September 2007 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

We are currently experiencing an influx of very powerful energy. These new fifth dimensional energies have been bathing the planet during the period between the full moon lunar eclipse, which took place on August 28, 2007, and the new moon solar eclipse on September 11, 2007.

In addition to this highly charged energy, there is also the rare numerological occurrence of September 9, 2007 which adds up to 999. The powerful energies of the 999 will flood the planet on September 18th and September 27th as well.


Nine is the number for completion. Triple nines are very significant and confirm the fact that we are really coming to the end of a cycle. 999 energy signals it is time to let go of the past and surrender to the light. It means that our higher selves are trying to reveal their true purpose. To make us aware of what we really came here for. Fulfilling our purpose not only brings joy to ourselves, but helps in the advancement of mankind and the evolution of the planet.

The continual bombardment of the planet with high frequency energies is causing Earth and all life evolving upon her, to vibrate at higher frequencies than ever before. As the energy vibration increases so does our conscious awareness, sensitivity, and intuition. These increase whether we are conscious of them or not. Those of us who are more sensitive may have experienced some fatigue, headache or mild flu like symptoms during this recent influx of energy. There is nothing to be concerned about as all these symptoms will subside as we adjust to the new energy.


The energies of the lunar eclipses also play a part in transforming our emotions. The addition of the 999 energy amplifies this effect. Whatever issues come up the near future, do not ignore them. They are coming into our awareness because they need attention. These new energies are providing us with an opportunity to address those issues and handle them in new ways. It really is a time for change and new beginnings.


These energies are prodding us out of our comfort zones and pushing us forward. For many, this will be a quantum leap into uncharted waters. We are being motivated in unprecedented ways to release all resistance and all interference from the past that has been blocking our happiness. This will involve changes in people, places, conditions and things. It is time for us to move forward in the Light with joy and gratitude. We are never alone and our guides and angels are standing by to assist us. All we have to do is ask and open our hearts to receive the many blessings that are coming our way.


Many of us say we want change but in order to have the things we desire in our lives, we need to be open to receiving. Many people have difficulty to receive because they believe they don’t deserve it, it will never happen for them, they feel like someone put a curse on them, they are not lucky, and or they hold other limiting beliefs of a similar nature.


Receiving is the manifestation of self love. If you love yourself you allow good things into your life. You eat well, exercise, and get enough rest. You surround yourself with loving nurturing people who will support and love you. You do not allow people to take advantage of you or abuse you. Self love means you respect yourself and others respect you in turn because you set boundaries and guidelines and do not allow others to cross them.


So often I hear people asking me if they will find their true love. What I really hear when this question is posed is “Will I ever find someone to love me as I do not love myself?” I need someone to fill up that hole within me that needs so desperately to be filled as I am unwilling or unable to do this for myself.


Self love is not selfishness as many believe. If you do not love yourself and treat yourself well, what personal experience could you have of love? Most of us have been brought up to believe that love is something we find outside ourselves. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


The more you love yourself, the better your chances are of finding a loving partner because of the Law of Attraction which says Like Attracts Like. If you don’t love yourself, you will attract a person who doesn’t love themselves either. How much love could they give you if it is not within them, or they do not know how to love even themselves? They will be seeking the same thing from you that you want from them.


This puts your love and security in jeopardy because you will always be dependent upon others to feel loved. Some people land up doing things they would prefer not to do just to get love and approval because they don’t love and approve of themselves. Can you ever really be happy if you need to depend on others to fulfill your needs? Your chances of happiness are significantly reduced under these circumstances.


We all need to love ourselves completely just the way we are. This is not so difficult to do. It requires our being nice to ourselves all the time or as much as possible. It means putting our needs first in front of others. If we do not feel fulfilled and happy, how much could we have to give to others?


It is making time for ourselves to read a book, be in nature, take a bubble bath, meditate or do whatever pleases us. It is okay to say “NO” to others. Even if you have children who demand your time, I am sure you can find some time during the day or evening that you can set aside for yourself.


If you continue tell yourself that is not possible then I think you need to re-look at your priorities. Ask yourself if everything you do is really necessary and if all your responsibilities are really yours or do they belong on the shoulders of others? Are you the only one who has to perform those activities or do you do them out of habit? Do these activities and responsibilities bring you pleasure? Do you do anything that is strictly to please yourself and not to help others or make money?    

In reviewing your life, ask yourself how many things are really essential and how many activities are habitual? Give each thing you do a rating of 1 to 5 with 5 being absolutely necessary. Then look at your list and see how many number 5’s there are. If everything has a 5 beside it, this suggests to me that there is resistance on your part to letting go or making changes in your life. Ask yourself why you are afraid to let go? What is the worse possibility that will occur and can you live with that?


Start with the things that are the easiest to let go of first. Acknowledge yourself for everything you do. Keep a journal and record your progress. Every time an activity moves out of the necessity column into the optional column, give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve to acknowledge yourself for every change you make, be it large or small.


I know we are all creatures of habit and don’t like change. Our old patterns and habits are difficult to give up even when we know they are not good for us. They are just like an old pair of slippers that are worn and torn. They are so much more comfortable than a new pair. We say we want change but too often we don’t want to go through the effort to change our beliefs and habits.  


We all know that in order to put new clothes in a crowded closet, we need to get rid of the some old ones to make room. This is also true of our habits and beliefs. We get rid of our old clothes either because they no loner fit, are worn out, or they are out of fashion. When you look through your beliefs closet, ask yourself if your beliefs are out of fashion or worn out? Are they the same beliefs you were brought up to believe and never discarded? Ask yourself how your habits serve you? What do they prevent you from doing? Habits are excuses we give ourselves for not changing. Try to remove at least one habit from your list.  


The time is ripe to take advantage of these new energies to help us move forward in our lives; to give up the old and allow in the new. We can do this willingly or unwillingly. The choice is ours. If we resist change, too often something unpleasant or unexpected happens that forces us to change so why wait till this happens to you. Take your courage in your hand and know that you are loved and supported all the way and move forward at a comfortable pace. 


These are exciting yet difficult times we are going through. Sometimes we feel powerless to change the misery in the world but we always have the power to change ourselves. Every change you make contributes to the improvement of the mankind, no matter how small a contribution. I would be happy to be of service to assist you in your evolution, so please do not hesitate to contact me. I am available for personal and telephone readings, empowerment coaching, hypnotherapy, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451. Online classes, books, and meditation CD's are available by visiting to


My second book Your Soul: The Roadmap to Your Life is currently available in e-book form. The cost is $25.00 Canadian and $22.00 US. To purchase the book, just email me. 


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May your future be filled with Love and Light.

Sharon Cheney

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