May 2007 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Last weekend was Mother’s Day and I hope all you mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Well spring is finally here and it is time to do some spring cleaning both mentally and emotionally. With the new 5th dimensional energies bombarding the planet, everyone is feeling their impact. No matter who I speak with lately, they tell me that they are experiencing lots of changes in their lives. Some of these changes may be welcome ones while others may be bringing some old issues to light.


The predicted shift into 5th dimensional consciousness is really upon us. You may be wondering what does this mean and what we can expect. Well it means we will probably see more earth changes as the planet does its own spring cleaning. Our psychic abilities will open. Also as we approach the predicted start date of 5th dimensional consciousness of December 12, 2012, we will experience a greater expansion of consciousness which will require us to change how we respond to life.


December 12, 2012 is the date our solar system will pass through the center of our Milky Way galaxy. This does not mean our world will come to an end but that an official shift in conscious will occur. The center of our galaxy is a black hole

and scientists have discovered that black holes not only suck everything in within a certain radius due to an immense gravitational pull, but that they also emit high frequency energy radiation from their centers. As our planet passes moves closer to the galactic center, we are feeling the impact of this higher energy radiation. This influx of higher energy is what is going to cause our planet to shift to 5th dimensional consciousness. Everyone is going to be impacted by this energy whether they like it or not.


To prepare for this major shift, Earth has been receiving higher energy over the past 20 years as the star gates have opened. This has allowed us time to adjust to this higher frequency energy that has been anchoring on the planet. As more of this energy impacts us, we can also expect major or minor shifts in our personal lives. The degree of these shifts will depend on how much personal shifting has already occurred and how much resistance we are putting up.


In order to move comfortably into 5th dimensional consciousness, we need to be willing give up our old patterns of behavior, our old negative beliefs, and possibly some relationships if they no longer serve us. It may involve our changing our jobs or careers, making a move or any number of other possible changes. It may bring up a healing crisis to bring things into our awareness that we have overlooked or failed to deal with.


We need to understand that since our consciousness is going to shift, the old beliefs and ways of doing things will no longer work. For example, imagine if you moved from a small town, where you knew everybody to a big city. Your old ways of relating may no longer work. In a big city, your tendency to be open and friendly may be misconstrued as something else. I know from my own personal experience that moving to a small city from a large metropolitan area, where people are very different, has certainly forced me to re-evaluate how I do things and discover new ways to interacting with others. Likewise, a move to a higher consciousness will require you to approach life differently.


One of the things this shift in consciousness will require is for you to surrender. I know this is easily said but difficult to do. Surrendering means giving up old habits, getting out of our comfort zones, trusting that God is always there guiding us to where we need to go for our highest good even if it is not the place or relationships we envisioned for ourselves.


Sometimes it takes a bit of hindsight to realize we were meant to have certain experiences like that difficult relationship or financial struggles or feel out of control because that is what was needed at the time to help us increase our learning and shift our perspective. With hindsight we realize that these may have been just the perfect experiences we needed although at the time they looked like anything but.


Surrender also requires that we trust in the process that is unfolding in our lives even if we don’t understand it or like it. We are all being guided at all times no matter what your beliefs may be. When life feels like it is going down the toilet and you feel out of control, it forces us the give up the struggle and embrace a new way of being. As I said before, the amount of resistance you put up will determine how much you will need to struggle.


If you are normally a person who needs to be in control in order to feel safe and secure, and lately things feel out of control, like you are no longer in the driver’s seat, then surrender is your best choice as more struggle will only make matters worse.   


If your relationships are not going as well as you would like, you need to ask yourself if these relationships are still fulfilling your needs and if you should remain invested in them solely because they provide security, a sense of belonging, etc.


The shift into 5th dimensional consciousness requires you release any negativity, bad habits or behaviors, negative thoughts, and fears that no longer serve you from this or any previous life. In order to do this, you can during meditation bring the purple flame of St Germain into your heart and see this flame burning up all negativity and anything you wish to release. Then forgive yourself completely and any others against whom you may be harboring any negative emotions.


The next step in embracing 5th dimensional consciousness is to create what you would like in your life. Just saying you want your life to change is not enough! You need to envision the life you would really like to have. Be as specific as possible. Don’t tell yourself you cannot have whatever you want because of financial reasons, lack of time, it doesn’t sound reasonable, and so on.


Write down everything you want on a list and then look over your list several times to be sure it is complete. Be sure to ask for what you want or better. The reason this is necessary is because your thoughts create your reality and where you invest your energy is what manifests in your life. Repeat this list everyday for one month or longer if you prefer. Try to visualize what it would feel like to have your requests manifest in your life.


Please do not tell yourself you will not receive what you want for any reason as this is just reinforcing your old beliefs that you are not unworthy or not deserving of receiving what you want. This is very important because until we become conscious of our negative thoughts, we will most likely continue to repeat them in our mind and even perhaps out loud.   


Unfortunately, I cannot give you a guarantee that you will have a perfect life. If I could, I would probably be very rich. But I can assure you that you will experience a positive shift in awareness which will help you to prepare for what the future has in store.


I hope some of what I have said above has resonated with you. If you have been experiencing any of the changes mentioned above, you are currently undergoing a shift of consciousness. I know going through this shift is not easy but since when has life been easy.


If there is anything I can do to help you or empower you as you go through this process, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am available for personal and telephone readings and empowerment coaching at any time either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451. Online Classes, books, and Meditation CD’s are also available anytime by going to


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May your journey into the 5th dimension be a wonderful, enjoyable experience.

Blessings to All.

Sharon Cheney

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