May 2017 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

We all wish to be healthy but sometimes we fail to realize the connection between our thoughts and our health. Our thoughts are constantly impacting our bodies causing them to feel well or stressed. The best means to good health is to always be conscious of our thoughts and make sure they are positive and loving.


The Body Mind Connection


When we love ourselves and have a positive outlook on life, we feel better because the cells in our bodies are conscious and respond instantly to our thoughts and feelings. Positive thoughts leave our bodies feeling relaxed whereas negative ones cause us to feel stressed and can even cause illness and disease.  


Dr. Glen Rein, a research scientist working on innovative biophysical technologies and research, has discovered that love affects our DNA. Our DNA is not just a biological blueprint we inherit from our parents, but a living substance that changes with loving intentions. So it is wise to remember that loving intentions can actually heal our DNA.


When we love ourselves and think positively, our immune system works better, allowing us to experience better health. This is really important as we are exposed to so many toxins in the air, in our food and water, that staying healthy can be a real challenge. Being positive may be the only thing we can really control.


Our body is our temple and we are responsible for its care. Your body needs to feel loved and accepted instead of being treated as a saboteur who causes you to feel sick. Illness is caused by the imbalance of denied emotions and a lack of love; it’s not sabotage by an outside force. Denied emotions and a lack of self-love increase our chances of dis-ease and aging.


People who don’t love themselves often punish their bodies by over-eating, smoking, drinking too much, taking recreational drugs or having other addictions. When there is a lack of joy in their lives, they often crave sweets. Those who don’t want to face difficulties in their lives, often turn to alcohol or drugs to their reduce stress. It is better to notice who or what is causing you to feel stressed and then remove yourself from the person or situation or tell the person how their behavior makes you feel.


Pain serves like our alarm system bringing to our attention something that needs healing. When we experience pain or discomfort, whether it comes from an injury, a medical condition, heartache, loss of a loved one, betrayal or inner torment, we should embrace the pain rather than taking medication or a drink to rid yourself or it.


Ask yourself “What can your pain teach you about your feelings?” Pain and suffering can open the door to enlightenment and help us grow spiritually. Sometimes a life-threatening illness can be a wake-up call that presents us with an opportunity to address feelings long buried so we can make new choices. Disease and pain are gifts that nobody wants but that offer us one of the greatest opportunities for understanding and growth.


Our cells act as storage depots for our emotions, traumas and beliefs from childhood and even previous lives. By focusing on the painful areas, you can access what emotions or past traumas you hold there and clear your body of them. Most people do not remember their past lives, but whatever was not resolved in previous incarnations is brought forward and held in the cells of their bodies.


Aside from eating healthy, exercising, getting enough rest, avoiding stress and thinking positively, love is what is needed to maintain good health and well-being. To achieve this state, we must respond with love rather than fear when faced with challenging situations. We should not allow ourselves to be restricted by our beliefs or what others tell us is possible. We are the architects of our reality and our destiny.


Understanding how we can contribute to creating good health empowers us and changes us from being passive observers to being active creators. So instead of living on auto-pilot, allow love to flow through you and see how quickly it changes your life and how much better you feel. 


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney

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