November 2013 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,                                                                                                                           We associate the holiday season with peace and good will. But when we look around at what is going on in the world, we see very little peace. Many cultures still have “eye for an eye” mentality or get others to conform to their wishes through violence instead of considering other options. Let’s consider what violence does to our lives.


Creating Peace

We are surrounded with violence on a daily basis as it is has become a part of our culture. We are continually exposed to violence through TV shows, movies, cartoons and on the daily news. Many people live in war-zone homes where physical and verbal abuse is common. In our society, politicians fund wars and send young men to fight and die while judges and juries dispatch people to death row. Many believe it is their right to carry guns, but guns can only lead to harm.


We respect those who serve in the military but the military’s main tool is control through violent means. When we believe the way to right a wrong is through violence, whether we do this through negative thoughts, ill spoken words or by harming others, the end result is that we only create more violence as the universal law of Like Attracts Like is always in play. Violence brings more violence and results in our living in a society where violence is condoned and sometimes even encouraged. We must understand that violence in a society is an outer reflection of the violence within ourselves.


Many people are familiar with our countries war heroes but few know anything about the people who have found unique ways to settle disputes through non-violent means. Few are aware of countries like Costa Rica and Panama, who have given up their military and are spending their tax dollars on health care and education, thereby improving the quality of life for millions as well as increasing prosperity. We need to look to these countries for examples of what can be achieved by supporting non-violent choices.


The US the government spends an enormous amount of money on the military and in doing so, often has to cut spending for social programs such as health care, education and other services that would improve the quality of life for many people and ensure that children are not going to bed hungry.


Many people live with a “them and us” mentality. Imagine the kind of world there would be if everyone one was included in the “us”. Holding a “them and us” mentality prevents us from seeing the long term harm done through hatred and dominance over others.

In the spiritual world, everything we do is recorded. This includes both our positive and negative thoughts and actions. Even if the culture in which we live sanctions our actions, it is against spiritual law to harm others. Negative thoughts are as harmful as violent deeds.


Violence affects the physical body whereas negative thoughts impact the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. If we fail to understand that it is wrong to harm others, no matter how justified we feel, we cannot move forward in our soul growth. I invite you to take a moment to think about how hatred either directed towards you or towards others, would impacts your life.


Karma is created by any negative thought or action that causes harm to another living being including animals. The amount of karma accrued is dependent on whether the harm was intended or accidental. Karma is not about punishment but balance and learning. When we do harm others, there is always a consequence at some point, be it in this lifetime or a future one.


Negativity and violence of any kind has a negative impact on our health. Negative thoughts keep our bodies feeling stressed and may lead to ill health or disease. When we are angry or violent, the energy we give off pushes people away from us, preventing us getting the love we all desire. Although we may not admit it to ourselves, we all want to be loved as this is a human need.


So what are the alternatives? We must learn that creating peace through forgiveness, reconciliation and restitution are better solutions in the long run to violence. We can limit watching violence on TV and stop responding with violence to situations that arise. Instead of yelling or hitting someone because you are frustrated or angry, why not sit down with them and explain how their actions made you feel and suggest some other behavior that would be more suitable. Learning non-violent communication allows us to discover other alternatives to violence, new ways to express ourselves and be in touch with our feelings as well as stop blaming others for what happens in our lives.


Having people of conflicting cultures like Jews and Arabs live together so they can see that living peacefully together is possible. It is easy to hate people of a certain religion, race or cultural group that we do not know. Putting people together with those they dislike challenges their stereotypic beliefs and forces them to relate to one another on a one to one basis. Too often as adults, we do not question the values we learnt growing up and continue to teach prejudice and hatred to our children.


Another solution to creating peace that has proved successful has been to allow victims to tell their story to their perpetrators so the perpetrators can hear how their acts of violence and abuse affected the victim’s lives. This allows the victim to feel heard and the perpetrators to realize the impact of their deeds. Although this approach will not undo the harm done, it is a step in the right direction. This is followed by negotiation about restitution that both parties can agree upon.


Some people believe that in the real world nonviolence does not work. They say “Look what happened to Jesus, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and others.” Being nonviolent in a violent society involves some risk but it is less of a failure and less harmful than violence. To achieve peace within and without, we should question why we believe and act the way we do, and ask how does our behavior serve us? Does it make us feel right or superior, keep us distant from others or justify not changing?


If we want better health and a peaceful life filled with loving people, then it must begin with finding peace within ourselves. We must give up focusing on past situations where you felt victimized or hurt and understand that those who abuse others do so because they too feel powerlessness.


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May your life always be filled with love, peace and abundance. Blessings to you all.


Sharon Cheney

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