February 2020 Knowledge Newsletter 
Dear Friends,
Earth is becoming a fourth and fifth dimensional planet and will affect every resident of this planet. This is normal in planetary evolution and is similar to aging, except that it takes place over a longer time span. 
Every dimension is associated with certain behaviors and attitudes. To help you understand what to expect as you evolve in consciousness, I have listed the changes you may experience below. Consciousness refers to your level of awareness, connection to God and understanding that your soul creates your life experiences.  
Experiencing Higher Consciousness
Some people may already be experiencing some of these changes. Just know that whatever you are feeling is perfectly normal.   
1. An increase in your psychic abilities including the ability to communicate with the spirit world and the deceased. You will become telepathic and be able to pick up the thoughts, feelings and the needs of others. 
2. Your ability to manifest your desires will speed up. Remember your thoughts create your reality so be sure you are positive and clear about what you want.
3. You come to understand that there are no limitations – only the ones you create for yourself.
4. You realize there is enough abundance for everyone - you just need to be open to receiving.
5. You understand that you are a powerful person
and cannot be intimidated by others if you stand in your power. Some people may be afraid of you because of your power. Don’t go on an ego trip but use this to realize how powerful you are.
6. You learn to love and accept yourself completely so you are not dependent on others for love, acceptance, approval or acknowledgement. This makes loving and accepting others as they are much easier.
7. You are able to speak your truth even when others do not agree with you.
8. You have a desire to fulfill your life purpose whether that is helping, healing, creating or sharing your wisdom and abilities.
9. You have a desire to resolve old issues with people and make amends so you can be free of past conflicts.
10. You become more sensitive to your own needs and those of others.
11. You attract like-minded people who share your views and values because Like Attracts Like. 
12. You are willing to let go of people even if they are family members, partners or close friends because you no longer have anything in common.
13. You trust that if you let go of a job or relationship, you will find another one that is more rewarding and supports the expression of who you are, your passion and your beliefs.
14. You will have a partner relationship where you will love and accept each other for who you are.
15. You feel a greater connection to God or the Source regardless of your religious beliefs.
16. Things that were important to you in the past may no longer be of interest.
17. You become less materialistic and have a desire to rid yourself of possessions. 
18. You no longer wish to live with drama or let your emotions rule your life. Instead, you remain calm and trusting regardless of what happens.
19. You trust that your needs will always be met.
20. You stop trying to make things happen or “fix” situations or people and learn to accept things as they are.
21. You practice allowing, acceptance and being instead of control, domination or submission.
22. You live in the present instead of letting the past determine your choices or daydreaming about the future as you realize that you can only create in the present. 
23. You are conscious of your intent at all times and take responsibility for all your thoughts and actions and how they impact others.
24. You stop blaming others for what’s wrong in your life and do something to bring about change.
25.. You are less analytical and now use your feelings to help you make choices.
26. You no longer care what others think of you as you accept yourself completely. Remember, if you are okay with you, you are okay. That is all that matters.
27. You understand that there is no right or wrong, good or bad, black or white. Everything just IS as it is meant to be.  
28. You realize that there is only Light and that darkness is there to spur us on to the light.
29. You lose interest in constantly gathering information as you now have instant access to all information using your intuitive abilities.
30. You see the difficulties in your life as learning opportunities and realize that you have whatever is necessary to overcome them. There are no victims, only choices you have made. 
31. You take care of your body by getting good nutrition, enough sleep, exercise. affiliate only with positive people, and refrain from recreational drugs and excessive alcohol because you realize it is the only temple you have.  
32. You think positively at all times, which attracts positive people and situations into your life.
33. You crave a simplicity and honesty as it eliminates complications and deceit.
34. You experience a flow to life where you no longer need to make excessive effort or do things you don’t wish to. Things seems to fall into your lap without effort. 
35. You are grateful for all you have, even the simple things in life.
36. You stop taking on the responsibilities of others or rescuing them and allow them to learn from their own experiences. 
37. You have a sense of oneness with all creatures and peoples worldwide
38. Your health will improve when you stay positive and trust things will be okay.
39. You have a heightened love and compassion for all living things including our planet. You experience more frequent states of love and joy.
40. You feel at peace within and with the world around you. There is an absence of fear and you feel safe. You live in love instead of fear.
41. You can control your emotions and create your world you desire with your intent without doubt or fear as you have purified yourself of human illusions.
42. You don’t take things people say and do personally even if they hurt you. Nothing is really worth getting that upset about.
43. You desire to create due to the increased positive energy running through you and the good feeling you have when you are creating.
44. You live in the moment without a “day planner”. Things just naturally unfold day-by-day and moment-by-moment. All stress is gone.
45. You have resolved your inner child issues and can relate to others with love and joy. 
46. You begin to understand how everything is interconnected and that there are no mistakes.
If you have difficulty understanding the changes you are experiencing or what you can expect from the future, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone or readings over Skype, relationship coaching at any time by clicking on www.sharoncheney.com or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451. 
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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year. 
Sharon Cheney   
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