked what they value most, most people would quickly answer their health and loved ones. Perhaps this is true, but how many would easily give up their life style, possessions, their work or profession that defines their identity, their associations or connections that make them feel important or give them a place in society?


About year and half ago, I had a flood in my garage where I had stored a lot of my art and other valuables. Because I was away at the time, mold grew and I had to throw out most of what was in the garage. This was difficult for me but the experience made me question “What do I really value in life and how attached was I to my possessions?”


So it might be a good idea to consider if your home burnt to the ground like the people in Northern California or your home was flooded like the folks in Houston, and you lost everything, how you would cope. Would you feel like a victim of circumstance? Would you be angry at those who caused the problem? How would you handle the loss? While I hope you never experience such situations, it might be wise to ask yourself “What you would do in such a situation?”


If you could only grab a few things before you had to get out of your home, what would they be? Would you take necessities like clothes or would you go for things you value such as jewelry, family photos or mementos. Even if you lost grandma’s teapot or things she gave you that you valued, you have not lost the memories of your grandmother, only her possessions.


Since the world and our reality are constantly changing, it is best to be as prepared as we can. The only way we can do that is to look within and assess our capabilities, our inner strengths, resourcefulness, adaptability, creativity and willingness to change. It is important to remember that whatever changes you make influence those around you whether you are aware of this or not.


Change is not something we can avoid so resistance is futile. On a soul level, we all chose to be here on earth for this important time of transition to higher consciousness; so understanding how you could fulfill your purpose, knowing what you should change or let go of would help you move forward with greater ease.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney

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