June 2019 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

I have written in previous newsletters that we are undergoing a huge increase of consciousness on this planet. People are experiencing this shift in different ways. I have asked many people how this shift has impacted them and I thought I would share some of the answers I received.


Experiencing The Shift


~ Some folks feel a need to discover their life purpose. I have addressed how to do this in previous newsletters that are listed under Newsletter Archives on my website.

~ Others find they are in a process of completion whether that is moving away from a job, their current residence, friends they have known for some time or long standing relationships. This occurs because they are searching for people and places that are more compatible with who they are today.

~ Change can involve changing their lifestyle, diet, and how they present themselves to the world based on their new perception of themselves.

~ Being more sensitive to the needs to others.

~ Some want to be more kind and accepting of others as well as be in service.

~ Wanting to do good in the world

~ A desire to express their love through just being supportive, by helping others more or in way their feel guided.

~ Some desire to expand their knowledge or awareness on topics of interest or explore new subjects.

~ Some people are experiencing a sense of peace while others feel more exhausted.

~ Some people have stopped listening to the advice of others and have learnt to trust their own counsel.

~ Some have found a sense of inner joy or found activities that bring them joy.

~ Some people have found a new reason to live because they have found joy and meaning in their lives.

~ Some people are finding they want to spend more time alone as that may be more peaceful.

~ Some people notice intense changes happening quickly.

~  Some are now able to ask for what where they couldn’t before.

~  Some feel they can own their power now.

~  Some notice their psychic abilities are increasing

~  Some are able to put themselves first especially if they were a person who was always helping others or putting the needs of others in front of their own.

~  Some are able to be more loving and accepting of themselves and others.

~  Some people are finding it difficult to be around toxic or negative people.

~ Some have stopped helping others and are using that time and energy on themselves

~ Some are getting rid of negativity in their lives and thinking more positively


My own experiences include being insulted by a member of a group I had been a member of for 13 years and stopping doing business with two companies I had done business with for years. These all losses came about within one month and did not occur on my initiative. Instead of being distressed about this, I took these events to mean it was time to move on.


Since that time in March of this year, new people and service providers have shown up in my life. So don’t be afraid to let go of old relationships that are no longer working for you. You can still care about these people but you can keep your distance.


I would love to hear from you if you have had different experiences or even to confirm that you too are experiencing some of the changes listed above. If you are unsure, I invite to sit quietly with yourself and think back to any changes that may have occurred over the past year. They could be subtle or big shifts. Just know that whatever has occurred they are for your highest good.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year. 


Sharon Cheney

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